EPT10 Vienna: There’s more to the EPT than poker

March 26, 2014

The European Poker Tour is deep into its tenth season and closing in fast on its 100th Main Event (EPT11 Barcelona, later this year). That level of success doesn’t just come around by creating huge prize pools, qualifying thousands of online players, broadcasting TV shows and award-winning webcasts, putting on start-to-end tournament blog coverage, running the best tournament structures, and hosting free bar parties. Okay, maybe the largest part of its success may down to that, but not all of it.

The fact that the EPT also takes place in some incredible cities and locations has also been a big pull over the years. Just look at the likes of Barcelona, London, Prague and, here, Vienna, for amazing European destinations.


Barcelona by night…


…and Prague by day

PokerStars.tv’s Sarah Grant spoke to our very own Lee Jones, Poker Head of Poker Communications to find out more.

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