EPT10 Vienna: Suspicions raised over identity of Main Event player(s)*

March 28, 2014

Much has been said about the absence of familiar names and faces on this penultimate day of the Main Event, more so now that Johnny Lodden has since departed in 15th position. But on reflection, is it possible that these names are more familiar than first thought?

Take the name “Marko Neumann” for instance. We’re not suggesting this is true but it’s an almost shameless anagram of “Roman Korenev”, give or take the carefully excluded letters U and V.

Take a look at the evidence:

Marko Neumann = R o m a n K o r e n e _
Roman Korenev = M a r k o N e _ m a n n


“Roman Koronev”

Wait. There’s more.

Olesksii Khoroshenin = O ‘ R o _ r k e

Again, those mysterious missing letters: U and V. That’s all that splits the Ukrainian Khoroshenin with Irishman Gavin O’Rourke – if that is his real name. It all serves to make things even more sinister.

We previously understood the field was made up of players plucked from relative obscurity, but it seems the greatest trick this player (whoever he is) ever pulled was convincing the world he actually existed. And like that, poof. He’s still here.


“Marko Neumann” – The same man?

Obviously we’re not pointing fingers; we’re simply suggesting that the players above are in fact the same man. Or something.

*Just in case you thought otherwise there are in fact no suspicions.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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