EPT10 Sanremo: Marc-Andre Ladouceur’s Christmas dash and not so Nice landing

April 15, 2014

We mentioned yesterday that defending IPT High Roller champ Marc-Andre Ladouceur wasn’t here to defend his title. He was busy getting bumped from Nice to Marseilles and back due to some inconvenient clouds. Not storms. Clouds.

“We left London and got to Nice,” said Ladouceur. “It was pretty clear on one side and there were a few clouds on the other. It seemed like we were about to land twice, but he kept going back up. He didn’t seem to know what to do and went to Marseilles to land.”

Forty-five minutes later they refuelled and returned to Nice.

Ladouceur, who’s from Canada, where they’re pretty used to inclement weather, said, “I’m from Montreal and planes land in snowstorms every day. There was a big cloud but rest of the sky was pretty clear.”


Marc-Andre Ladouceur talks flights (maybe) with Victor Ramdin

The Team PokerStars Online member shrugged. He doesn’t seem to let stress get to him. Just look at his Supernova Elite charge at the back end of last year. Ladouceur was short of the 1,000,000 VPPs that he needed to maintain his Supernova Elite status.

Some way short.

“I left myself with 300k VPP in December and I was going to EPT Prague for ten days,” explained Ladouceur “I left myself with 220 leaving from Prague and about 130 after Christmas. It was a pretty big push. I’ve done some of them before, but never that much. I’ve done 200k VPP in a month before.”

Merry Grindmas
So how tough is it to grind 300,000 VPPs in a month? It’s certainly pretty tough to do a million in a year, only 371 managed it in 2013. Difficulty out of ten?

“Physically, mentally maybe eight. Family-wise, friends-wise probably ten. I had to miss out on some festivities. I normally organise a big party between Christmas and New Year, but I had to cancel it.”

But has he learnt from his tardiness? Will that post Christmas party have to be cancelled again.

“I’m at 230 now, which isn’t quite on pace, but I’ve never been on pace in my life to do it. I intend to be a lot better throughout the year.”

New Year’s resolutions never do last that long. He’s now got some time to pick up a few thousand VPPs; he’s bust out of the Main Event here.

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