EPT10 Sanremo: Jordan Westmorland leads all-star cast into penultimate day

April 18, 2014

EPT10 Sanremo is preparing to assemble the best final table this tour has seen since the Grand Final in Monaco last year. After Day 4 on the Italian Riviera, during which the returning field of 39 was sliced to the last 16, some outstanding online sharks have bared their teeth and are now leading the charge towards a €476,100 first prize.

Jordan “JWPRODIGY” Westmorland, the American living in Australia, continues to enjoy his first trip to the EPT and is way out on top. But Lukas “lukedafluke” Berglund, Jeffrey “YoungSupremacy” Hakim, Stephen “stevie444” Chidwick, Raul “Sir_DonaldRM” Mestre and Ariel “ArielBahia” Celestino are also still in the hunt.


Jordan Westmorland: A long journey, but the chip lead

One suspects Jorma Nuutinen and Andrea Benelli, also still around, play a little online (their screen-names are not known) and none of that is even the best thing. We also still have two Team PokerStars Pros involved among the last two tables — Alex Kravchenko and Vicky Coren — with the latter aiming to become the first two-time champion this tour has ever seen.

There are 11 countries and four continents around the last two tables. This really is one of the best.


Alex Kravchenko: One of two red spades

Here’s the full line-up of the last 16:

Table 1
Seat 1: Giacomo Fundaro, Italy, 1,460,000
Seat 2: Bruno Stefanelli, Italy, 1,044,000
Seat 3: Ariel Celestino, Brazil, 376,000
Seat 4: Alex Kravchenko, Russia, 743,000
Seat 5: Andrea Benelli, Italy, 1,340,000
Seat 6: Jeffrey Hakim, Lebanon, 422,000
Seat 7: Stephen Chidwick, United Kingdom, 833,000
Seat 8: Jorma Nuutinen, Finland, 1,564,000

Table 2
Seat 1: Jordan Westmorland, United States, 3,074,000
Seat 2: Vicky Coren, United Kingdom, 535,000
Seat 3: Andreas Goeller, Italy, 693,000
Seat 4: Vincenzo Scarcella, Italy, 344,000
Seat 5: Emmanuel Pariset, French, 465,000
Seat 6: Raul Mestre, Spain, 1,776,000
Seat 7: Lukas Berglund, Sweden, 1,088,00
Seat 8: Andrija Martic, Croatia, 954,000


Lukas Berglund: Day 2 chip-leader still stacked

Westmorland’s charge to the summit began on the first hand of the day, when he found pocket kings and took an enormous slice out of Mestre’s overnight leading stack. At the same time on an outer table, Kravchenko also found kings and knocked out two opponents simultaneously. The hands set the tone for the day.

Chidwick, who has already been on a final table this season (in Prague), soared to the top, then slumped to the bottom, then rose back up the leader board. Berglund did exactly the same and, having endured the swings, those two will now fancy their chances of booking a spot in the final.


Stephen Chidwick: Entering a fifth year in beast mode

Coren, who was the first woman to win on the EPT and is now the only former champion surviving in Italy (Dimitar Danchev and Michael Tureniec went out today), also took a bit of a roller-coaster ride. She took decent pots from Benelli and Westmorland to get beyond a million, but ended as one of the relative short-stacks.

That said, she is clearly delighted, and celebrated with an exclamation mark spree on Twitter.


Vicky Coren: Delight

Perhaps the only man whose stack remained consistent throughout was our obdurate Frenchman Emmanuel Pariset. He had only 12 big blinds back at the start of Day 3 and was fearing that he would bust before the bubble. But Pariset has stuck it out, always a shorty, and is now in the last 16.


Emmanuel Pariset: Short-stack ninja

There’s nothing to be taken for granted in this game, mind you, so make sure you tune in again tomorrow to find out how this plays out. The race for fifth place has been blown wide open and the lucky shirt has gone, but nobody is taking anything for granted.

Look back on full coverage of EPT Sanremo in the hand-by-hand coverage on the main EPT Sanremo page. Payouts to date are also in that panel. Meanwhile, the €10,000 High Roller is also under way. Coverage of that is on the High Roller page.


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