EPT10 London: The Quote Board

October 09, 2013

The EPT Quote Board is back! It’s likely you never knew it was away, but nevertheless it’s here again. We pick some choice quotes and some lovely little links for you to peruse.

“Curse lifted, yes!”
– Jason Lavallee on getting past that last hurdle to win the Super High Roller and £357,700.

NEIL7284_EPT10LON_Jason_Lavallee_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Super High Roller champ Jason Lavallee

“You stick around long enough and you eventually figure it out, don’t you,”
– UK rounder Barny Boatman on eventually winning his bracelet this summer.

“I really am playing the High Roller”
Luca Pagano surprises PokerStars Blog by taking a seat in the £10,000 event.

“You get out at twelve-thirty, one o’clock and it’s either golf or the bookies…Poker has much more skill. You’re not relying on a horse or a jockey.”
Steve Watts explains the temptations of a former professional footballer.

“I always thought it would be a bit hypocritical if my father had told me not to play poker, because when he was my age, he started to play guitar.”
Nicolau Villa-Lobos, SCOOP champion, on his rock star father

“If you have a bankroll just fire it in.”
Jason Wheeler’s less than cautious bankroll management tips (along with tips from Jason Mercier, Mike McDonald, Bill Perkins, Daniel Negreanu and Henrique Pinho).

“It’s probably just a natural setting.”
David Yan when asked yesterday whether his almost permanent grin was normal, or down to his massive stack.

“He’s a human being, I’m a human being, he’s got a brain and I’ve got a brain. Let’s tango and see what happens.”
– Tamer Kamel on Phil “Is he human?” Ivey.

“I was looking for someone to go see a play with me, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.”
– The unconventional route Vanessa Selbst took to win the UKIPT High Roller for £67,499.

“No one was lost from that table.”
– EPT Tournament Director Toby Stone to at-risk bubble boy Steven Lewzey in the Main Event.


Toby Stone

“I guess we just go out and make some party!”
– Martin Finger after winning the EPT10 Super High Roller for £821,000

“There’s a saying that the market can stay irrational for longer than you have wealth. It can outrun you. It’s so true. It happens quickly. There’s a couple of warning signs. It’s like an earthquake. There’s a tremor and boom.”
– Super High Roller Bill Perkins on super high rolling in the investment world.

“I like that they’ve sped up, too. They were notoriously slow.”
– Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu on ‘ze Germans’


Daniel Negreanu, on the lookout for Germans

“I don’t like the architecture, I don’t like too many people. I don’t like the roads where you just sit in a jam instead of going fast. I have a fast car and I like to drive fast.”
– Marcin Horecki isn’t a fan of slow coaches, either.

“Sweet jesus. Dream final table. Everything went my way. Can’t think straight right now. Thanks for all the support and messages ya legends.”
– UKIPT London champion – and thoroughly nice chap – Robbie Bull after his £113,405 win.

“I think I Googled ‘cute girl’ and that was one of the ones I liked. I think it’s just a random girl. Maybe I should source the photographer or modelling agency.”
– EPTLive contributor David Yan telling us about his PokerStars avatar.


David “MissOracle” Yan

“I guess so. It’s been going so well that I can’t do anything else.”
– WCOOP Player of the Series Yngve ‘Sykoen’ Steen when asked if he was a professional poker player.

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