EPT10 London: Mark Newhouse’s busman’s holiday

October 09, 2013

Ever since the World Series introduced its November Nine concept, the players still involved in that event have tended to use the hiatus to travel around the world playing poker knowing that no matter what happens anywhere else, they are due a six or seven figure payday very soon.

The freedom has often worked in their favour and several players have ended up picking up other brilliant scores. (Ivan Demidov famously made the final table of the WSOP-E before going on to finish runner up in Vegas.)

This year, Mark Newhouse is on a similar European vacation before returning to the Rio for his moment of destiny. And what do you know, he’s made the money and is plodding along nicely.

Laura Cornelius, of PokerStars.tv, caught up with the November Niner for a little chat in London.


The calm at the eye of the storm


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