EPT10 London: Full throttle for Tudor Purice, kick-started on to television stage

October 09, 2013

Being a chip leader takes it out of you — if only in keeping supporters updated via Twitter. Tudor Purice assumed the chip lead towards the end of day two and ever since revealing the details of a huge flip he won — “300k pot my AK > QQ in cold 4b pot, aipre.” — he has had the focus of the railbirds and media on him.

It has prompted a near-constant stream of messages over social media (most wishing good luck, some commenting on his neckwear) to which he has been only too happy to reply.

For example:


Purice was one of the last players into the tournament room today as the clock ticked down to the start of day three, no doubt going through his messages one last time. And as he arrived, he will have learned that for the second consecutive day, the chip leader has been elevated to the feature table alongside some established super-stars to get things started.


Tudor Purice, avec scarf, pictured yesterday

Dhru Patel played there alongside Phil Hellmuth yesterday, and Purice is today up against Barry Greenstein, Tom Middleton, Craig McCorkell and Jackie Glazier. It allowed almost no time for interviews or even to grab a drink of water as the process began of attaching a microphone, un-bagging chips and preparing for the dazzle of the studio lights.

He did, of course, manage to tweet the news, reminding his ever-growing band of followers that they can get their fill of both his scarf and his play on EPT Live this afternoon. We advise you do the same. Purice has already been active in most of the significant pots.

He won a tidy hand against Greenstein and then doubled up the short-stacked McCorkell after the British player flopped top pair when Purice flopped middle pair and nut flush draw. Purice couldn’t hit, but the dent to his stack was only minor.

According to some information doing the rounds this morning, Purice has been portrayed as an adrenaline junky, who has recently turned to poker to replace a passion for motor-sport. In the 30 seconds or so we managed to get with him this morning, he seemed somewhat surprised by this portrayal, admitting “I like motorcycles” but stopping some way short of claiming to be the next Valentino Rossi.

He confirmed his age, 35, and his hometown, Iasi, Romania. He said that he has been playing on the European Poker Tour since an event in Prague in 2011. He then headed to the stage to get things started. It’ll be full throttle into the money from here.

Follow all the action from EPT London on the EPT London Main Event page, with chip counts and hand-by-hand reporting. EPT Live is at EPT Live.


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