EPT10 London: Chip leader Martin Kozlov enjoying European hospitality

October 09, 2013

We started the day expecting to play five levels. We got four. Such has been the pace of this Main Event that tournament staff feared having time on their hands. We reduced the field from 106 to 45 today. Tomorrow that number will be trimmed even further as we play on to a final eight on Saturday. It meant a short day today, but still one packed with fun and adventure — for some players anyway.

Martin Kozlov leads tonight. He bagged-up 1,351,000 a short while ago as the echo of “all-in-and-a-call” finally subsided. It’s been a good week so far for the former ANZPT Melbourne winner, a point not lost on Salman Behbehani who watched Kozlov bag up tonight.


Chip leader tonight: Martin Kozlov

“Is that you?” he asked, pointing at Kozlov’s stack.

“Yeah,” replied the Aussie.

“Welcome to Europe,” said Behbehani, pumping fists with his new best friend.

Not far behind Kozlov is Ludovic Geilich in second place. The UKIPT/Estrellas Marbella winner bags up 1,219,000 tonight, looking to add EPT silverware to a Marbella tan.


Ludovic Geilich

It bodes well that the field contains some interesting faces to make Day 4, which starts at noon tomorrow.

David Yan plays with a natural talent that seems to beget chips. It’s almost as if, through the simple process of moving his hands and chips around, that more of them appear in front of him. Then, when he gets them, he tosses them around like the worthless objects that in reality they are. It’s a spectacle to marvel at, like the perfect golf swing. Tonight it’s good for 1,046,000.


David Yan

Tudor Purice continued to dominate for much of the day, and while not up top, remains among the lead group after another day of play. The Romanian closed with 824,000.

Ole Nergard is an unforgiving player. His flush against Ryan Yu late in the day helped secure him a stack of 550,000. While Yu looked visibly distressed about the hand that cost him so much, Nergard looked visibly uninterested. It’s an icy determination that will serve him well tomorrow.

Kitty Kuo continues to impress. She sparkled on the feature table today, surviving through trademark self-belief, and the occasional all-in. She has 162,000 tonight.


Kitty Kuo

We all get into this business having been inspired by someone. For at least one member of the press corp (Chad Holloway), it was the antics of Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott throughout the past decade. Ulliott will return tomorrow with a stack of 250,000. Will the Devilfish enjoy some kind of renaissance? We’ll find out tomorrow.


Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott

As we reported earlier, the tale of Nicolau Villa-Lobos is an incredible one; a story that would be made even more remarkable should the former SCOOP and UKIPT winner triumph in London. But given his performance today, and a stack of 244,000, it’s not out of the question.


Nicolau Villa-Lobos

Paul Berende has earned more than $1,6 million in live tournaments around the world but has yet to reach an EPT Main Event final table. His stack of 200,000 is on the short side, but could help make that a reality as the week continues.


Paul Berende

For the counts of all the 45 players bagging up tonight, check out our live coverage page.

There were some equally distinguished players making their way to the rail today.
Gaelle Baumann was the first player out in the money in 87th place, followed by Fabian Quoss and Theo Jorgensen in 85th and 81st respectively.


Gaelle Baumann

Henrique Pinho was the last of the Team PokerStars Pros to depart, in 79th place, while Matthew Frankland (71st), Mike Watson (67th) and Chris Brammer (63rd) would follow.

We started the day with a word from chip leader Tudor Purice before turning our attention to the EPT Awards winners Steve Odwyer and Walid Bou-Habib.

As the bubble burst we found it to be a rather British one, which was one of various elements of the week that has made it onto our “EPT Quote Board”.


The TV table in full swing

We all start out inspired by someone in the poker world, and the question of poker idols was examined today. Tamer Kamel, who cashed today following his final table here a season ago, spoke of his hero in an interview with the Blog earlier today.

That’s all for the short and sweet Day 3 of the EPT London Main Event. Join us again at noon tomorrow.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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