EPT10 Deauville: From 15 to 10, très rapidement

January 31, 2014

The storylines at EPT10 Deauville are all advancing apace as rash of eliminations over the last few orbits has swiftly reduced the field from 15 to 10.

Not long after Bahram Chobineh’s start-of-day exit in 16th, it was the Jean-Yves Malherbe committing a short stack with A♦Q♠ versus Sotirios Koutoupas’s Q♥Q♦, the board bringing no help to the Belgian who finished 15th (€31,000).

EPT10DEA_Main_Jean Yves Malherbe_Jules Pochy 4928.jpg

Jean-Yves Malherbe, 15th place

Koutoupas has continued to add to his leading stack, pushing up over 4 million as support of his effort to become the first ever EPT champion from Greece.

The Finn Tatu Maenpaa was next out in 14th, his end resembling that of Malherbe after a big all-in with A♥K♣ versus Eugene Katchalov’s K♠K♦ saw him exit as well, also earning €31,000.

8G2A2073__EPT10DEA_Tatu_Maenpaa_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Tatu Maenpaa, 14th place

Katchalov meanwhile boosted himself up over 2.2 million there, continuing his quest to earn an EPT title to go with his WPT and WSOP wins and pick up that elusive Triple Crown.

Koutoupas claimed another victim in Dmitri Holdeew when the his A♥2♥ failed to improve against the leader’s pocket nines. A nice 13th-place finish for the German to go with a win in the EUREKA Main Event in Prague last year, though he certainly would’ve liked the end to have come later. He picks up €34,350 for his efforts here.

8G2A2147__EPT10DEA_Dimitri_Holdeew_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Dmitri Holdeew, 13th place

The TV reporter Alexandre Amiel soon followed in 12th (€34,350), in his case pocket nines proving less successful after he pitted them against the tens of Carlo De Benedittis.

8G2A2141__EPT10DEA_Alexandre_Amiel_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Alexandre Amiel, 12th place

And Alex Goulder is gone in 11th (€41,200), his A♠Q♥ failing him against Oliver Price’s pocket eights in a battle of Brits.

8G2A2237__EPT10DEA__Neil Stoddart.jpg

Alex Goulder, 11th place

That hand pushed Price into second position, although the chase pack is still some distance behind Koutoupas.

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.


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