EPT10 Deauville: Day 5 is on the blocks

January 31, 2014

Day 5 of EPT Deauville is about to commence, with action on two fronts. In the Main Event, they are down to the last 16 players, with only eight spots at the final table up for grabs.

In the tradition of the Spice Girls, two becomes one today as we jettison one table and leave us with the last.

Here’s how they will line up:

Table 1
1 Tatu Maenpaa Finland 1,921,000
2 Eli Heath UK 1,191,000
3 Eugene Katchalov Ukraine  1,002,000
4 Bahram Chobineh Iran 327,000
5 Anthony Lerust France 839,000
6 JP Kelly UK 1,807,000
7 Rustem Muratov Russia 548,000
8 Chun Ho Law UK 2,679,000

Table 2
1 Alexandre Amiel France 1,174,000
2 Sotirios Koutoupas Greece 2,695,000
3 Carlo De Benedittis Italy 417,000
4 Dimitri Holdeew Germany 637,000
5 Jean-Yves Malherbe Belgium 476,000
6 Florian Ribouchon France 1,719,000
7 Alex Goulder UK 1,365,000
8 Oliver Price UK 1,275,000

Meanwhile, in the €10,000 High Roller tournament, there are 53 players remaining from the original 95. There were 17 re-entries yesterday — meaning a total entry number of 112, a record — but as yet no sign that anyone new has decided to pony up this morning. Registration closed at noon and the downcast face on the man behind the registrations desk suggested business had hardly been brisk.

[STOP PRESS! Three players have actually returned to action today. Govert Metaal, Faon Kamal, Gregoire Boissenot are in.]

It’s best to head to the main High Roller page for live updates from the tournament floor. The panel at the top of that page has the latest chip counts and will also feature details of the prize pool as and when it is announced.

Our current leader is Marton Czuczor, from Hungary, and he is the latest player from Central Europe to make a splash on the international tournament scene.


Marton Czuczor: Chip leader

In addition to Brazil, the Central and Eastern European countries are where the biggest poker boom is happening at the moment — Bulgaria’s Dimitar Danchev and Poland’s Dominik Panka winning back-to-back PCAs has helped. And these High Roller tournaments show just how many well financed players there are in the region.

One table of Day 2 of the High Roller has Victor Ilyukhin, Artem Metalidi, Dominik Panka and Marcin Wydrowski all in a line. (The former is British, but he clearly has roots overseas.) Dario Sammartino and Adrian Mateos Diaz, the Players of the Year from Italy and Spain, respectively, are also on that table, representing the latin quarter of Europe.

Follow our coverage of the Main Event at EPT Deauville by heading to the main EPT Deauville page. There’s hand-by-hand coverage in the top panel, plus chip counts, and feature pieces below. Follow the High Roller on the High Roller page. EPT Live is also on, so tune in there for a close-up view of the action.


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