EPT10 Deauville: Chun Ho Law is not a tournament player

January 30, 2014

Let’s get one thing straight. Chun Ho Law is not a tournament player. I know this now for six reasons. In the space of a quick interview at the last break, which lasted just three minutes and twenty seconds, Law told me that many times over that he doesn’t play many tournaments.


Chun Ho Law doesn’t play many tournaments…

A fair number of the remaining players are smokers and there’s a spot, under a canopy, outside the side exit where they congregate each break. That’s where I managed to collar Law, a player that we’ve thus far been unacquainted with. The 27-year-old from London told me, “I play mainly live cash, I don’t play many tournaments.”

That fact would be the central theme for the next few minutes. Law said that he played cash games at the Palm Beach and London Victoria Casinos, “Two-five, five-ten, mid-stakes really.”

Do you think all your live experience is helping you against players less comfortable playing live?

“It’s hard to say,” said Law. “I don’t play many tournaments so I’m just taking it as it comes. See what happens.”

Law sparked up a cigarette and said that he plays four or five times a week and agreed with a chuckle that he’d like to consider himself a professional player. He’d made a few small cashes in Vegas, but like he said, he doesn’t play many tournaments.

“I do enjoy it, but l don’t really play many tournaments,” said Law (again).


…but if he did he’d probably boss them

Law had made the trip over with a bunch of other live grinders: “We’re not tournament players, so we don’t play many tournaments,” he said. (You don’t say.)

Law enjoyed a see-saw day, but finished on an up knocking out Mustapha Amaouche and Konstantin Tolokno with standard flips. It was good enough to take Law into second place with 2,579,000 and just 16 players remaining. That’s a whole lot of tournament equity. Law has got €27,680 locked up and a very real chance of picking up a six-figure score. Maybe he should, you know, start saying, “I play the occasional poker tournament.” Just an idea.

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