EPT10 Barcelona: So long Eid, but it was one heck of a send off

September 06, 2013

That’s how it was going to end for Michel Eid, with the old six-deuce all-in shove.
The hand had everything – tension, drama, a Lebanese, sportsmanship, an Italian, some praying, tense loved ones, and even a pretty girl. But given that it had taken so long for the 14th place finisher to depart, the least they could do was make this hand entertaining.

Michel Eid (the Lebanese) had played a blinder today. One of the short stacks at the start of the day he’d somehow hung on, forever surrounded by big stacks, against the odds but fighting with pluck.


Michel Eid

Luca Fiorini (the Italian) opened from the cut-off before Eid three-bet shoved on the button for a little more than 1.3 million (the drama). Action was back on Fiorini, who paused for a several minutes (the tension), staring intently at Eid who did his best not to look back, or giggle.

By this stage you’d bet your pay on Fiorini folding. But something made the Italian call, stunning everyone, certainly Fiorini’s loved ones on the rail, and perhaps also Eid. They sat and waited, cards face down, for another minute as cameras moved into position (more tension). So they shook hands (the sporting bit), laughed, and waited.


Luca Fiorini

Fiorini’s loved ones stood and waited too, as did many of the womenfolk related in some way to the players, sitting along the rail. One woman’s hands were clasped together in silent prayer (the praying). Others were finding it hard to stand still. The wait was excruciating.

With permission to play their man turned over pocket eights. When Eid showed six-deuce I heard someone say “six-deuce?” as if all this tension had been for nothing. Prayer also seemed if not sacrilegious exactly, certainly overkill

Eid grinned. He’d been caught in the act. The board changed nothing, other than the look on Fiorini’s face – from tension to glee in about a second-and-a-half. His loved ones were delighted. Even Eid walked off happily, having overachieved greatly. As he approached the rail a young girl (the pretty girl) with long black hair and a strapless dress leaned forward towards him: “Good game, man,” she said. “Good game.” Eid stopped, doubled back, and shook her hand, now even more pleased with himself.

He strode off to the polite clapping of the womenfolk.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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