EPT10 Barcelona: Andreas Christoforou out in eighth place

September 07, 2013

And so we say goodbye to Andreas Christoforou of Cyprus, our eighth place finisher. One of the shorter stacks at the start of play he picked his moment after Kresten Nielsen opened from the hi-jack for 335,000.

Christoforou had looked down at ace-jack of clubs thought “this is it!” and taking a little longer than he should have, put his chips in a big tower and pushed it forward.

Whatever Nielsen was thinking would have to wait, for Kimmo Kurko had found pocket jacks in the small blind. He too announced he was all-in, covering the Cypriot but dependent now on the actions of Nielsen who was keen to know how much the Finn was playing. “How much?”


What could have been: Andreas Christoforou

Kurko had three million behind and Kresten, whose face is obscured by his golden cap, big sunglasses and a few days stubble, tanked for a while. It was agony for him, but he folded, although it seemed his arm needed some persuading to move forward and give his cards to the dealer.

Christoforou was immediately up from his seat. For a moment he was less concerned with what Kurko had than with what Nielsen had. “Don’t say what you had!” he said. “Please, please…”

Nielsen obliged and kept quiet, but when a ten landed on the flop his head fell. Exactly what he didn’t want to see. But the flop had also brought a queen, giving Christoforou outs. But neither would follow and Christoforou set off to collect his €102,400 to warm applause, shaking hands with each player in turn. Nielsen waited for him, saying he had tens. “Tens?” asked Christoforou. “Tens,” said Nielsen.

Christoforou didn’t look like he cared very much.

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Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter.


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