EPT Warsaw: The race to the money

October 23, 2009


It’s just past noon on another grey Warsaw afternoon. It’s been grey since we got here on Monday, and I’m expecting it to be grey until we leave.

But — get your analogy crowbars at the ready — the action in Casino Poland at the Hyatt Regency hotel has been anything but drab. It’s been a vibrant and colourful tournament through its opening three days, and it is only now where it gets really interesting.


A statue, yesterday

Fifty-five men will return to the fray, and play will end sometime this evening with a whoop. That will be when we hit our target of 24 players, all of whom will be in the money. Yep, today is the race towards the bubble. Of the 203 players who started, 24 get paid. That means 31 πŸ™ faces and 24 πŸ™‚ ones. Or something like that.

Take a look over at the prizes page to see what they’re all playing for. (The first prize is €358,644 if that one click is too strenuous.)

The Canadian PokerStars qualifier Clayton Mozdzen is leading the pack, with a mighty 332,300 chips. The imposing presence, in all senses, of Carter Phillips is right behind, with 299,800. And with the likes of Shaun Deeb, Jeff Sarwer, Mel Judah, Sorel Mizzi, Vitaly Lunkin, Peter Hedlund, Antony Lellouche and the Team PokerStars Pro trio of Luca Pagano, Peter Eastgate and Thierry van den Berg, also lurking with menace, this is far from a foregone conclusion.


Clayton Mozdzen


Peter Eastgate

Full chip counts are always available on the chip count page. And review the tournament to date with a glance at end of day wraps from day 1a, day 1b or day two.

As ever, there will be words, pictures and video at PokerStarsBlog.com throughout the day. Stick with us and let’s see how the whole thing pans out.


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