12.05am — The level ends and players take a 15 minute break. The latest chip counts…

Ricardo — 1,990,000
Michael — 1,600,000

11.50pm — Ricardo makes it 125k and is called. The flop comes 2c-7d-3c and Ricardo makes it 200k. Michael folds.

11.35pm — The same pattern re-emerges. Bets or reraises are good enough to take down the pot.

11.20pm — Ricardo bets 120k pre-flop and Michael makes it 100k more. Ricardo calls for a flop 4c-8s-3c. Both players check. The turn is a five of diamonds. Ricardo makes it 120k now and Michael calls. The river is a ten of clubs and Michael moves all-in. Ricardo looks at his cards again and then thinks things over for a while. “You have the ace of clubs?” he asks. Michael says nothing and Ricardo mucks.

11.10pm — A lot of hands now involve nothing more than a bet and a fold.

11pm — Blinds go up to 25k/30k.

10.50pm — The heads-up chip counts…

Ricardo Sousa — 2,200,000
Michael Schulze — 1,400,000

10.35pm — Mathias Viberg, PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, eliminated in third place for PLN 718,000
After a quck double up Mathias says “let’s gamble” and turns over 6-2, moving all-in behind a bet from Michael of 120k. He shows pocket fours and makes a set on the 8-5-4 flop. It also gives Mathias a double gutshot straight draw. The turn is a jack, the river a queen. Nothing more for Mathias and the EPT Warsaw is heads-up.

10.25pm — Mathias makes it 110k pre-flop and Ricardo calls to see a flop of 8d-9s-3d. Ricardo checks but Mathias makes it 170k as Ricardo was busy re-checking his hand. Ricardo then points at the pot, saying ‘all-in’. He shows J-T of diamonds to Mathias’ pocket jacks. A set against open-ended straight draw. The turn promptly delivers a queen of diamonds for Ricardo, the river the ace of diamonds giving Ricardo the flush, a pot of 742k total and leaving Mathias with just over 100k.

10.05pm — Players take another short break.

Approximate chip counts…

Michael Schulze – Germany – 1,750,000
Ricardo Sousa – Portugal – 800,000
Mathias Viberg – Sweden – PokerStars qualifier — 940,000

10pm — Michael is on the button and makes it 130k to go pre-flop. Ricardo moves all-in and Mathias folds. It’s 456k in total but he gets no takers.

9.45pm — Play resumes with Ricardo moving all-in but with no callers.

9.25pm — Players are now on a 15 minute break. The latest chip counts are below…

Michael Schulze – Germany – 1,952,000
Ricardo Sousa – Portugal – 458,000
Mathias Viberg – Sweden – PokerStars qualifier — 1.070,000

9.20pm — Now it’s Mathias moving all-in, his A-K against the call of Ricardo with A-4. Nothing on the board to stop Mathias doubling up.

9.15pm — Mehdi Ouakhir, PokerStars qualifier from France, eliminated in fourth place for PLN 538,500
Mehdi, now the short stack, pushed all in from the small blind with Q-3 and found Michael calling with pocket tens. There was no help on the board for the Frenchman and the tens held. We’re down to just three players.

9.10pm — Mehdi raises pre-flop and Ricardo moves all-in for around 420k more. Mehdi calls with Q-J of hearts which Ricardo shows pocket nines. No cavalry on the board for Mehdi and Ricardo gets a big boost to his stack.

8.55pm — Few hands are getting to a showdown. Mathias moves all-in over a bet from Ricardo of 85k. It’s 350k to Ricardo who folds.

8.30pm — Christian Oman from Sweden, eliminated in fifth place for PLN 437,980
Michael led out, betting 80k pre-flop which Christian called in the big blind. The flop came K-Q-7 which both players checked before the turn card nine. Christian checked and Michael moved all-in. Christian thought about it and called for his last 250k, showing K-5. For Michael, A-9 but the river saved him, was another nine, sending the pot Michael’s way and sending Christian to the rail.

8.20pm — Blinds are up once more to 15k/30k with a 3k ante.

8.10pm — Ricardo’s blessed life continues, this time againt Michael. He’d raised 80k pre-flop and again Ricardo moved in. Michael called showing Ac-Jc. Ricardo was behind again but could count on a Q-Q-T flop. Not even a king would help Schultz who was resigned to watching Ricardo celebrate.

8.05pm — Mathias bets 70k pre-flop. It’s folded around to Ricardo who announces all-in. Mathias looks at his cards again and asks for a count. It’s 177k in total. After Mathias counts his stack several times Ricardo calls the clock on him. A few seconds later Mathias calls, showing A-9. Ricardo is behind with A-2. The flop comes A-7-T. The turn is another ten, pairing the board making a split pot likely. A queen on the river and Ricardo dodges elimination,

7.55pm — On a board reading K-5-A-9 Michael makes it 50k which Ricardo calls. The river is a three and Michael this time makes it 100k. Again Ricardo calls, showing A-7. But the German has A-5 for wo pair. Ricardo looks annoyed, whilst Michael keeps adding to his stack.

7.50pm — Christian doubles up with A-9 against the pocket fives of Mehdi. The board helped out the Swede, coming 7-8-T-6-J to keep his tournament alive.

7.30pm — Ricardo makes it 56k pre-flop which Mathias calls. On a flop of 9c-Qh-Ac Ricardo checks. Whilst Mathias counts out some pink chips a friend of Christian’s on the rail lobs him some lip balm. Already leaning back on his chair Christian topples over as he lunges for the hail mary pass, landing on the table behind him. Helped back up by Lee Jones the hand continues. Mathias bets 75k. Ricardo pats him on the arm and folds his 2-2.

7.25pm — Christian Oman moves all-in twice without getting any takers.

7.20pm — Play resumes with blinds now at 10k/20k with a 2k ante and Lee Jones on the mike.


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