12.40pm — Ricardo Sousa from Portugal, eliminated in second place for PLN 1,1220,600
Ricardo makes it 150k from the small blind and Michael quickly re-raises, 500k in total. Ricardo announces all-in with Michael is ready to call, showing As-6s to Ricardo’s black pocket sevens. Both players are on their feet and after a handshake watch the flop – 4d-2c-5h. Ricardo is ahead but Michael could win with an ace or three. The turn card is that very ace, flipping the fortunes of the hand in his favour, with Ricardo needing a seven that would ultimately not come. A deuce on the river and the EPT has a new champion in Michael Schulze.

12.35am — Michael bets 150k pre-flop and Ricardo calls. The flop comes 3c-4c-7s and Ricardo checks. Michael makes it 200k and all of a sudden Ricardo re-raises, up to 400k, Michael moves all-in and the crowd get to their feet. Ricardo thinks for a while, spinning his card protector and asking questions of Michael that he’ll never answer. He mucks.

Chip counts…

Ricardo — 1,400,000
Michael — 2,200,000

12.30am — More tentative play. Ricardo wins a small pot showing an eight for a pair.

12.20am — Play resumes with blinds now at 30k/60k.


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