EPT Warsaw: Day two/three, level 12 updates

October 22, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 12 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 1,000-2,000 (200 ante)

1.05pm: End of the level
That concludes the level carried over from yesterday. Without pause, we now enter level 13.

1pm: Brivot runs into Tsanev
A bad couple of hands for Alexandre Brivot. On the first, he mucked angrily when Alexander Klimashin led for 10,000 on the river, looking at a board of K♦A♣5♣4♦2♠. And there was more angry mucking after a much more sizeable pot a moment later.

Brivot called from the button, and Konstantin Puchkov called in the small blind, with Nikolay Tsanev checking his option. The three of them saw 6♣2♠10♣ and after Puchkov checked, Tsanev bet 3,700. Brivot raised to 11,400 and Puchkov was done. Tsanev was not, and he called, seeing a 3♥ on the turn. Tsanev now allowed Brivot to lead the betting, check-calling his 17,600 tickle. The A♠ on the river meant another check from Tsanev and Brivot bet 36,800.

Tsanev now agonised over a call, but eventually did so, and Brivot slung his cards high but into the muck. Tsanev silently slid his there too, and we never did find out what either of them had. Brivot, though, lost about 70,000, the same amount Tsanev added to his stack.

12.55pm: Dreams and nightmares
Michael Seban made it 15,100 from the cut off after Tomas Sayech had made a standard raise to open in middle position. Shaun Deeb was in the small blind and folded and when Sorel Mizzi did the same in the big they shared a joke, Deeb laughing his deep cartoon bear laugh. The action was back on Sayech who moved all in for around 50,000. Seban asked how much? Now 50,300. This came after much discussion, confusion and a recount, confirmed by a tournament official. It’s what happens when everyone wears headphones and sunglasses. Seban called, showing 10♥10♦. But Sayech had woken up lucky and showed A♠A♣. The board ran out: Q♠5♠9♣4♦6♦ to double up Sayech. “I dreamed about that,” he said, visibly relieved, up to 100,000. Seban down to 65,000.

12.43pm: Phillips picks off a bluff
Carter Phillips showed just why he has become such a force on the EPT, challenging here to become the first-ever double EPT champion. The board was showing J♦J♣4♣3♥, and Phillips and Jari Mahonen were betting. The K♦ river saw a meaty 30,000 bet from Mahonen, but Phillips sensed something was wrong – and called

Mahonen: 8♠10♠
Phillips: A♣3♣

Bottom pair with the tabled jacks was enough to take it, and shot Phillips up to 340,000, enough to reclaim the chip lead from Clayton Mozdzen, who sits on a neighbouring table next to Peter Eastgate.

12.40pm: Judah takes chips
Mel Judah picked up an early 20,000 pot from Jeff Sarwer. On a 9♦8♦Q♣5♣A♥ they checked the river – 7-7 for Sarwer, but 10-10 for Judah.

12.35pm: Ta ta, Thierry
Just five minutes into the restart and we lost short-stacked Team PokerStars Pro Thierry van den Berg. Starting the day with only 26,700 he found a nice spot with 5-5 and got it all in against Alexander Debus’s K-J.

The 4-8-K flop was a bad start for the Dutchman, the J turn a kick in the teeth, and the J river the final, devastating blow. We’re down to 54.

12.15pm: Morning everyone
Players are arriving for day two and the remaining 32 minutes of level 12. Play is set to begin at 12.30pm. The official overnight scores can be found on the chip count page.


7.30pm: Play is done
With a huge rush at the end of the day, play has finished. The “number of players” horse won in the end, as we reached the target of 56 remaining when Gianni Giaroni perished at the death. There were a couple of very interesting hands in the closing stages though, so check here in a moment once I’ve written them up. Then a full wrap will be coming after that.

7.20pm: Best hand comes third
A lot of players like jack-ten, mainly because it has the (often only theoretical) potential to crack huge hands. It was certainly almost the case here for Clayton Mozdzen, but note that almost. He had the biggest stack in town and had two players well covered when they were both all in pre-flop. Mozdzen had J♠10♠, and it would be needed to crack the biggest two hands around: Matthias Kurtz had K♦K♥ and Cedric Lebrette had A♣A♦. But – boom! – how about this flop and turn: 9♣3♦K♠Q♣. Kurtz flopped top set but Mozdzen turned the straight. Lebrette’s aces were in big trouble. The river changed things again, though. It was another queen, giving the boat to Kurtz, sending Lebrette out, and Mozdzen ruing what might have been.

The Canadian PokerStars qualifier would have been beyond 450,000 if he’d have won that one. As it is, he had to settle for a “mere” 332,300, still good for the overnight chip lead.

7.15pm: Another champ exits
This time it’s former EPT Barcelona champion and Team PokerStars Pro Sebastien Ruthenberg who has busted. He raised pre-flop but faced a re-raise to 15,500 from Jari Mähönen. It didn’t take long for Ruthenberg to announce all-in – and even less time for Mähönen to call. The reason?

Mähönen: A♦A♣
Ruthenberg: A♥K♣

The flop came K♠6♦4♣. “Oh no, please don’t,” Mähönen pleaded. The dealer must have listened as the turn and river were a harmless 6♥ and 8♠.

We’re down to less than 60 players, and play could end very soon once we reach the required 56 for the day.

7.10pm: Big moment…anticlimax
Carter Phillips and Oleksandr Vaserfirer got heavily involved pre-flop. It was at least five- probably six-bet — standard raise from Phillips on the button, re-raise to 14,000 from Vaserfirer in the big blind, 38,500 Phillips, 68,000 Vaserfirer, all in Phillips, call Vaserfirer, for stacks of more than 150,000 each. Then they flipped and both had the same hand: A♣K♣ for Phillips, A♥K♦ for Vaserfirer. The rainbow flop, no club, ended interest.

7.05pm: Dario v Deeb, the conclusion
Shaun Deeb has won his last longer bet against Dario Minieri after the Italian tyro just departed Warsaw. Minieri lost almost all of his chips in a pot against Jeremi Stępiński when they got their similar sized stacks in pre-flop. Minieri had 5♣5♦ and Stępiński had A♦J♦. A jack on the turn left Minieri with less than 10,000, which all went in the next hand. Out. Before he left, he went over to hand the cash to Deeb — the quantity is their business, but I’m guessing it wasn’t ten bucks — and Deeb said: “Thanks man. It was a lot of fun.” They shook hands and away Minieri went.

Slightly better news for Luca Pagano, who seems to have got some yellow chips back. It looks like he’s up to about 50,000 now.

7pm: Mattern matters
Arnaud Mattern just booked a flight and is leaving the hotel as we type. The Frenchman busted in a straightforward ace-jack against aces showdown.

6.55pm: Another one gone
Sebastian Ruthenberg sends another player home, his A♠Q♠ getting the better of the all in Richard Grace holding K♣4♥. The board ran out A♥Q♦8♥3♣2♥ to leave Ruthenberg with more than 70,000.

6.53pm: Van den Berg back in business
Thierry van den Berg moves all-in but gets no takers. “King high,” he says, showing pocket kings. A few hands later he tries again but this time is called by 209. The Team PokerStars Pro has 10♣J♥ but 209 is ahead with A♥J♦. But not for long. The board runs: 9♦3♣7♠8♦5♣ giving Van den Berg the straight and close to 50,000.

6.52pm: Eastgate reveals all
World champion Peter Eastgate, still in the EPT here, sits down for a decent chat with the video blog team…

Watch EPT 6 Warsaw Day 2: Peter Eastgate on PokerStars.tv

6.50pm: New level
The race is on. At the beginning of play, tournament officials said we would either play five levels or down to 56 players, whichever came sooner. This is the fifth level of the day and there are about 70 players left. What will happen first: 75 minutes tick away or 14 player bust? It’s a thrilling question, be in no doubt of that.

The full chip count is on its way. In the meantime, here’s a picture of a dealer’s hands:



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