EPT Warsaw: Day two, level 11 updates

October 22, 2009


Live updates from day two, level 11 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 800-1,600 (200 ante)

6.41pm: Time for a cuppa
That’s the end of this level. We’ll have another short break.

6.40pm: Deeb now over 200,000
Shaun Deeb, short-stacked for so much of today, is now well over 200,000 in chips. I caught up with his table when there was a flop of 7♣5♥4♣. Deeb had bet 5,700, but Sabri Alenius had moved over the top for 16,500. After some quiet contemplation, Deeb announced: “All-in.” Call!

Deeb: A♠4♠
Alenius: K♣Q♣

It was tight, but Deeb was relieved to see the turn come a handy A♥ and the river 2♠.

Alenius’ elimination took us down to 72 players – and we’ll play another level or until we get down to 56 survivors.

6.37pm: Man down
Simple one, this. Jakub Knyziak moved all-in for 26,000 and Domantas Klimciauskas also went all-in for around 37,000. Everyone else scarpered, and they were on their backs:

Knyziak: A♦J♣
Klimciauskas: A♥K♥

The board ran A♣5♦7♦6♠2♣, and that, as they say, was that.

6.35pm: Thierry gets out alive… just
Team PokerStars Pro Thierry van den Berg somehow got away with some chips intact after the following hand against Anton Genadiew…

The Dutchman opened with A-Q and was called by Genadiew with 6-6. The flop was A-6-3 and both checked. The turn was a J and more chips went in, and the river was another ace, and even more chips went in. Van den Berg was shown the bad news of Genadiew’s full house, but still had around 8,000 left.

“What a cooler table this is,” he said. “Only two people are winning all the chips.”

6.30pm: David and Goliath
David Gomez is out after running into the chip machine that is Christophe Benzimra. Gomez faced a raise and moved all-in over the top for around 38,000. Call.

Gomez: Q♥Q♠
Benzimra: A♣K♣

Gomez was put out of his pain quickly when the flop came K♠J♦2♠, and the 10♠ turn and 7♣ river changed nothing. Benzimra, meanwhile, eases up to close to 100,000.

6.25pm: More trouble for Carter administration
Anatoly Gurtovoy hasn’t finished tormenting Carter Phillips. On a three way flop of 6♣7♥10♦ 207 checked before Phillips made it 8,000 from the cut off. Gurtovoy called on the button but 207 passed. The turn card came 3♥. While Gurtovoy stirred a cup of tea Phillips made it 16,500. Gurtovoy then made a plonking re-raise, dumping 50,000 into the middle. Phillips passed and is down to 170,000. Gurtovoy meanwhile has around 320,000.


Anatoly Gurtovoy

6.20pm: Problems for Pagano
Luca Pagano is not at all happy, and with a stack of about 20,000 — approximately a fifth of what he started with — it’s pretty easy to understand that misery. Most recently, Yordan Dimitrov made it 4,300 from the small blind, attacking Pagano’s big. Pagano called and it came K♥4♥3♣, which they both checked. The 5♦ came on the turn and Pagano bet 6,000 after Dimitrov checked. The Russian called. The river was 2♠ and Dimitrov now led for 12,000. Pagano looked at his chips, seemed furious to have to fold, but did just that.


Luca Pagano

6.15pm: The continuing soap opera of Deeb and Minieri (with cameos from Queso)
“What are you doing sitting over there by yourself?” This is Shaun Deeb to his friend Queso, who has been loitering around the tournament room all day as if he’s the only American online qualifier over in Warsaw on a poker trip/party trip who is ready to get on with the partying side of things.

“I’m waiting to play 250-500 dealers choice,” said Queso. “But no one will play with me.”
“What games?” asked Mel Judah, sitting beside Deeb.

“There’s eight pot-limit games. I don’t even know how to play half of them. But pot-limit seven-card stud I love,” said Queso.

“Get drunk and then they’ll play you,” said Deeb. Queso’s face lit up with appreciation at the great idea. But the bar visit would have to wait.

“Hey, go over there and find out how many Dario has got,” Deeb instructed his friend, who duly scampered off. Although Deeb has close to 200,000 now, and is well set for his first deep, deep run in an EPT Main Event, the last longer with Minieri, struck in the opening exchanges yesterday still seems to be bothering him. Deeb is looking good, though. Minieri has about 50,000.

6.10pm: Carter the evidently stoppable chip machine
“Carter Phillips just lost a bundle.” This was the news from our photographer Neil Stoddart who took pictures of the board to save having to write any of it down. The board read: 2♠K♠2♦8♦7♠ and Phillips had pocket queens. Anatoly Gurtovoy had ace-king. Chips for Gurtovoy, rats for Phillips who loses more than 100,000.


Carter Phillips

6.05pm: You remember the first time
If Jeff Sarwer wins EPT Warsaw it may be because he’d plotted his every move even before he’d arrived at Casinos Poland on day one. After watching him play it’s easy to suspect the former chess prodigy, used to figuring multiple moves ahead of the next, has already planned his victory and the hands in between then and now are merely faints designed to throw off his opponents. I’m becoming so convinced of this that even the hands he loses seem part of the master plan’s detail.

Sarwer opened for 4,000 from middle position and Aleksey Yuzikov, who has duelled with Sarwer before, raised to 11,500 from the cut off. The action was back with Sarwer who said a few words to Yuzikov, although I couldn’t hear them. They may have been voices in my head. Sarwer called, for a flop of Q♦5♦10♣.

Both checked, Sarwer giving the table the faintest of touches, all the time looking at Yuzikov. A 5♣ on the turn and another faint tap on the table from Sarwer, before Yuzikov made it 10,000. Sarwer wasted little time re-raising, 25,000. Yuzikov, called for a 3♥ on the river. Both checked. Sarwer had been solemn through the hand but now became animated again. “King high?” he said, showing K♥7♥. Yuzikov showed Q♣J♣. “Nice,” said Sarwer, tapping the table. “Got caught once,” he said laughing. “First time…”

He still has more than 250,000.

5.55pm: Chips!
The chip counts from the end of the last level are all fresh and ready to be viewed over at the chip count page.


And a reminder of what they’re playing for:


5.50pm: Battle of baby flushes
On a 3♥9♥6♥10♥9♠ board, which was checked on the river, Dario Minieri announces: “Flush.” Sorel Mizi replies: “Same here.” “Oh,” said Minieri, then I lose. I have the nut low flush,” showing the 2♥. Mizi had him beat with the monster 4♥.

5.45pm: ElkY out of here
ElkY is out. Arnaud Mattern made it 3,000 pre-flop from the hijack and Wojciech Polak re-raised to 9,000 from the cut-off. ElkY, who was in the small blind, then re-re-raised all-in for around 33,000. While Mattern got out of the way, Polak called, showing A-K, way behind ElkY’s K-K. The board ran 8-8-9-A-2, the ace on the turn ending ElkY’s tournament hopes.

5.40pm: Mozdzen pays off Lusso
Clayton Mozdzen and Alessandro Lusso were looking at about 12,000 in the pot and a flop of J♥Q♦8♦. Lusso moved all in for his last 24,400 and Mozdzen thought for a while, uttered the “s” word, then called, although he seemed to suspect what he was shown. Lusso had K♣Q♥ and Mozdzen had kicker trouble with his Q♣9♠. The king played and Lusso doubled.

5.35pm: Perrault out
When Pascal Perrault is eliminated from a poker tournament, his routine is always the same. We’ve seen it enough times on EPTs, and so when he was recently seen making fast tracks across the tournament room, frantically winding an I-Pod headphone cable around that gadget (he always does that), it was obvious he was gone.

5.30pm: Deeb changing travel plans
“Might have to wait a couple of days to go to Amsterdam, Queso,” said Shaun Deeb to his friend, who had swung by for a quick chat.
“Whaddya got?” said Queso.
“One fifty-five, one-sixty.”

Moments earlier, Mel Judah had been moved to the table beside Deeb, renewing an acquaintance from earlier in the tournament. “Wow,” said Judah, looking at the healthy state of Deeb’s stack. “What happened?”
“I finally ran good,” said Deeb. “I mean, ran good live. I always run good online.”

5.30pm: Hard to kill
Thierry van den Berg and Artur Wilczyński have clashed before, the Team PokerStars Holland Pro trying to knock Wilczyński out but failing. No harm in trying again though. Van den Berg opened for 4,300 and Wilczyński moved all-in, the latest of several shoves by the Pole. Van den Berg asked if the action was on him and called, showing A♦K♥ to Wilczyński’s A♥K♠. The board ran out 5♣Q♦10♥6♣10♣ for a split pot. “I cannot beat you!” said Van den Berg.

5.20pm: Another one gone
Rolf Galasen opens for 5,100 from under the gun. Anton Genadiew is sitting next to him and raises to 17,000. Galasen announced “all-in.” Genadiew calls and we’re off. Q♥Q♣ for Galasen, A♣A♦ for Genadiew. The board runs out: J♣8♠2♣10♥8♥. Officials check the stacks but Galasen is covered, and out. Genadiew up to 200,000.

5.10pm: Deeb back in business
Shaun Deeb has been spending his break with Twitter. Here’s his latest dispatch, which has some ominous content for the rest of the field:

Deeb Tweet one: “folded most of the level had 60kish lady limps utg he shown limping a lot I check a8ss in bb flop aa9r c/c turn 7 putting fd with the ace”

Deeb Tweet two: “I bet 1600 she calls river 8x I bet 5100 she makes it 15k I shove for 55100 total she calls her 53k with aj lol easy game 125k going 8/16”

That 125,000 is Deeb’s high point to date. His opponent in that hand was Lisa Taphanel by the way.

_MG_8131_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Shaun Deeb

5.05pm: Back
Is anyone else wearying of this: we’re back and Carter Phillips is still our chip leader by a huge margin. This is another outrageously good show by the EPT Barcelona champion.

A full count is under way. Click the red to find it.



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