EPT Warsaw: Day three/four, level 17 updates

October 24, 2009


Live updates from day four, level 17 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)

1.05pm: Deeb done
The Shaun Deeb live adventure is over for another event. He shoved from the small blind, after it was folded around, but his J♥3♠ was looked up by Jani Sointula’s A♠9♠. The flop came A♥8♥8♣ and none of the miracles appeared on either turn or river. Deeb is our 22nd placed finisher.

12.57pm: Blinds up
That’s the level. No break, just straight into level 18

12.56pm: All quiet on the Hedlund front
Peter Hedlund, a little quieter than last night, moved all-in. He got no takers but showed A♥J♥.

12.55pm: Lellouche calling again
Alexander Klimashin is next to shove. He’s called, again it’s Antony Lellouche doing the calling, this time with 8♦8♥. Klimashin showed 10♥10♠. The board ran: 9♥5♥7♦Q♦3♠ doubling up Klimashin.

12.50pm: Deeb doubles
Shaun Deeb moved all-in behind a pre-flop bet of 16,000 from Antony Lellouche. It was 41,000 more to the Frenchman who called, showing A♥9♥. Deeb had him pipped with A♦10♥. The board ran: 8♦5♣2♦A♣10♦ and Deeb doubled up. Over on the cash table JC Alvarado and Jim Callopy gave Deeb some ironic cheers. World is Callopy is still on his Friday night and hasn’t slept yet.

12.45pm: Pagano doubles up
Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano, having already bagged his 12th EPT cash – thus stretching his own record – has doubled up against Shaun Deeb. Pagano had A♠K♦, Deeb A♥Q♠ and the board blanked 3♣5♥3♦9♦6♠.

Pagano soared to 240,000, leaving Deeb down on around 80,000. But the very next hand the online whiz from the US doubled up again, courtesy of Frenchman Antony Lellouche.

12.40pm: Polak poleaxed
PokerStars player Wojciech Polak, from Poland has had a short day 4 – he was just busted by Jeff Sarwer. Polak only had around 40,000 left, and got it all in with 9♥10♥, a hand with many possibilities, even if it was up against Sarwer’s A♣K♦.

But the board was emphatic for Canada right from the off, despite a magical 10♣ being seen first, the rest was A♠4♥3♦A♥.

Polak leaves with €6,874 Euro – Sarwer adds more to his stack.

12.35pm: One down – Puchkov shoved by Vaserfirer
Konstantin Puchkov couldn’t have had a worse start to the day. No more than about five hands in and the Russian is out, despite having a stack of 300,000 to play with overnight.

He had ace-king against Oleksander Vaserfirer’s pocket queens and they got it all in. A queen on the flop and a fading of the backdoor flush options gave a huge pot to Vaserfirer, who rockets something close to 600,000.

Puchkov had little choice but to get his tiny stack in the middle next hand, and his K♣9♥ was called by Vaserfirer with 4♠2♦. Puchkov should have known what was coming: a flop of 4♥J♠4♦ and a meaningless turn and river.

Puchkov is out 24th placed finisher. See his name, and all the others who go out today, on the prizewinners page.

12.30pm: Seat draw
The chip counts are on the chip count page, sorted by chip count. That makes sense. But here are the runners by table order:

Table one
1 – Jani Sointula, Finland, 182,500
2 – Alexander Klimashin, Russia, 39,000
3 – Luca Pagano, Italy, 112,500
4 – Christophe Benzimra, France, 211,500
5 – Alexander Debus, Germany, 479,500
6 – Nikolay Tsanev, Bulgaria, 183,000
7 – Antony Lellouche, France, 332,500
8 – Shaun Deeb, USA, 192,500

Table two
1 – Konstantin Puchkov, Russia, 300,000
2 – Maurice Schulmann, France, 53,500
3 – Aleksey Yuzikov, Russia, 322,000
4 – Dani Vargas, Spain, 256,000
5 – Anatoly Gurtovoy, Russia, 425,000
6 – Oleksandr Vaserfirer, Ukraine, 285,500
7 – Wojciech Polak, Poland, 30,500
8 – Jeff Sarwer, Canada, 956,500

Table three
1 – Tome Cardoso Moreira, Portugal, 127,000
2 – Michel Abecassis, France, 149,000
3 – Ruslan Prydryk, Ukraine, 325,500
4 – Vitaly Lunkin, Russia, 198,500
5 – Peter Hedlund, Sweden, 87,500
6 – Clayton Mozdzen, Canada, 574,000
7 – Alfio Battisti, Italy, 140,000
8 – Julian Hoffmann Mogensen, Denmark, 128,500

12.30pm: New day, old level
The bubble burst in the middle of level 17, so they will start this morning and play the remainder of that, with blinds at 3,000-6,000 (500 ante). We’re not yet sure if the tournament officials will wind the clock back to made amends for the long time spent bursting the bubble. But it’ll be OK with us either way.

8pm: That’s it!
The bursting of the bubble ceremony means play has finished for the day. The 24 remaining players – all now safely in the money – are busy bagging and tagging their chips before heading off for some well-earnt rest. Or in Peter Hedlund’s case, another drink.

We’ll have a full wrap of today’s events up very shortly. In the meantime see the bubble burst for yourself…

Watch Ept6_WarsawDay3_Bubble on PokerStars.tv


7.59pm: Bubble boy!
After a long and torturous bubble period, Domantas Klimciauskas is the unfortunate last man to go home without a cent for his efforts here at EPT Warsaw. After being floored a little earlier, he managed one double up, then added some more, but his day – and tournament – came to end on the following hand…

Klimciauskas made it 40,000, called by Oleksandr Vaserfirer. The flop came J♣9♥8♣ and Klimciauskas bet 12,000. Vaserfirer moved all-in – call!

Klimciauskas: A♠J♠
Vaserfirer: 8♠8♥

Klimciauskas needed a minor miracle to overtake Vaserfirer’s set of eights – but the 4♥4♠ river ensured that did not happen.

Spare a thought for the Lithuanian – he had to sit next to a very noisy and well-oiled Peter Hedlund all day… and now he leaves with nothing.

_MG_8787_EPT6Pol_Neil_Stoddart - Copy.jpg

Peter Hedlund

7.55pm: From the last half an hour
More all-ins going unchallenged. Alexander Klimashin tried it, Sarwer called (“Simple enough I guess”) but couldn’t end things then and there with his Q♦6♥ against K♣7♦. Then Wojciech Polak shoved but found no takers for his pocket jacks. Julian Hoffmann Mogensen was next, one of three micro stacks on the same table. Then Paul Schulmann. No, nothing.


Jeff Sarwer

7.50pm: Is that the time?
It’s just ticked past 7.50pm and still no one has returned to the press room from the tournament floor. That means we’re still seeking our unfortunate bubble boy. Any minute now. Any. Minute. Now.

7.30pm: Pettersson out
Thomas Pettersson exited in 26th place – very unluckily as turned out. Vitaly Lunkin made it 17,000 pre-flop and Pettersson re-raised to 53,000. Lunkin wasted no time going all-in – and Pettersson was quicker in calling. Guess the hands?

Lunkin: K♣K♠
Pettersson: A♠A♥

All good for Pettersson, who was covered by Lunkin. But hang on…. the flop dealt an instant dagger to his heart, coming K♥6♠2♦. He now needed one of two aces to stay alive, but the 3♦ turn was not one, nor was the 4♥ river. Unlucky.

7.25pm: Closing in on the bubble
Updates are infrequent at the moment as our crack reporting staff is camped out on the tournament floor (down four flights of stairs from here) as they await the elimination of the final two players of the day. That will take us through the bubble and into the money.

Word is that one of the short-stacks, Peter Hedlund, has doubled up, leaving the pressure firmly on the likes of Maurice Schulmann, Alexander Klimashin and Wojciech Polak. The big stacks are doubtless loving every agonising moment.

7.15pm: Chips
The full official counts are in for the final 26 players. You know by now where they are:


Sneak preview: these are the top three.

Jeffrey Sarwer, Canada, 900,000
Alexander Debus, Germany, 500,000
Clayton Mozdzen, Canada, 425,000

7.10pm: Play resumes
Play has restarted in level 17. We play down to 24 players tonight meaning the day will come to an end after two more players are eliminated.



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