EPT Warsaw: Day three, level 14 updates

October 23, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 14 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 1,500-3,000 (300 ante)

3.51pm: Take a break
It’s break time, folks. See you soon.

3.50pm: Ouch!
Carter Phillips fans look away now. He and Kalle Niemi just got it all in pre-flop: Phillips had A♥K♥ and Niemi had 5♠5♥. Their stacks were almost identical — about 120,000 each.

The flop gave something for everyone: A♠Q♠3♠ and, as Jari Mahonen observed, Niemi was behind but he now had the spade outs. The turn was 4♥ and Mahonen now said “Deuce” as an additional out, but the K♠ river was the real killer and Phillips was knocked all the way down to his last 5,000, and facing the small blind next.

As expected, he got those chips in sharpish, shoving after Antony Lellouche opened. There was something cruel about this: Phillips had aces now, and doubled up against Lellouche’s Q♦9♣. But with only about 12,000, Phillips is now in deep, deep trouble.

3.46pm: Lucky Luca
Luca Pagano was all-in for his tournament life on a 7♥2♣4♥ flop with A♣4♣, but was a long way behind Jeremi Stępiński’s pair of jacks. Pagano needed help and the 3♣ turn gave him a flush draw. But it was not a club, but the 4♦ river which saved his day, giving him trips.

A yelp of delight, and Pagano has life again, back up to 160,000.

3.45pm: Kiliński escapes
Piotr Kiliński continues to impress, and is not afraid to get his big stack tangling with Jeff Sarwer, who is sitting behind around 400,000 following his elimination of Sorel Mizzi.


Piotr Kilinski

On a 5♠6♦4♥4♣ board, with around 50,000 in the pot already, Kiliński bet out 42,000. That sent Sarwer into dwelling mode. “Are you making another move?” he asked.

“I’m not sure,” said Kiliński. “I don’t actually remember my hand.”

Sarwer called and they saw a Q♣ river. Both checked and Sarwer showed A♦A♣. Kiliński mucked.

“That was a terrible flop for me,” Sarwer said. “You were on the button and could have had anything. If you had bet big on the river I would probably have folded.”

3.40pm: From bad to worse for Phillips
Carter Phillips is having an awful day. Now down to around 100,000 after being what he claimed was slow rolled by Maurice Schulmann. Phillips had re-raised him pre-flop and Schulmann seemed to take a while to announce all in. Called by Phillips:

Phillips: 7♣7♦
Schulmann: Q♣Q♦

“Did you just slow roll me?” asked a visible angry Phillips. No response, and the board came out 4♠J♠8♣2♣2♦.

“You took all that time to make a decision to move all in like that with queens?” added Phillips as Schulmann raked in the pot. Again, no response.

3.35pm: Who’s telling?
On a flop of2♦7♦A♦ Jeff Sarwer made it 22,000 with Piotr Kilinski in the hand with him. Kilinski, still the leader despite Sarwer’s recent surge in chips, made it 80,000. “Hmm, interesting,” said Sarwer, still stacking the bounty Sorel Mizzi left for him. “Jack-ten this time?” he asked, then “How big’s your ace?” and then “King of diamonds?” Kilinski didn’t flinch despite Sarwer staring at him all the way through. Before too long Sarwer made up his mind. “This time you have something,” said, tapping the table. “Nice.”


Jeff Sarwer

“No, he had nothing,” chipped in Shaun Deeb quietly. Only Sarwer heard. “A draw maybe?”

Meanwhile Kilinski was doing some conferring of his own, whispering something in Polish to casino staff who then began to giggle. What did he say? “He said he was lying.”

3.30pm: And another tete-a-tete
There are a lot of bemused local faces here in Warsaw at the one-man cabaret act that is Peter Hedlund. Typically oiled by a small glass of amber liquid on his coffee table, he is up and out of his seat throughout all the action, chatting with Alex Kravchenko on the rail, chatting with everyone on his table (headphone count: five), chatting with all the reporters and chatting with himself. “Who wants a bottle of vodka?” he said. “I’ll buy us a bottle of vodka to share. There’s a Lithuanian here. A couple of Russians. You like vodka?” Vitaly Lunkin’s and Domantas Klimciauskas’s reactions made the chiseled visages of Mount Rushmore seem animated.

Hedlund is getting more response from his countryman Thomas Pettersson, sitting in the one seat. Pettersson is chuckling away at Hedlund’s antics, including when Hedlund raised his blind, almost called Pettersson’s hand perfectly, and got shown it with an approving smile. “I knew it!” said Hedlund. “You have it all over your face. You have the worst poker face in Sweden.” Then, to the room: “This guy has the worst poker face in Sweden!”

3.25pm: Battle of the black chips
Sarwer v Mizzi is not the only personal scrap going on in Warsaw today. Antony Lellouche and Carter Phillips have also been at one another, with a good deal of humour tossed in for good measure. Just recently, Phillips decided to post his big blind of 3,000 all in black chips, 30 of them in a single tower. Fine, thought Lellouche, as he slid in a pre-flop raise of 8,000, also all in black chips.

Phillips decided enough was enough and made the raise out of the blinds with four yellow chips, worth 5,000 apiece. And the glint of gold saw off Lellouche, who let his hand go. Phillips showed pocket kings, so that was a wise decision from Lellouche.

3.15pm: Mizzi mangled
If you look down at the post from 3pm you’ll see a rare moment of very astute prophesy. The Sarwer-Mizzi battle did indeed end nastily, at least for Mizzi. Jeff Sarwer raised from the cut off to 7,000 and Mizzi, in the big blind, made it 18,500 to go. Sarwer wasn’t having that, making it 42,000, and after a short while Mizzi moved all in. Sarwer called in a heartbeat, saying “Sorry” as he did so. He showed A♠A♦ and Mizzi was in trouble with his K♦Q♠.


Sorel Mizzi

The flop came 10♥2♦K♣ and the turn was a slightly interesting 9♦. The 10♠ ended it in Sarwer’s favour though and a quick count revealed that Mizzi was covered. Just. Sarwer is now bothering the 380,000 mark, while Mizzi heads back to his room.

3.10pm: Vaserfirer is all heart(s)
Oleksandr Vaserfirer doubled up thanks to a flush. He got his 45,600 all in against PokerStars qualifier Anton Genadiew , and did not look too happy when they turned over – A♥10♥ for Vaserfirer, but K♦K♠ for Genadiew.

But hang on, that expression about fat ladies and singing comes to mind again. The board? 4♥10♠Q♥9♥6♦.

Vaserfirer up to 95,000

3.05pm: Too much, too little, too late
Sorel Mizzi opened for 7,500. Piotr Kiliński re-raised to 16,000 which Mizzi then called. The flop came Q♣A♦10♥. Mizzi checked before Kiliński made it 19,000. He took that pot and then got into the next one, opening for 7,000. Jeff Sarwer was the caller this time in the small blind. The saw a 10♣9♣8♠ flop which they both checked. On the 8♦ turn Kiliński checked before Sarwer made it 6,500. Kiliński passed this one. “Too little?” asked Sarwer. “I bet too little.”

3pm: Sarwer v Mizzi
This little battle between Canadians Jeff Sarwer and Sorel Mizzi is happening more and more as the afternoon goes on. You sense it might end in tears for one of them soon. On this hand there is a 3♣4♦A♣ flop, and Sarwer has bet 16,500. Mizzi, though, reaches for a stack of yellow 5,000 chips and makes it 66,500, leaving around 70,000 extra behind.

This sends Sarwer into the tank. But Sarwer being Sarwer is not quiet. “Flush draw?” he asks. “Maybe 5-6 clubs?” No response from Mizzi, who has his cap pulled low over his eyes.

“OK, I believe you,” Sarwer said, mucking his hand, but turning up the A♥. No response from Mizzi as he raked in another nice pot.

This little battle – with Shaun Deeb wedged between the two of them – will be one to keep an eye on.

2.55pm: Double up for Pagano
Luca Pagano is having a great afternoon. Starting with 71,000, he’s now up to 145,000 after a timely double up in a sweet spot.


Luca Pagano

Alexander Klimashin had bet 6,000, and the Italian came over the top for 18,000. Klimashin announced all-in – called instantly by the Team PokerStars Pro:

Pagano: K♥K♠
Klimashin: K♣A♥

The board ran 9♣10♠Q♠ making life a little uncomfortable for Pagano, but the turn and river were 8♥ and 5♣ giving him a monster pot.

2.50pm: Not to labour the point…
…but you really should check out that chip-count page, where you’ll see Piotr Kiliński at the top and his table-mate Shaun Deeb now in second place.

2.45pm: Chips
A full official chip count is now with us from the end of the last break. It’s where it always is, which is the chip count page.


2.40pm: Play resumes
Players are back from the break, ready for level 14. It looks like a long and tiring session ahead, but one player is ready for that. See how Carter Phillips starts his day…

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