EPT Warsaw: Day three, level 13 updates

October 23, 2009


Live updates from day three, level 13 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 1,200-2,400 (200 ante)

2.20pm: And that is the break
And that is the break. Did you just read that?

2.20pm: Anger going into the break
Emotions can change rapidly in poker, but it’s rare to see such as hasty swing as this one from Lukasz Wasek. Anatoly Gurtovoy began things, raising to 9,000 and Wasek moved all in, which was about 17,000 more. Gurtovoy took his time over the call and the level ended, allowing most players to file out.

Wasek then started the chatter: “Fold my friend,” he said. “Come on, I need the toilet.”
“You go to the toilet,” Gurtovoy said. “I’ll still be here. I wait for you to come back.”
There was a good deal of chuckling about this, including from both men involved in the pot, and it continued even after Gurtovoy called.

The cards were exposed: 8♦8♣ for Gurtovy, A♥Q♦ for Wasek. The board ran out 10♣K♥3♥K♠7♣, which eliminated Wasek, whose chuckling now stopped, to be replaced by a water bottle (plastic, lid on) bouncing off the centre of the table and a rapid storm out the room.

2.17pm: Cretu takes a nibble out of Deeb
There’s 11,000 in the middle, beside a flop of 4♣Q♦2♦. Shaun Deeb (button) and Corneliu Cretu (under the gun) are the players with cards. Check, check. The turn is 5♥ and Cretu bets 11,000, which Deeb calls. The river is Q♥ and Cretu bets 30,000, which Deeb takes a while to call. Eventually he does, but is left rapping the table when Cretu shows 2♥2♣ for the flopped set and rivered boat.

2.17pm: Gotcha!
Alfio Battisti from Italy and our overnight chip leader Clayton Mozdzen were getting busy on a 6♣A♠8♦ flop. 11,000 apiece went in the middle. More went in on the A♥ turn, and then the A♦ river Battisti moved all-in for his last 43,500. Mozdzen looked perplexed, but called anyway…

Battisti turned over the monster A♣8♣ for quads, and Mozdzen could only say “Nice hand” as he folded what was probably an eight for the full house.

2.15pm: On second thoughts
Sorel Mizzi opened for 5,300 in early position and the action was folded to Jeff Sarwer in the small blind. “I call,” and got a flop of A♣7♥3♥. Sarwer checked before Mizzi made it 8,700. “Okay, that’s enough,” said Sarwer, grinning and folding. “A friendly Canadian pot,” said Mizzi.

2.10pm: Damage done by Deeb
With a flop of 8♠A♣9♥ just Jeff Sarwer and Shaun Deeb remain in the hand. Sarwer checks and Deeb makes it 7,300. Sarwer then re-raises, making it 16,100. Deeb called for a 10♥ on the turn. Sarwer bet 21,600. Deeb waited, decoding the hand, then called for a A♥ river. Both checked, Sarwer grimaced as he turned over two pairs, Q♣8♦. Deeb showed J♣10♣ for the pot.

2.05pm: The film is about to start…
Or it will if you click the little white triangle below. Once you do, you’ll be able to enjoy our video team’s take on the start of day three. Enjoy…

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2pm: Michael Seban busts
Michael Seban made a gutsy move against Sorel Mizzi that went wrong, and cost him his tournament life. He raised on the button, Mizi re-raised from the big blind, and Seban announced all-in. Mizi called in a flash. “Aargh,” was Seban’s response as he tabled the unspectacular Q♦J♠. Mizzi had A♠K♥.

The board came 7♠10♥10♦2♥K♣ and Mizzi raked in the 100,000 pot. We’re down to 50 players.

1.58pm: Phillips loses more
Carter Phillips is not having it his own way today. He’s lost a few pots already, and just lost another 35,000 chunk of change, getting all in pre-flop against Jari Mahonen. 4♥4♠ for Phillips, Q♣Q♥ for the player from Finland.

The board ran 2♦3♣8♠6♥ – adding a straight draw for Phillips – but the river was a K♣.

1.55pm: Pagano doubles
Luca Pagano has doubled up, taking his A♠K♣ against Olaf de Zeeuw’s pocket jacks. A king flopped and Pagano moved to more than 140,000.

Late yesterday, he was down to about 20,000 before he outdrew pocket eights with king-nine, flopping trips, and then outdrew aces with deuces. He was the first to admit the good fortune, but the A-K versus jacks today was at least close to 50-50.

1.45pm: Pushing back
Wojciech Polak opened for 6,000 under the gun. Jeff Sarwer was waiting in middle position, re-raising to 14,500. Anatoly Gurtovoy thought for a moment in the big blind but passed, sending the action back to Polak. He then announced that he would raises, 45,000 total. Seeing this Sarwer announced all in, shoving a tower of yellows into the middle. “What can I say,” said Sarwer, “I like to push back.”

This was the half way point of the hand. While Polak ran through his options everyone else took a minute. Mel Judah was out of his chair doing calisthenics, bending over to touch his toes. “The chairs are too low,” he said, “bad for the back.” Lukasz Wasek, Aleksey Yuzikov and Gurtovoy were standing to watch, glad to be away from the danger for a hand at least and Olaf De Zeeuw was looking for a drink and on the next table someone had just made quads. Sarwer looked tired and thoughtful while Polak looked taken aback, assuming perhaps that his re-raise would have seized the pot. Instead he was now folding.

“A good action table, eh?” said De Zeeuw. Sarwer up to 270,000. Polak admitted to having jacks. You could forgive him for wanting solace.

1.35pm: Kurtz v Kilinski – Kilinski wins
“Someone tried to five bet him off ace-king with five high.” This was how Shaun Deeb described to his new table-mate Jeff Sarwer how come Piotr Kilinski is our chip leader. The “someone” was Matthias Kurtz, who did indeed try that audacious all in five bet with 5♥4♥. Kilinski was going nowhere except the chip lead, stacking up more than 350,000. Kurtz is out.

1.30pm: This was always going to happen
Kings of the three-bet, Antony Lellouche and Carter Phillips, are on the same table, and unsurprisingly they’re getting heavily involved. Most recently, Lellouche has just doubled up through the American in a pot of more than 100,000.

Lellouche made it 6,200 from early position and Phillips made it 11,500 from the button. At this point, the seasoned poker observer would put their ranges somewhere between “absolutely anything” and “no really, absolutely anything”.

But then it got more interesting. Lellouche made it 42,000 and Phillips asked how much more he had behind. He was told “something like 55,000” and Phillips said: “I didn’t know you had that much when I three-bet.” He went ahead and five bet nonetheless, setting Lellouche all in. The Frenchman called and was ahead.

Lellouche: A♥K♠
Phillips: A♦Q♣

The board was all low and the big slick stayed good. Lellouche is now troubling 220,000 and Phillips is down to about the same.

1.20pm: Try, try again
Michel Abecassis has tried a couple of all-ins, neither time getting any takers. He hovers around 40,000. At the same table Piotr Kiliński and Corneliu Cretu took a slow dance to the river. Kiliński opened for 6,000 under the gun which Cretu raised to 22,000. The action was folded back to Kiliński who called for a 8♦7♠A♣ flop. Both checked, getting an 8♥ in return. Another check from Kiliński before Cretu made it 24,000. Again Kiliński called for a 2♥ river. More checking before Kiliński turned over Q♥Q♦ for the pot.

1.10pm: Eastgate out in three-way coup
Team PokerStars Pro and world champion Peter Eastgate is out after a three-way all-in that saw Tome Cardoso Moreira rake in a nice pot.

Eastgate kicked it off by betting 6,500. Clayton Mozdzen, with chips to spare, raised it up to 16,000 – then Moreira went all-in for around 49,000 more. Eastgate moved all-in as well for around 35,000 – and with so much out there, Mozdzen felt he had to call. So the three of them went on their backs:

Eastgate: J♣J♦
Mozdzen: J♥9♥
Moreira: Q♠Q♣

“Put some hearts out there,” demanded Mozdzen. But the dealer was having none of it as the board came 5♠7♦2♥9♣5♣, giving Moreira the 150,000 pot – and putting a minor dent in Mozdzen’s hopes.

1.07pm: Sevens will do
Jari Mahonen just lost a few more. He raised to 6,500 pre-flop under the gun and got a call from Ruslan Prydryk in the big blind. They saw a 9♥9♠5♣ flop – check, check. They also checked the K♥ turn and 4♥ river. Prydryk showed 7♣7♥ and that was enough to take the pot.

1.05pm: Level up!
We’re back for level 13. Unlucky for some?



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