EPT Warsaw: Day 2, level 10 updates

October 22, 2009


Live updates from day two, level 10 of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 600-1,200 (100 ante)

4.50pm: Take a breather
That’s it for this level. The clock says it’s time for a 15-minute break. Back soon, we promise. If you can’t wait for that, watch this video to find out what it takes to be cool, brought to you by our suave Team PokerStars Pros, Luca Pagano and Arnaud Mattern…

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4.49pm: Eastgate on the up, with a bit of luck
World Champion and Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate is up to 70,000 thanks to a thick slice of Warsaw luck. He made it 3,000, Danilo D’Ettoris re-popped, and before we had time to count the re-raise Eastgate had moved all-in and got a call.

It turned out D’Ettoris was all-in for around 28,000. Eastgate showed A♥Q♥ and the Italian had A♠K♣. You can guess what happened next… the board ran 6♥J♦2♣Q♠8♦ and the Italian was putting on his coat.

“That is what we call running good, Peter,” remarked Olaf De Zeeuw.

4.46pm: Two more head to the Warsaw twilight
Aurelien Gallen was first to go when his K-J failed to outpace David Steicke’s A-Q, a Q hitting the turn for good measure. Then Nick Gibson’s J-J could not overtake Anatoly Gurtovoy’s Q-Q, and just like that we’re down to 93 players.

4.45pm: Outs and more outs
Nick Gibson is out but ready to return at 8pm for the Omaha tournament. Another player gone from the tournament area is Scotty Nguyen. Nguyen had been dallying with Aleksey Yuzikov all the way to the turn card. The board read: 4♦9♦10♥5♣ when Yuzikov moved all-in. Nguyen had 40-50k behind and was standing up, thinking. He called.


Scotty Nguyen

“I hope we have the same hand,” said Nguyen, but 805 turned over 10♠10♣ to Nguyen’s J♦Q♦. A 9♥ on the river and Nguyen busted. “Good luck boy,” he said, before leaving.

4.30pm: Information gathering
Thierry van den Berg had a decision, nothing he ever takes casually, but he never Hollywoods it either. The flop was out: 2♦7♦6♠, the button was in front of Van den Berg, and there was 28,000 in the pot. The problem for the Team PokerStars Pro from Holland was that there was also 55,000, all in, in front of Rolf Galasen, a PokerStars qualifier from Norway. If he folded, Van den Berg would be left with about 40,000. “What’s the average,” he asked, then calculated it himself by looking at the board. “Will you show if I fold.”

There was complete silence from Galasen, which was only broken when Van den Berg did fold. “I had the nut flush draw,” said Van den Berg. “I had ace-eight diamonds but I played it badly.”
“I can’t show you,” said Galasen. “There are people here who collect information.”

4.25pm: Mizzi up, Mizzi down: A drama in two parts
Sorel Mizzi has eliminated Maxim Semisoshenko in what seemed to be a sickener. There was about 40,000 in the pot and a board dealt all the way to the river: 9♣9♦8♠8♦A♠. Mizzi pushed a stack of yellows over the line, covering the last 30,000-odd of the Russian. Mizzi showed Q♥8♥, which was good as Semisoshenko mucked and walked to the rail. “It it was clubs, I fold. I fold clubs. But hearts? I call,” said Mizzi.

_MG_8162_Neil Stoddart.jpg

Sorel Mizzi

On the next hand, Alexandre Brivot raised to 3,400 and Mizzi paused. “Leave me alone,” said Brivot.
“I can’t fold this,” said Mizzi.
“You can. You just put your cards in the middle.”

Mizzi didn’t take the advice and called. The flop came 10♦5♦7♦ and Mizzi said: “One, two, three and we check for diamonds. Ready. One, two, three.” They checked for diamonds.

Brivot bet 3,700, Mizzi called. The turn was 5♠ and Brivot now bet 13,500, called by Mizzi again. The river was 10♣ and Brivot bet 13,500 for one last time. Mizzi called, but mucked after Brivot showed Q♥Q♣.

After the two hands, Mizzi was left with something like he had at the start – something like 100,000.

4.20pm: Olsen up
Nikolay Tsanev opened for 2,900 and Harald Olsen called from the big blind for a flop of 2♣A♦8♦. Olsen checked before Tsanev made it 4,100. Olsen thought about things for a while before announcing “nine,” making it 9,000. He then sat rubbing his chin. Now it was time for Tsanev to do some thinking, but not much. He passed. Olsen up to 42,000.

4.15pm: ElkY doubles up again
Team PokerStars Pro ElkY has doubled up again, this time to more than 50,000. It was a battle of blinds, with Dani Vargas from Spain limping in from the small to start things off.

ElkY raised it up to 4,000, then in a flash Vargas re-popped for around 30,000, throwing out a chunk of yellow chips. It covered ElkY, but he wasted no time in calling:
ElkY: 7♣7♥
Vargas: Q♣9♣

ElkY dodged all the bullets as the board ran out K♦6♠10♣5♦8♣.

4.10pm: Good once, twice, but not three times
Carter Phillips is using typical aggression as he wields his monster stack to intimidate his table – even if that does include Dario Minieri, Scotty Ngyen and Luca Pagano.

First hand I watched as Minieri made it 2,900, but then folded when Phillips came over the top with 8,700. Next hand Phillips made it 3,000 from the cut-off, which was enough to take the blinds and antes. But the next hand he tried it once too often – raising again to 3,000 only to be re-raised all-in by Michał Mackiewicz-Kacprzak from Poland. He had around 25,000, and that was enough to force Phillips to fold. He can afford it, though.

4.08pm: Who needs a hoodie?
Voitto Rintala had re-raised all-in against Wojciech Polak on a J♣9♦Q♦ flop. Polak was giving him the stare down, and this was the point where many players utlitise the pulled-up hoodie to hide. Not Rintala. He has extremely long hair, so simply bowed, shook his head, and let his tussles completely hide his face (and most of his body, come to think of it). It worked a treat, as Polak folded A♦Q♥ face up. Rintala seemed to have a little chuckle to himself as he showed a single card… J♠.

4.05pm: Marcin out of the door
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki is out of his home event. He got his last 12,000 in the middle for a straight race with 9-9 against an A-K, and the ace hit on the river.


Marcin Horecki

4pm: Gibson beats it
Atanas Gueorguiev opened for 3,000 in late position. Nick Gibson was in the small blind and called for a flop of J♦4♦8♣. Both checked for a K♣ on the turn. Gibson checked that before Gueorguiev raised to 6,800. Now Gibson shoved all-in for 35,000, forcing Gueorguiev to fold. Gibson up to 42,000.

3.50pm: France v France
Nicola Dufort was at least live when he got the last of his chips in pre-flop with 5♠4♥. His countryman Michael Seban called with A♣J♥ and a jack on the flop ended that one. France’s bad day continues. Dufort is gone, joining Ludovic Lacay on the rail. Antony Lellouche has not had a good day either and has lost about half of his overnight stack.

3.45pm: Debus v Gryko
Alexander Debus and Richard Gryko are the only two in the pot, with about 7,500 in there. The flop is J♥4♦2♥ and Gryko calls Debus’s 4,200 bet. The turn is A♥ and they both check. The river is 9♦ and Debus’ familiar 4,500 takes it this time.

3.40pm: Van den Berg doubles small stack Wilczyński
The short-stacked Artur Wilczyński moved all in pre-flop for about 7,500. Thierry van den Berg made a quick call from the button. On their backs: Van den Berg had A♥7♦ and Wilczyński 5♣5♥. The flop was good for the Polish player: Q♥9♥2♦, as was the turn Q♠. The river 8♣ wasn’t a problem either, and Van den Berg took a small hit to keep Wilczyński alive.

3.35pm: Coming back
The players are heading back to the tables. Stay tuned, and admire this photograph of Carter Phillips. He’s got a game, you know.



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