EPT Warsaw: Day 1b never fails

October 21, 2009

Welcome back to Warsaw and, ladies and gentlemen, what can we say about our friend day 1b? Day 1b has been a great occasion since it first appeared on the EPT in season four, never failing once to comfort us after the stark culture shock ride of day 1a when you drop civilian status for casino life. It has provided larger fields, some featuring the type of player likely to appear in magazine spreads or on viral YouTube clips, and has got it all done in the same seven levels.

And with that we’re ready for a second day, bulging slightly more than its slim-line predecessor, with a notable cast already assembling two flights down in the nicotine adrenaline filled tournament floor at the Hyatt hotel.


Last night the EPT Barcelona winner Carter Phillips put on performance to match his Spanish foray, seizing the chip lead with some late night swagger that few were foolish enough to confront. It will be an equally impressive performance for one of today’s cast to match that, but that’s what we’re here to find out. Stand by for that, a rundown on who that line up includes, and a typically thrilling day of tournament poker. Raise a glass to our good friend; day 1b.


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