EPT Warsaw: Day 1b, level seven updates

October 21, 2009


Live updates from day 1b, level seven of the EPT Warsaw Main Event event brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Blinds: 300-600 (50 ante)

8.10pm: Nearly done
Play is drawing to a close. There are five hands left, at which point the mad scramble to find the chip leaders will commence. I’m backing Antony Lellouche to be right up there.

7.55pm: ElkY not happy
Somewhere along the way ElkY has lost a big pot. The Frenchman is down to 11,000 and looking very frustrated and unhappy with his lot at the moment. Surely a quick thought about his $5.8 million in tournament winnings might cheer him up?

7.50pm: Big fold in Italy v Italy clash
On a board showing K♠8♣3♥4♠7♠, Michele Limongi (the original pre-flop under-the-gun raiser) pushed all-in for 25,000, covering his remaining foe Fabrizio Baldassari, who had 14,000 left.

Baldassari thought, thought some more – and even more. So much more, in fact, that the clock was called. He left it to the very last second to fold his hand, showing A♠K♥ in the process.

7.46pm: Florian floats away
Florian Langmann is no longer in his seat – in fact, Italian Michele Limongi is now sitting there. The Team PokerStars Pro:Germany player is, therefore, presumed out.

7.45pm: Sarwer on a charge
There are three players to see the Q♣6♠4♦ flop. Sorel Mizzi under the gun had limped before Jeff Sarwer made it 1,525. Tolokonnikov called from the big blind and Mizzi also called. The action was checked to Sarwer who made it 2,800. Tolokonnikov folded but Mizzi called for an A♥ turn. Mizzi checked and Sarwer kept on, making it 5,600 and taking a sip of water. Mizzi called it a day and folded, down to 16,000. Sarwer continues to thrive, up to 90,000.

7.35pm: Sointula… Sointula
Jani Sointula just moved all-in for 6,600 but got no takers. A short while later he did the same and ElkY Grospellier called. Sointula showed jack-ten to ElkY’s ace-queen. A ten hit the flop and now Sointula has around 20,000.

7.25pm: We’re back
Players are back from the break ready for the last level of the day.




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