6.20pm – Play stops for a one hour dinner break. The latest chip counts are below…

Christian Öman – Sweden – 228,000
Mehdi Ouakhir – France – PokerStars qualifier – 747,000
Michael Schulze – Germany – 1,526,000
Ricardo Sousa – Portugal – 510,000
Mathias Viberg – Sweden – PokerStars qualifier — 581,000

6.05pm — On a flop of Ac-8d-8s there’s a bet of 22k from Christian. Mehdi re-raises, 52k total before Christian tops that with a re-re-raise of 100k more. Mehdi calls. The turn is 8c, which gets an “oooh” from the rail. Both check for a king on the river. Christian checks and Mehdi makes it 200k. He’s been playing with aggression and it pays. He takes the pot.


PokerStars qualifier Mehdi Ouakhir

5.55pm — Ricardo makes it 41k pre-flop and it’s folded ot Mehdi who asks ‘how much?’ Ricardo has over 300k left. He calls. The flop comes A-4-T. Mehdi checks, Ricardo makes it 55k and before Kara Scott has finished saying “fifty-five thousand” Mehdi thumped a stack of pink chips in. Lightening fast and Ricardo gets the message. He folds.

5.45pm — Mathias makes it 45k pre-flop form the button. Christian calls in the small blind, so doe Mehdi in the big. the see a flop of 6h-4s-5h which all three check. The turn is an ace. Christian makes it 70k, chasing out the others for the pot. He showed K-Qd


Christian Oman

5.27pm – Another pre-flop bet by Ricardo, this time of 41k. Mathias Viberg sitting next to him re-raises, making it 150k in total and it’s folded back to Ricardo. The Portuguese checks his cards again but folds.

5.20pm – Blinds are now increased to 8k/16k with a 2k ante.

5.15pm – Christian gets his chips all-in again against Michael, with the board showing 2-3-4-8-5. Both players have A-6 though, splitting the pot.

5.10pm – Christian Oman moves all-in, 253k to call, but gets no takers.

4.50pm – Juan Maceiras of Spain, eliminated in sixth place for PLN 344,640
It couldn’t last forever. Juan pushed again with pocket deuces and was called by Mathias with A-K. The flop was safe enough but the turn brought the ace to end Juan’s joy ride. We’re down to five.

4.41pm – “Alright” says Juan, all in a fourth time. The applause is louder now and he initiates some call and response. It’s 97k to whomever wants to call. Mathias does so with pocket tens. A-T of spades for Juan who gets an ace first card on the board. “Hey!!!” he cries and the rail join in. “I’m back in the game guys” he says.


Juan Maceiras

4.38pm – Juan all-in a third time. More applause and this time Juan joins in with it. He’s on the ropes but he may as well enjoy himself. This time he hasn’t looked at his cards. His chips are counted at 109k, a bit more than he’d expected. Ricardo folds with a smile and the action works its way to Mehdi who thinks but folds A-7.

4.36pm – Juan moves all-in again. More cheers from the rail which now has a heavy Spanish flavour. Christian Oman thinks about it this time be folds, sending more blinds to the Spaniard.
4.35pm – Juan Marceiras moves all-in with a battle cry of “llegando!” which gets the crowd on his side. It’s folded to Mathias who folds, showing 3-4. “3-4 of diamonds?” asks Mehdi. “That’s an insta-call.”


Michael Viberg

4.30pm – Niclas Svensson from Sweden, eliminated in seventh place for PLN 272,840
Niclas moved all-in with pocket fours, called by Mehdi with Q-T. The flop comes 5-8-5, the turn is a deuce but the river, an eight, puts a second pair on the board, eliminating the Swede.

4.25pm – EPT Presenter Kara Scott takes over the mike from Lee Jones. Blinds are now 6k/12k with a 1k ante.

4.10pm – Players are on a fifteen minute break. The latest chip counts are as follows…

Christian Öman – Sweden – 261,000
Mehdi Ouakhir – France – PokerStars qualifier – 404,000
Niclas Svensson – Sweden – 128,000
Juan Maceiras – Spain – PokerStars qualifier – 87,000
Michael Schulze – Germany – 1,315,000
Ricardo Sousa – Portugal – 648,000
Mathias Viberg – Sweden – PokerStars qualifier — 749,000

Kara Scott has the update at the break…

4.05pm – On a flop of 7s-Ks-2d Ricardo bets 100k which Michael calls. The turn is a nine which both players check for an ace on the river. It’s checked again and Ricardo tentatively shows a king. Michael has A-4 for the pot.

4pm — Niclas Svensson doubles up, pushing in from the cut off with K-3 of clubs and called by Juan Maceiras with pocket jacks. A king hits the flop, saving Niclas.

3.55pm – A three way pot develops for a flop of 6c-9c-6h. Niclas, Juan and Mehdi all check for a turn card 3c. Niclas and Juan check again but Mehdi makes it 25k. Niclas folds but Juan calls and they see a river card – 4h. 35k from Juan, called fast by Mehdi who shows a jack high flush. For Juan 7h-Ts for ten high.

3.40pm – A series of hands follow where a bet pre-flop is good enough to win the pot. First one for Ricardo then another Michael Schulze, who has been quiet up to now.


Michael Schulze

3.20pm – Trond Eidsvig of Norway, eliminated in eighth place for PLN 201,040
An EPT title eludes Trond once more. He moved in over a raise of 27k pre flop from Juan – for 59k more. Juan called with A-9; Trond was ahead with A-T. An ace hit the flop and the crucial nine came on the river. Trond out of his third EPT final this year.

3.15pm – Christian Oman makes it 28k pre-flop and Juan re-raises 72k more making it 100k in total. It’s folded back to Christian who moves all-in. It’s 112k more to Juan but after a few minutes in the tank he folds. “What d’you have?” he asks. “2-3 off of course…”

3.10pm – Niclas Svensson now moves all-in, 57k in total. Ricardo thinks about calling for a few minutes but passes. Niclas tries the same thing again a few hands later with the same result.


Ricardo Sousa

3.08pm – The blinds are now up to 5k/10k with a 1k ante.

3.05pm – Mehdi moves all-in but gets no takers. He shows aces. On the next hand Michael Schulze makes it 25k from under-the-gun. Mehdi calls as does Juan. The flop comes J-7-9. Juan and Michael check but Mehdi moves in once more. Again its good enough to take the pot.

2.55pm – After the quick elimination early on things have slowed somewhat.


2.40pm – Christian Oman moves all in for 93k and is called by Juan Maceiras. Pocket fours for Oman, Q-T for Maceiras. The board misses both of them and the fours hold, doubling Christian up.

2.20pm — Daniel Woolson, a PokerStars qualifier from the United States, eliminated in ninth place for 122,060
Four players saw the flop of Qs-3h-5c. Daniel Woolson made it 65k, Ricardo Sousa passed, Mathias Viberg called before Mehdi Ouakhir moved all-in. Woolson then did the same, as did Mathias, getting a huge ‘whoa’ from the packed rail. Woolson turned over aces, but Mathias showed pocket fives and Mehdi K-Q of clubs. The turn, six of clubs, gave the Frenchman a flush draw but the king of hearts on the river tripled-up Mathias, sending Woolson to the rail with his busted aces.

2.10pm – A short delay before play begins with blinds at 4k/8k with a 1k ante. The first pot goes to Mehdi Ouakhir. On a flop of 7-5-5 Niclas Svensson raised to 32k only for Mehdi to re-raise, 100k in total.


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