If ever there was a multiple pile-up waiting to happen, it was at the table featuring Dario Minieri, Patric Martenssen and Ramzi Jelassi, to a man fierce, aggressive and devil-may-care players.

The table also features – or did feature – Mark Dalimore, a British player who for half a level at least was giving as good as he got. But with the news that Minieri has almost doubled his overnight stack comes the corollary statement that Dalimore is out, his wings clipped, melted and then chopped off entirely.

The final hand was jacks against ace-king, all in pre-flop, with Minieri’s pocket pair triumphing. But it was the previous three or four hands that did the real damage, with some crazy chatter accompanying some fearsome betting with both Jelassi and Minieri taking their toll.

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Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri

After a good deal of needling, Minieri and Dalimore got involved. With Minieri in the small blind and Dalimore in the big, the Italian made up the blind and they saw a rag 10-high flop. Minieri bet about 200 and Dalimore asked to see his cards.

“I can’t show this one,” Minieri said. “Because then you’ll always re-raise me because you think I bluff.”
“Come on, you can show me,” countered Dalimore.
“I’ll show you one,” said Minieri. “That’s my final offer. You are so good.”
“I know you’re bluffing every hand anyway,” said Dalimore, as he folded.

The next hand, the Indian PokerStars player Aditya Agarwal raised pre-flop, Minieri reraised and everyone folded. “I thought we were going to play tight,” said Jelassi, who possibly also thought John McCain was good for victory.

“Oh be quiet,” said Dalimore. “You’ve done nothing yet. All you’ve done is talk – and fold.”

Those words soon sprung Jelassi into action, however, when he, Minieri and Dalimore saw a flop of 7c-3d-3c. Minieri bet 325, Dalimore called on the button, and Jelassi check-raising to 1,300. Minieri folded but Dalimore thought a while, even mimicing the fold, before calling. The turn brought Qs and Jelassi bet 1,800.

“If I fold them, you’ll have to show me this time,” said Dalimore.
“I’ll show you,” said Jelassi. “I always show anyway.”
“I might reraise then. Will you call if I go all in?”
“I don’t know,” Jelassi confessed.
“OK, I raise.” Dalimore bet 3,625 which got an emphatic response from Jelassi. “All in,” said the Swede.
“Fold,” said Dalimore, instantly.

Jelassi then had a few words of warning, which proved to be amazingly prophetic. “Either you play tight, or someone is going to get knocked out,” he said. Then Dalimore found that ace-king, Minieri the jacks, and it was over.


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