EPT Vilamoura: The stars to see on Day 1B

November 18, 2009


This may be the first time the European Poker Tour has steamed into Portugal, but the players in Vilamoura – both local and visitors from far afield – have learned already how to approach a two-tier first-day poker tournament. In short, play day 1B.

No one can really explain the tendency for these lop-sided fields, but no one can deny that sitting out day 1A seems to be the way to go. There were enough stars yesterday – Deeb, McDonald, Thater, Visser, Mattern, Mercier and the like – but today it’s a shimmering celeb-show.

Joining the fray in Vilamoura today (among a field expected to better 200) are all of the following: Dario Minieri, ElkY “Bertrand” Grospellier, Luca Pagano, Jan Heitmann, George Danzer, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Vanessa Rousso, Alex Kravchenko, Marcin Horecki, Ross Boatman, Jeff Sarwer, Andy Black, Huck Seed and Peter Eastgate, the latter making his first appearance as a “former” World Champion. (He can still play a bit though.)


We will also welcome to Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly, Jude Ainsworth and Rino Mathis, an Englishman, and Irishman and an Austrian providing perhaps the opening to a corny joke but no slouches at the tables. Welcome to the Team.

Similarly, the local contingent is buoyed by Luis Medina, Nuno Coelho and Henrique Pinho, whose loyalties are doubled across their commitments to Portugal and Team PokerStars Pro. There’s usually at least two home-town players who go very deep in EPT events; why not a couple of them?

As yesterday, we will be playing eight one-hour levels, with a 15-minute break at the end of levels two, four and six. The starting stack is 30,000, and the tournament structure is best shown on the tournament structure page.

Here are the bookmarks-in-the-making:

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