EPT Vilamoura: Levels 7 and 8 updates

November 17, 2009


Updates from levels seven and eight of EPT Vilamoura, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page.

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Level 7: 300-600 (50 ante)
Level 8: 400-800 (75 ante)

9.10pm: That was day 1a
That’s your lot. Play comes to an end with a chip race followed by some bagging. Ljubomir Josipovic ends the day with 192,900 and the chip lead. Full report to follow.

9.05pm: Late one for Abecassis
Michel Abecassis raised to 2,175 from under-the-gun and was called by a player in late position before the flop came Q♣9♦10♣. Abecassis continued his aggression with a 3,200 bet that was called. His bet amounted to 10,500 after the turn came 2♥ and once again the call came. The river fell 6♠ and the third barrel came from the Frenchman to the amount of 19,000. After a lot of agonizing his opponent called with A♠Q♠ but Abecassis had flopped a straight with J♠8♠ to take the pot late on.

8.55pm: But the Lavallee was dry…
The board was reading 2♥3♥6♠5♠. So far the action had been pretty fast. Lavallee had raised pre-flop which, Neuville then made it 6,400 which Jason Lavallee called. On the flop Neuville had made it 14,000 which Lavallee called and now, on the turn, Neuville made it a further 16,000. Lavelle then shoved all-in for 41,900 and Neuville called. Aces for the Belgian, pocket sevens for Lavallee and a quick walk to the rail. Neuville up to 140,000.

8.50pm: The action on table Barbosa
Joao Barbosa, was down to 15,000 at one stage today, having been up to more than 70,000. He’s now back up to a fighting weight of 35,000 and taking notes with a pad and pen. Presumably the battery on his iPhone is now dead. Looking tired but not yet dead is Reuben Peters at the same table. Peters just shoved all-in for his last 8,000 but got no takers. He showed 7♠4♠.

On the next hand Dominykas Karmazinas shot up to among the chip leaders. The Lithuanian PokerStars qualifier eliminated American Tyler Bonkowski. On a flop of 6♣7♣A♣ Bonkowski had made it 7,500 with A♦A♥ before Karmazinas raised to 17,000 with K♣8♣. Bonkowski moved all-in, getting a call and a few “ooohs” from the rail. The turn 2♦ and river 5♣ changed nothing for Bonkowski. Karmazinas up to more than 160,000.

8.45pm: Visser takes chip lead
Dutch Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Visser now has the chip lead after winning a huge pot that saw the elimination of Guillaume de la Gorce. All the money went in on a 10♥8♠6♠9♣9♠ board – and no wonder:

Visser: 6♦6♥ for the full house
De la Gorce: 10♠J♠ for the top pair that improved to a flush on the river.

Visser now has more than 180,000.

8.40pm: That’s Deeb
Shaun Deeb opened with a raise to 2,000 from the button only to face a three-bet to 5,575 from the player on the button. What’s Deeb’s answer to this? Four-bet shove with 3♠4♠ forcing his opponent to fold and then show him of course!

8.30pm: On the turn
With a board already showing 10♥A♠8♠9♦ Ricardo Sousa, runner-up in Warsaw three seasons ago, and Jason Mercier (choose your own highlight) are contesting a pot. There’s several thousand in the middle. Mercier bet 2,850 which Sousa then called. An 8♦ on the river and another Mercier bet, 7,700 this time. Sousa now went into the tank. Several minutes passed (about €14 work for the massage therapist), before Sousa mucked his hand. Mercier hovering around the 70,000 mark.

8.20pm: Queens no good
Tome Moreira bet 7,000 on a 2♥A♦10♥4♥ board, called by Dominykas Karmazinas, a PokerStars qualifier from Lithuania. Both checked the 8♣ river, and Karmazinas took the loot with K♦K♣ against  Moreira’s Q♦Q♣, and moves up to 80,000 in the process.

8.15pm: Ace high good
The Dutch Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Ruben Visser opened with a raise from early position and was called in three spots before a 6♠K♠5♥ flop came down. Visser continued with a 3,800 bet and was called by Guillaume De La Gorce and the big blind. Visser bet 11,300 after the 10♣ turn came and was called by De La Groce only after a long dwell. The river fell Q♣ and both players checked it through. “Ace high, it’s all yours” said Visser. A look of shock then came over his face when his French opponent mucked handing the pot to Visser with his A♣2♣. Visser now has about 130,000. De La Gorce still going well on 76,000.


Ruben Visser

8.05pm: The horror
Matthias Kurtz was stirring things up a bit, making it 4,400 from the cut off. This had come after the PokerStars qualifier David Rawnsley had made it 1,350 and Rogrio Sousa had called. With the action back on Rawnsley he asked Kurtz how much, good fighting words. Kurtz had about 30,000 behind, easily covering Rawnsley’s stack which is half that size. He calls, as did Sousa without delay, for a flop of Q♥10♠5♣. Now Rawnsley moved all-in. Sousa grimaced, asking Kurtz how much he had. He still had 30,000. Sousa folded, leaving it to Kurtz who made the call. Rawnsley showed A♠Q♦ to Kurtz’s A♥K♣. No help for Kurtz on the turn or river.

The two of them would clash again though. If briefly. On the next hand, now flush with chips, Rawnsley opened for 1,350 from under the gun. Not messing around this time, Kurtz plonked in his stack, all in for 21,000. Rawnsley got the message and passed.

7.55pm: Naalden doubles
In mid position, Martin Kabrhel raised to 1,700, which picked up one caller, before Marc Naalden re-raised all in for 14,400. Kabrhel then moved all in too to isolate and he and Naalden were heads up. Naalden tabled 9♦9♣ to his Kabrhel’s K♥Q♥ and the board ran 5♣6♦3♣5♣5♠. Naalden up to 33,000 as a result.

7.50pm: Sun goes down
It’s night-time on the Algarve, which gives our under-used photographer Neil Stoddart an excuse to keep his trigger finger busy.


7.45pm: Two pots with De La Gorce
Ruben Visser and Guillaume De La Gorce were heads up on a flop of J♣K♣3♣. De La Gorce checked, Visser bet what looked like 2,000, and De La Gorce raised to an even 5,000. Visser called. The turn was 8♥ and De La Gorce checked. Visser didn’t. He first checked his opponent’s stack size – something like 60,000 – and then bet 8,300. De La Gorce let it go.

Not long after, De La Gorce was involved in another pot, with more success. Matt Johns opened to 1,600, Diogo Veiga raised to 4,025 from the button and De La Gorce made it 12,000 from the small blind. Fold, fold.

7.40pm: Jesus sinks Boatman
Barny Boatman made it 1,700 pre-flop which Jesus Sanchez in seat five called for a flop of K♠K♣J♥. Sanchez has some swagger but checks the flop as Boatman reached for his chips and made it 1,900. Sanchez now raised, 5,300 which Boatman, not without some thought, called for a 10♦ turn card. Sanchez kind of erupted, splurging a bet of 12,500 into the pot. Boatman couldn’t match that and folded, Sanchez, with no small amount of cheek, showing 5♠4♦ to take him up to 80,000. Boatman back down to 35,000.

7.35pm: French Flush
Richard Grace raised to 1,600 before a player moved all in for 7,450. Antony Lellouche made the call from the big blind and Grace moved out of the way. Lellouche tabled A♦K♥ to his opponent’s 10♣10♦. The board ran 3♥7♥Q♣2♥9♥ to give Lellouche a flush. He’s up to 37,000 now whereas his opponent is heading for the exit.

7.25pm: Sad ending of the non-believer
Ljubomir Josipovic has been running over his table – and topping the leader board for that matter- and his image may just have accounted for another player.

On a 8♠4♦8♥ flop, his opponent (who was soon to run out of the room in disgust before we got his name) bet 3,000 and Josipovic re-raised to 10,200. Call. On the 2♦ turn Josipovic made it 20,000. His opponent thought for a while before moving all in, thinking his A♣4♠ was ahead of Josipovic.

But the Austrian called in a flash, showing 2♥2♠ for the turned full house. He’s now on around 15,000.

7.20pm: Czech mates
The Czech player Jan Skampa just got involved with his countryman Martin Kabrhel, with the latter taking it. Skampa raised to 1,600 pre-flop and Skampa called in the cut off. The flop came A♦2♣7♦ and after Kabrhel checked, Skampa bet 2,200. Kabrhel wasn’t done, though, and now raised to more than 5,000. Skampa let it go.

7.15pm: Deeb got Da Silva
Shaun Deeb was once up close to 100,000, but he’s been sliced back down to the 45,000 mark in the past level. That’s still more than enough to be still in the game, of course, and he’ll be certain to keep his chips busy. On a recent hand, Deeb raised to 1,300 under-the-gun and three players called, including Guillaume Da Silva, two to Deeb’s left. The flop came 4♣7♣5♦ and only Deeb and Da Silva seemed interested, the latter betting 2,300, which was called by Deeb. The turn was Q♥ and the two remaining players checked. The river was Q♠ and now Deeb led 5,225 at it, which was too rich for Da Silver, who folded.

7.10pm: Final stretch
We’ve just completed the final break of the day, meaning we have two hours to go before this is a wrap. There are 96 players re-taking their seats; something like 75 of them will probably still be in at the end.



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