EPT Vilamoura: Final table level 25, 26, 27 & 28 updates (40,000-80,000)

September 02, 2010


Lewis fades two outs for the title
These two young aggressive players didn’t want to hang around and the shortening of the levels proved that. It took around four hands of this level before we had the second all-in of this heads-up battle. Lewis raised to 160,000 from the button and was called by Jacobson to go to the A♣9♥10♠ flop where the action went check-check.

The fireworks were soon let off though on the 5♠ turn as the Swede led for 180,000 only to be raised to 525,000. Jacobson put another raise in making it 1,025,000 but he was soon under pressure when Lewis bumped it up to 2,025,000. Jacobson really thought hard now as he had 4,250,000 behind so knew he was playing for his tournament right here if he was to continue in the hand. He decided his holding was that strong and moved all in. CALL!

Jacobson; 9♦5♦
Lewis: 5♣5♥

Jacobson only had two nines in the deck to hit and one chance to hit. The river came 10♣ to send the pot Lewis’s way along with the title. His supporters on the rail, all a little bit inebriated by now, swarmed him to give him big hugs. One close friend, Chris Brammer was even reduced to tears.

Congratulations to Toby Lewis for a patient and well timed assault of this most enjoyable final table. Also well played to Martin Jacobson for nearly ruining the British party with a great performance. — MC

8.03pm: Toby Lewis wins EPT Vilamoura
Details to follow. Lewis gets €467,835 for first place while Martin Jacobson receives €297,984. — SY

7.55pm: And here we go again
Cards are back in the air again. Word has come back that the players have agreed to move to 30-minute levels rather than the full one hour. — SY

7.40pm: Break
The heads up combatants are taking a 15-minute break. The table is finely balanced with Lewis holding a slither of a lead but to all extents and purposes the pair are evenly matched. It could go either way. — RD

7.35pm: Nearly even stevens
Jacobson is almost back to even with Lewis after forcing him off a pot. The Swede raised to 125,000 from the button and called Lewis’ 385,000 three-bet from the BB. Lewis led for 435,000 on the J♠7♥3♣ flop but check-folded to the heavily breathing Jacobson and his 950,000 bet on the 8♠ turn. — MC

7.30pm: Lewis making dents again
After doubling up Martin Jacobson a short while ago, Toby Lewis is setting about extending his lead once more. First he bet 125,000 and Jacobson called to see a 6♠K♣3♦ flop. Lewis then bet 150,000 and that was enough to take it.

Next hand Jacobson made it 125,000 then folded when Lewis fired it up to 385,000. — SY

7.22pm: It’s on!
Jacobson raised to 125,00 and Lewis three-bet to 385,000 and Jacobson moved all-in for 2,350,000. Lewis called.

Lewis: A♣8♦
Jacobson: 7♠7♥

A coin flip for the EPT title and Lewis looked like he was holding a lot of emotion as the rail came streaming in towards the table shouting for an ace. No ace on the J♥K♠3♥ flop. No ace or eight on the J♦ turn either. “King,” screamed the rail and Jacobson allowed himself a smile. The 4♦ fell on the river and Jacobson doubled up to 4,700,000. Lewis has the lead with 6,800,000. So close for Lewis who will have to reset and regroup. — RD

ept vilamoura_final table_martin jacobson.jpg

Martin Jacobson: back from the brink

7.15pm: Nice one for Lewis
Toby Lewis has extended his lead once more. He made it 125,000 and Martin Jacobson called. The flop was 3♣A♥K♣ and Jacobson check-called Lewis’ 125,000 bet. On the Q♦ river, Jacobson check-called 425,000 before both checked the 4♠ river. Jacobson had A♠2♣ but Lewis had him out-pipped with A♦5♥.

Jacobson has slipped back to 2.8million while Lewis has approaching 8 million. — SY

7.10pm: The calm after the storm?
Things have slowed down a little bit here after Lewis’ triple-barrelling. There has been a couple of raise and takes and the odd open fold too. There’s been one flop but that was quickly bet by Lewis who took the pot down. — RD

7.05pm: Lewis speeds up
Lewis three-barreled out of position and it did the trick. He called a Jacobson 125,000 button raise before he led for 150,000 on the 8♠2♦J♣ flop. Jacobson called and then called a 375,000 bet on the 4♣ turn. The river came 9♠ and there was no slowing down Lewis who fired 475,000 into the middle. Jacobson gave it a minute’s thought before sliding his cards into the muck. — MC

6.55pm: Jacobson gets some back
After a couple of raise and takes Jacobson raised from the small blind to 150,000 and Lewis three-bet to 385,000. Jacobson made the call. Lewis led the 10♥9♥K♣ flop for 400,000 and Jacobson decided to move all-in. Lewis passed. It’s a significant and vital chip swing for Jacobson. Lewis still in the lead. — RD

6.50pm: All quiet
We’ve seen no flops since the post below. Nothing to see here. — SY

6.44pm: Jacobson stops the leak
Martin Jacobson has taken down his first pot in a while. He raised to 100,000 and then tank-called when Lewis three-bet to 385,000. The flop came 4♥K♦10♠ and the play went check-check. Lewis also checked the K♠ turn and folded when his opponent fired 425,000 at the pot. — MC

6.40pm: More for Lewis
The Brit Toby Lewis is piling on the aggression. For the third time in a row Martin Jacobson made it 125,000, but instead of folding like the first two times, Lewis re-raised to 385,000 total. Jacobson was not done yet, making it 775,000. Things were tense as Lewis went over his options – he decided to move all-in, and Jacobson insta-mucked.

Right now it’s Lewis on around 8.7 million and Jacobson on 2.8 million. — SY

6.35pm: Big pot alert
Lewis was on the small blind and raised it up to 150,000 and Jacobson called. The Swede checked the 8♦7♠4♦ flop and Lewis bet another 150,000. Jacobson raised to 375,000 and Lewis made the call. The turn was the 6♦, an action card to say the least as it completed flush and straight draws. Jacobson led into it for 525,000 and Lewis quietly announced that he was all-in. Jacobson didn’t need to think for long before he passed. Lewis has a 3-1 chip lead now. — RD

6.27pm: Two small pots for Sweden
Jacobson has taken down two small pots in a row. In the first hand he raised to 125,000 and Lewis called before check-folding to a 150,000 bet on the Q♥6♣3♥ flop. The next hand Lewis raised to 125,000 from the button but folded to a Jacobson 310,000 three-bet. — MC

6.21pm: First one to Lewis
Back from the break and Toby Lewis raised first hand to 125,000, called by Martin Jacobson. Both checked the 3♠J♣A♥ flop, and on the 8♦ turn Lewis called Jacobson’s 150,000 bet. Both then checked the 5♠ river and Lewis’ 7♥8♠ was good enough to take it. — SY

6.18pm: Get ready
Toby Lewis and Martin Jacobson are heading back to their seats. Blinds will now be 30,000-60,000

6.07pm: Lewis wins another big one
Lewis min-raised to 100,00 from the small blind and Jacobson made it 250,000 from the big blind. Lewis called. Jacobson led the 5♥2♦K♦ flop for 325,000. Lewis called. Jacobson bet another 725,000 on the J♠ turn. Lewis called again. The 3♥ dropped on the river and neither player wanted to take things any further. Lewis showed K♣10♥ to take the pot and lengthen his chip lead. The stacks are around 4,485,000 for Jacobson and 7,050,000 for Lewis.

The players are taking a well-earned 15-minute break. — RD

6.02pm: Little movement
They’re trading small blows at the moment. Twice Toby Lewis has raised to 100,000 and got a call from Martin Jacobson. On the first one Lewis bet 125,000 on the K♥J♣A♦ flop and got a fold. The second went on a little longer – both checked the Q♥Q♦4♣ flop, but on the 7♣ turn Jacobson made it 100,000 and Lewis called. Jacobson then slowed down to a check on the 3♦ river, then folded when Lewis reached for 300,000 chips. — SY

5.55pm: Lewis edges into chip lead
Toby Lewis has just moved into the chip lead after winning a sizable pot without a showdown. He raised to 100,000 from the button and Jacobson called for a 6♣K♠4♣ flop where he check-called a 135,000 bet. The turn came 5♥ and Jacobson check-called a 300,000 bet. Jacobson checked the 9♥ river and the Brit really upped the pressure with a 1,175,000 bet. Jacobson thought and studied his opponent who was looking into the distance before folding. — MC

5.50pm: Lewis clawing back chips
Jacobson raised from the small blind to 105,000 and Lewis called in the big. Both players checked the 9♥10♦7♥ flop before Lewis led the 5♣ turn for 120,000. The 6♥ river completed the two major draws and Lewis pushed forward another 250,000. Jacobson didn’t think long before opting to pass. Lewis is up to 5,125,000 and Jacobson slides to 6,350,000. — RD

5.45pm: No show
On a flop of 10♦J♣A♥ Jacobson bet 130,000 which Lewis called for a 4♦ turn. Again, Jacobson bet, making it 300,000 this time, which Lewis called for a 3♦ river. Both checked, Jacobson mucking before Lewis had shown. — SB

5.40pm: Chip counts at the beginning of heads-up play
Martin Jacobson – 7,075,000
Toby Lewis – 4,405,000

5.38pm: We’re heads-up
Three-handed play didn’t last long with the elimination of Jason Lee in third. He open shoved for just under one million chips and was snap-called by Martin Jacobson in the BB. Showdown:

Jacobson: A♣10♦
Lee: A♥5♥

The board ran 3♣4♠9♦10♠J♠. Lee said he card dead all day and he had a horrible seat draw today with the uber-aggressive Trickett to his left. His final table started after Trickett departed but things didn’t work out for him. €186,240 should soften the blow somewhat. — MC

5.35pm: Lee not leaving
Jason Lee just moved all-in for 965,000. Lewis folded by Jacobson went into the tank, thinking, moving chips around and eventually folding. Lee still alive. — SB

5.20pm: Pre-flop battle
The two chip leaders just battled in a pre-flop raising war. Toby Lewis raised to 135,000 from the SB to face a three-bet to 300,000 from Martin Jacobson. Lewis’ response was to four-bet to 660,000 and after a lot of though the Swedish chip leader folded. — MC

5.15pm: Trickett out of here
In the end it seemed the most humane outcome. Sam Trickett’s final table suffering had gone on for so long that his own elimination can only come as gentle relief. That’s not true of course and Trickett looked devastated as he shook hands a few moments ago, eliminated by Martin Jacobson after an afternoon spent trying to catch a break.

All in after all-in was called by Trickett, who more often than not was ahead on showdown, only to be behind when it mattered. So when Toby Lewis opened for 110,000 under the gun and Martin Jacobson raised to 265,000 from the button, Trickett saw his chance and pushed all in for just short of 1,400,000.

Lewis folded quickly but Jacobson was going nowhere, asking for a count, looking again at his cards, pulling out towards of orange chips from around the back ready to push in. After confirming that it was 1,105,000 to call his did so, turning over Q♥J♥ to Trickett’s 2♥2♠.

“I got it,” said Trickett to friends on the rail with some good British irony. “I got it, I got the deuces.” Jacobson came to shake hands and they both awaited the board. J♦5♥8♥3♣4♠. Jacobson had been ahead on the flop and never looked back. Trickett out, Jacobson up to more than 5.5 million. Down to three players. — SB

5.05pm: Sheringham eliminated in 5th place (€93,120)
Friend of PokerStars Teddy Sheringham has been eliminated in 5th place by the recent Swedish force known as Martin Jacobson. The former footballer raised to 125,000 from under-the-gun and was called by Jacobson to see a K♠9♦10♥ flop. The action went check-check before Sheringham led for 275,000 on the 9♥ turn. Jacobson raised to 590,000 and then snap-called when his Sheringham moved all-in.

Sheringham tabled K♣Q♣ for two-pair but Jacobson had a straight with Q♠J♣. The river blanked with a 3♠ and Sheringham left to an almighty round of applause. Jacobson regains the chip lead he held yesterday with 4.9 million. — MC

4.55pm: Jacobson hits Trickett hard
Martin Jacobson opened from the hi-jack to 110,000 and was called by Sam Trickett on the button. The Swede led for 140,000 on the 2♥9♥3♦ flop and Trickett called. Jacobson bet another 270,000 as the flush appeared on the 7♥ turn and Trickett called again. The four-flush and paired board materialised on the river with the 3♥ and Jacobson bet 510,000. Trickett called and was shown the nut flush with A♥K♥. — RD

4.50pm: Play re-starts
With an armed, dismounted mounted police officer patrolling the smoking area, the players have returned for level 26.

4.40pm: Chip counts at the break

Teddy Sheringham – 1,490,000
Toby Lewis – 4,350,000
Martin Jacobson – 1,850,000
Jason Lee – 1,215,000
Sam Trickett – 2,615,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 25,000-50,000, ANTE 5,000

4.36pm: Break time
Players are on another 15 minute break.

4.35pm: Lewis picking up the pace
Lewis seemed to have picked up the pace a little bit towards the end of the level, winning a few hands with simple 90,000 raises pre-flop. That’s what happened on the last hand before a 15-minute break was announced. When the players return the blinds will be a huge 25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante. — RD

4.30pm: Trickett wins big pot……
….without showdown. Sam Trickett has got a lot of those lost chips back after forcing a fold from Martin Jacobson. Trickett raised to 80,000 from early position and was called by the Swede from the BB. Jacobson check-called a 125,000 bet on the 2♥3♠8♦ flop and 325,000 on the 4♠ turn. The river came J♣ and Trickett emptied the clip with a 625,000 bet when it was checked to him again. Jacobson tank-folded. — MC

4.25pm: Trickett can’t win a showdown
You can tell Sam Trickett is trying to shrug off the frustration of this final table. He just can’t win a showdown after getting it in pre-flop and this last one was the worst. Jason Lee shoved A♠2♣ from the cut-off and Trickett moved all-in behind him from the button with A♥K♦. The flop instantly put Lee ahead on the A♦2♣Q♦ flop but the 4♦ turn gave Trickett plenty of outs to get back in front; any four, queen, king or diamond. None of them came and Lee is back up to over one million. — RD

4.20pm: In the blinds
Toby Lewis opened for 105,000 in the small blind. Martin Jacobson was waiting in the big and called for a 5♦8♦4♥ flop. Lewis then bet 130,000 and Jacobson made it 140,000 more. Good enough to force Lewis to fold. — SB

4.15pm: Can’t win a show-down
Sam Trickett has been the most active player at this final table and has easily won the most pots without showdown. The poor guy just can’t win an all-in showdown, though, no matter how hard he tries or how far he’s ahead. The latest player to double through the Brit is Swedish representative Martin Jacobson.

Jacobson raised to 80,000 to see Trickett three-bet to 200,000 from the SB which was exactly the same action as one orbit ago. The last time Jacobson folded but this time he moved all-in for 1,132,000. Trickett called quickly to create a showdown:

Trickett: J♦J♠
Jacobson: Q♦J♣

“Ive got to win one of these” said Trickett before the board ran 5♦2♦6♦A♦5♥. Maybe not then! Trickett down to 2.3 million. –MC

4.09pm: Four million
Jason Lee opened for 80,000 from the button which Sam Trickett called in the small blind. Trickett is playing well and has to, as I suspect he’ll need a top three finish to pay his massage bill. On a flop of K♦2♠5♥ both checked for a 4♥ turn card. Trickett then bet 125,000 which Lee called for a 4♦ river card. Another 500,000 from Trickett this time which Lee went on to call. We never saw his cards though. Trickett showed K♠Q♠ to win the hand and move up to nearly 4 million. Lee down to just 700,000. — SB


Jason Lee

4.07pm: Rail to get louder
The British rail is about to get a little noisier. All those cheering on Toby Lewis/Sam Trickett/Teddy Sheringham have now taken delivery of large beers (previously they were content with smaller bottles). — SY

4.05pm: Sheringham playing snug
Teddy Sheringham has been playing a calm and composed tournament and it doesn’t look like he’s going to change that to make any major mistakes in this five-handed action. Jason Lee opened to 84,000 from the button and Sheringham passed in the big blind. — RD

4.03pm: Three-way action
Jason Lee opened the action from the hijack to 85,000 (for the second hand on the bounce) and was called by Sam Trickett and Martin Jacobson. The Swede checked as did Lee and Trickett took down the 10♣8♦8♠ flop with a 150,000 bet. — RD

4pm: Football fan
I doubt there’s any kind of metagame attached to it but Martin Jacobson has just said to Sheringham: “You used to play for my favorite football team… two years before I was born.” Sheringham quickly clicked the Swede was talking about Djurgårdens IF a team that he went on loan to in 1985 (playing 21 times and scoring 13 goals). “Good club,” replied Sheringham. — RD

3.52pm: Anglo tension
Sam Trickett opened for 90,000 which Sheringham folded to in the small blind but Toby Lewis called in the big. The flop came 3♦8♥9♠ and Lewis bet 110,000 which Trickett called without ceremony. They both checked the 9♥ turn and did the same for the J♦ river. Trickett showed A♠8♠ to take it down, beating Lewis’s A♦5♦. — SB

3.47pm: Pre-flop dominance
All the action in the last two orbits has been pre-flop and one player has taken 80-90% of the chips on offer. Sam Trickett has raised and taken most pots and when Toby Lewis raised to 90,000 into his BB he responded with a three-bet to take the pot down. This is one player who is not looking to ladder up the payouts. — MC


Toby Lewis

3.38pm: Deal me in
Sam Trickett opened for 80,000 which Teddy Sheringham called in the small blind. Toby Lewis immediately raised to 245,000 in the big blind. Trickett folded but Sheringham thought about it for a while, asking the dealer to spread the chips a little before eventually folding.

At this point Mario the dealer finished his duties, thanked the players and got up to leave. Only there was no replacement for him, so instead he sat back down again. Thomas Kremser also sat down, at the empty seat left by Rob Hollink. To much amusement Mario dealt him before snatching the card back and passing it back along to Sheringham. — SB

3.30pm: Frederick Jensen eliminated in 6th for €74,496
Frederick Jensen is the most recent casualty, departing EPT Vilamoura in sixth place for €74,496. The Dane had moved all-in from the small blind into Teddy Sheringham’s big blind and the former professional football player made the call.

Sheringham: 5♦5♠
Jensen: A♣J♦

It was a huge flip for Jensen and one that gave him a huge number of outs on the Q♠3♥Q♣ flop and 10♥ turn. Any ten, ace, jack or king would have kept the Dane in it. It wasn’t to be, though, as a 6♥ dropped on the river. Sheringham is up to 2.3m and moves into second place behind Toby Lewis (who is on 4,000,000). — RD

3.23pm: Not the hand we were expecting
Toby Lewis and Fredrick Jensen tangled once more in the first hand back from break. Jensen made it 80,000 to go from the button and Lewis called from the BB. Both players checked to the river where the board read 4♦6♥6♦2♣10♥ before Lewis over-bet the pot to the tune of 195,000. Jensen tank-called and was very surprised to see Lewis table K♣K♠ for the pot. — MC

3.15pm: Here we go again
Players are back at the table. With six left, each is now guaranteed at least €74,496 – that was probably a week’s wages for former soccer star Teddy Sheringham (ok, that’s a slight exaggeration).

As they sit down, here are the current chip counts, with blinds now at 20,000-40,000 and a 4,000 running ante:

Teddy Sheringham – 1,715,000
Toby Lewis – 4,150,000
Martin Jacobson – 940,000
Jason Lee – 1,890,000
Sam Trickett – 1,840,000
Fredrick Jensen – 840,000


Martin Jacobson

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