EPT Vilamoura: Day 5, level 25 updates

November 22, 2009


Updates from level 25 of EPT Vilamoura, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure and prizewinners to date are on the payout structure page.

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Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (4,000 ante)

5pm: Neuville doubles
Jeff Sarwer opened the pot with a raise to 105,000 that Pierre Neuville called from the big blind to see the 10♣4♠J♣ flop. Neuville checked to face a 200,000 bet from Sarwer that he raised all in for just less than 800,000. Sarwer called instantly with K♣2♣ for a flush draw. Neuville tabled Q♦J♦ for top pair and the turn came 4♥ and river 7♠ to miss Sarwer’s draw doubling up Neuville in the process.

That’s the end of the level and we’ll have full three-handed counts momentarily.

4.55pm: Show one
Antonio Matias opened for 90,000 on the button. Jeff Sarwer called from the big blind for a flop of Q♥3♥10♥. Sarwer checked and Matias bet 180,000. Sarwer folded and asked to see one card. Matias showed him the Q♠.

4.50pm: Matias v Sarwer Part II
It’s the same two again, but with added chips involved. Jeff Sarwer opens with 95,000 on the button, Antonio Matias calls in the small blind, as does Pierre Neuville in the big.
The flop is J♣Q♠3♥, and now Matias leads out with 105,000. Neuville folds, but Sarwer calls. On the Q♣ turn Matias again bets 105,000 but now Sarwer raises to 220,000. Matias is going nowhere, but instead re-re-raises by another 250,000. Sarwer thinks for a while before letting it go. “You show?” he asks Matias. Indeed he does… K♣9♣.

4.45pm: Matias v Sarwer Part I
Pierre Neuville folds, Jeff Sarwer makes it 95,000 from the small blind, and Antonio Matias calls from the big. On the 9♦A♠10♠ flop Sarwer checks but Matias makes it 125,000. “I’m sure you have an ace,” says Sarwer. “Nice hand.”

4.40pm: Crippled and out – Jan Skampa departs in fourth
The very next hand Jan Skampa moved the last of his chips into the middle when folded to him in the small blind. Jeff Sarwer looked at his cards and called from the big blind with K♥J♠. Skampa turned over his dominated K♦7♣ before the board came 8♦3♠4♠8♠Q♦. Jan Skampa leaves us in fourth place to healthy applause. He wins €117,128.

Sarwer now has something like five million.

4.35pm: Biggest hand of the week
Jeff Sarwer opened from under the gun, 90,000 total. The action was folded back to Jan Skampa in the big blind who raised to 260,000. Skampa still had a pile of orange chips next to him, yet to be stacked from his victorious hand against Silva. Sarwer fired back with another raise, 430,000 on top. Skampa, still quiet, announced all-in and in reply Sarwer performed one of the quickest calls ever heard on the EPT.

K♥9♥ for Skampa, Q♣Q♠ for Sarwer.

It’s the biggest hand of the week. Sarwer looked up at Shaun Deeb on the stage overlooking the table, an expression on his face as if to say: “Did I do right?” Sarwer stepped away from the table, pacing up and down, grinning slightly. Pierre Neuville came over to say a few words as Skampa counted out chips. It’s going to be close.

“I made the right decision, whatever happens, right?” says Sarwer, to the rail, the other players, to everyone. “I have nothing to worry about!” he added, a sentiment good for a round of applause. The count is done and Sarwer is the all-in player.

The flop: 9♣6♠6♦. Skampa was standing, Sarwer was back in his chair. The turn 2♦. Still tense. The river 6♥.

Sarwer leapt from his chair, and as has been the custom for local players, yelled “Vamos!” to great cheers. Then he ran up and down the rail high fiving everyone, then ran over to Deeb to do the same. He returned to his chair out of breath. It would take him several hands to stack his chips. Skampa sat still and quiet. He never did get to stack those orange chips. He’s left with 540,000.

4.30pm: Joao Silva out in fifth
To the horror of the loud local rail, Joao Silva, who lives only half an hour up the road, has busted. Jan Skampa made it 100,000 under the gun. Jeff Sarwer and Antonio Matias got out of the way, but Silva called from the small blind and Pierre Neuville from the big.
The flop came 2♥3♥3♣ and Silva and Neuville checked. Skampa made it 175,000 and after a moment or two Silva decided to re-raise to 550,000. Neuville folded but Skampa moved all-in, called by Silva.
Skampa: Q♥Q♠
Silva: J♥J♠
Silva needed to catch a jack, but the 9♥ turn and 3♦ river were no help. He leaves with €78,085.

4.25pm: More frustration for Neuville
Pierre Neuville opened the pot with a raise to 90,000 and was called by Antonio Matias in the big blind to see a A♥J♦Q♦ flop. Matias came out betting at this point for 100,000 and was called. The turn came 4♠ and very quickly Matias bet 100,000 again. It was good enough to take the pot as a frustrated looking Neuville folded.

4.20pm: Two to Sarwer
Two modest pots headed the way of Jeff Sarwer. In the first he raised on the button to 90,000. Joao Silva called from the big blind for a flop of 8♥7♣K♦. Silva checked before Sarwer bet another 95,000. Too much for Silva. Sarwer followed this up by raising from under the gun a few hands later. This time no takers.


Jeff Sarwer

4.15pm: Check-raise for the win
Jan Skampa opens for 110,000 on the button. It’s too expensive for Jeff Sarwer in the small blind, but Antonio Matias calls from the big blind. They see a 3♠8♦A♣ flop. Matias checks and Skampa bets 135,000 which sends Matias into the tank. Once he came out, he re-raised another 250,000 and got an insta-fold from Skampa to applause from the local railers.

4.10pm: Sarwer attacks Silva
João Silva raised to 100,000 from the cut-off and was called by Pierre Neuville on the button and Jeff Sarwer in the big blind. The flop came down A♣3♠6♦ and Silva continued his aggression with a very quick bet of 165,000 when checked to him. Neuville folded quickly but Sarwer raised up to 330,000 after staring his opponent down for a minute or so. He obviously saw something as Silva folded.

4.05pm: Chatter
The video blog team grabbed a few words with each of our final table players ahead of the action. They’ve battled the vagaries of our internet connection here to finally get them online. Show them your appreciation with a click on that white arrow head.

Final table interviews part one:

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4.00pm: Skampa in no hurry
Pierre Neuville is in the small blind. The action has been folded to him and he raises 95,000. Jan Skampa is in the big blind and calls. When he puts chips into the pot his arm moves slowly and he adds an occasional flick of the wrist at the end. The see a flop of 5♥9♥8♥. Neuville makes it another 135,000. Skampa calls for a 4♣ turn. Now Neuville makes it 300,000. Skampa, a stealth man, hardly speaking or making any noise, moved all-in. Neuville performed a fast fold, leaving Skampa with around 2 million chips.

3.55pm: Michel Abecassis out in sixth place
Antonio Matias opened on the button for 93,000. Joao Silva folded in the small blind, but Michel Abecassis moved all-in from the big blind for 344,000. Matias thought for a minute before making the call:
Abecassis: A♠7♠
Matias: Q♠J♦
The Frenchman was ahead, but the flop of 8♦4♣Q♣ was a crushing blow. The 7♣ turn meant another seven or an ace could save his tournament life, but the 3♥ sent him to the rail, where he collects €62,468 for his sixth-place finish.

3.54pm: Skampa v Matias
Jan Skampa and Antonio Matias just went to battle in two hands with the former coming out victorious on both occasions. Firstly Skampa raised from the cut-off and Matias called from the big blind to see a 8♦10♣Q♥ flop. Matias ended up check-folding to a 120,000 bet from Skampa.

The next hand Skampa raised from the cut-off and Matias called from the small blind to see a 9♥5♥J♥ flop. Matias once again check-folded to a Skampa bet of 135,000. Skampa flashed the A♥ when his opponent folded.

3.53pm: A pair of all-ins
Michel Abecassis moved all-in on the small blind but gets no takers. That doesn’t stop his girlfriend on the rail, ever present since day three, silently raising her arms in mock celebration.

A hand or so later the action is folded to Jan Skampa in the small blind who calls before Jeff Sarwer raises form the big, another 70,000. Skampa then moves all-in. Sarwer grins, the grins some more before folding.

3.50pm: Sarwer and Skampa short and sweet
Jan Skampa raised to 95,000 from the hijack seat; Jeff Sarwer re-raised to 227,000 from the cut-off. Fold.

3.45pm: Back
We’re back, they’re back. We’re sitting behind laptops, they’re sitting behind these stacks:

Jan Skampa: 1,040,000
Jeff Sarwer: 1,936,000
Antonio Matias: 2,359,000
Joao Silva: 1,983,000
Michel Abecassis: 340,000
Pierre Neuville: 1,777,000

And here’s what they’re all playing for:


Vilamoura trophy


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