EPT Vilamoura: Day 4, level 20 updates

November 21, 2009


Updates from level 20 of EPT Vilamoura, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure and prizewinners to date are on the payout structure page.

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Blinds: 5,000-10,000 (1,000 ante)

4.45pm: To the break
A few scrappy looking pots have taken place on table two. Pierre Neuville has raised pre-flop a couple of times, but ended the hand down after re-raises from Andrei Vlasenko and Jan Skampa. He took some back though pushing Jude Ainsworth off a pre-flop raise.

Just before the break Skampa made it 27,000 from under-the-gun. Aurelien Guiglini called in the cut off, as did Claudio Coelho in the small blind. The flop came 5♠2♦10♥ and Coelho had a pop at it, betting 25,000. Skampa was having none of it and raised to 80,000. That got Guiglini out of the way and ultimately Coelho who showed A♦J♠

That’s the end of the level – the first today that has ended without a player being eliminated. The last 16 are now on a 15 minute break.

4.35pm: Short stack battle
Dutch Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Vissser moved all in from the hijack for 277,000 when folded around to him before Ryan Franklin called all in for 132,000 from the button. It was a case of small pairs for the small stacks as Visser opened 4♣4♦ to Franklin’s 6♠6♥. The board ran 9♣3♠10♣6♦J♥ putting Visser right back in the deep troble he was just climbing out of.

4.25pm: Double up for Visser
It’s folded around to Tome Moreira in the small blind, who announces he’s all. Ruben Visser, the short-stack at the table, instantly calls all in from the big blind.
Moreira: A♠7♣
Visser: A♦8♦
The flop came 5♠K♣3♣, and the 8♥ turn sealed the deal. The 4♥ river was of no consequence, and Visser doubled up to 280,000, leaving Moreira on around 350,000.

4.20pm: Small pot
There’s not a huge amount happening at the moment, but here’s a small pot to report. Claudio Coelho limped from under-the-gun and it was folded to the blinds, Jude Ainsworth in the small and Pierre Neuville in the big. They came along. The flop was Q♣9♣3♦ and all three of them checked. The turn was Q♠ and Ainsworth fired 12,000. Neuville raised to 32,000 and that was that. Fold, fold.

4.15pm: Visser on the point of evisceration
It’s been a tough day for Ruben Visser and he is now down to his last 80,000 or so. Visser open shoved from the button and got that through, but on the next hand raised to 27,000 from the cut off. Gino Gabriel called in the big blind and they saw a 10♠9♥A♥ flop. Gabriel checked, Visser bet 24,000 and Gabriel called. The turn was 7♣, which they both checked, and the river was A♣. Gabriel bet 45,000 and Visser, priced in, called. Gabriel showed A♠3♠ and Visser’s jacks were cracked.

4.10pm: Sarwer means business
Jeff Sarwer opened under the gun for 27,000, and it’s folded around to Ruben Visser in mid position. He has a look down at his chips, then picks up a chunk and lobs them in the middle for a re-raise of 45,000.

Sarwer asked how much Visser had behind – it was significantly less than his stack – and re-popped for 250,000. Visser wasted no time in mucking his cards

4.05pm: Song and dance
On a flop of 9♥8♦4♦ Michel Abecassis in early position checked to Claudio Coelho on the button who made it 30,000. Abecassis called for a 8♣ turn. Coelho can’t seem to sit still and dances in his seat. He made it 25,000 which Abecassis raised to 71,000. Coelho called, still dancing, for a 2♠ on the river. Coelho immediately flicked out 20,000.

Abecassis asked how much he had behind. It’s several hundred. It’s hard to tell because Coelho has his chips all over the place, not stacked in 20s. Abecassis raises another 150,000. Coelho called instantly and without looking at the board, or Abecassis, turned over his 5♥5♣. Abecassis insta-mucked. “Whooooooo,” sand Coelho, “Whooooooo,” he continued, doing the dance at the same time. It’s a routine that might not win him many friends.

3.55pm: No fun time for Franklin
Ryan Franklin opened with a 27,000 raise from the hijack and then called the 202,000 all in push from Joao Silva in the small blind. Franklin had 10♦10♣ and saw he was in good shape against Silva’s J♦9♥. That all changed though when the board came J♥7♠9♦6♠6♦. Franklin down to 100,000 now.


Ryan Franklin

3.50pm: No takers
A flurry of all ins on Jeff Sarwer’s table, although nothing came from them. Sarwer made it 30,000 from the button before Ruben Visser moved all-in. Sarwer folded an ace, Visser said he had some of those too.

Then Ryan Franklin got stuck in, moving all-in behind a bet of 31,000 from Visser. No takers, but they wanted to see.

“Let me pick one!” said Visser but Franklin wasn’t playing.
“You could have called to see both.”
“Pay per view, right?” added Sarwer.

Franklin did the same on the next hand, again no takers. He’s been the short stack for some time now but he doesn’t look under threat.

3.45pm: Hey Jude, don’t be afraid
“I don’t like making hero calls,” said Jude Ainsworth, staring down Antonio Matias and his huge stack, 71,000 of which had been bet on the river. The hand played out like this: Matias raised to 25,000 from the cut off and Ainsworth was the only caller from the big blind. The flop came 2♣J♠K♦ and both players checked. The turn was 5♠ and Ainsworth check-called Matias’ 25,000 bet. The river was 4♣ and Ainsworth checked again, which prompted that 71,000 bet from Matias. “Did that four help you?” Ainsworth asked. “I think I was ahead before that.” Ainsworth’s read was spot on, but he called anyway, showing 7♠5♥. Matias showed A♠3♠.

3.40pm: Neuville doubles
Pierre Neuville doubles up to 675,000 through Jan Skampa. Neuville bet 32,000 from mid position, and Skampa re-raised to 86,000 from the small blind. A little look at his opponent’s stack – Skampa had him well covered – and Neuville moved all in for 298,000 more. Call.

Skampa: J♠J♦
Neuville: K♦K♥

The flop came Q♣Q♠9♠ and the 6♠ turn added a flush draw to Skampa’s outs, making the man from Belgium sweat a little, but the 9♦ was enough to keep him ahead.

3.42pm: Tome for a double-up
Tome Moreira has just doubled through Santiago Terrazas. Moreira raised to 31,000 from under-the-gun and was only called by the Spaniard to see a 2♠4♠3♠ flop. Moreira bet 60,000 when checked to him before he was put all in by Terrazas. Moreira had 155,000 back and made the call with 10♥10♦ and saw he was up against 8♠8♣. The turn came 6♣ and river K♣ to see the chips heading the way of the Portuguese. The Spaniard down to 460,000.


Tome Moreira

3.35pm: Blind on blind
Pierre Neuville made it 30,000 from the small blind and Claudio Coelho called from the big. The flop came A♥9♦9♥ and Neuville led for 47,000. Coelho took a long time over his decision but folded, showing 10♥J♣.


Claudio Coelho

3.30pm: And we’re back after break
Play resumes. 16 players remain and their chip counts are now available on the chip count page.


Ruben Visser


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