EPT Vilamoura: Day 4, level 19 & 20 updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

September 01, 2010


1.07pm: First break of the day
That’s 75-minutes gone and we’ve lost three players; Carolyn Gray, Eliran Argelazi and Kevin O’Donnell. Ten minute break. — RD

1.06pm: Jacobson piles on the pressure
Martin Jacobson is relentless and it doesn’t take a lot of analysis to see how he’s growing his stack. Jacobson opened the pot for 26,000 from the cut-off and was three-bet to 74,000 from the button by former EPT winner Rob Hollink to 74,000. Jacobson came back over the top for 163,000 and Hollink passed. That’s another 100,000 for Jacobson whose stack is frequently being stared at by Toby Lewis. — RD

1.05pm: Strangely quiet
The usually effervescent Italian, Fabrizio Ascari, is as quiet as a dormouse today. We’re used to hearing him from miles away, but so far he’s not said a word. Even just now, when it was folded around to him in the small blind and he raise-folded to Martin Jacobson in the big blind, a gentle tap of the table was all the Italian could muster.

However, I notice he is tucking into his first (I presume) cold beer of the day, so he could get lively again quite swiftly. — SY

12.59pm: Hmm, a queen, Mr Hollink?
Erik Van Den Berg and Rob Hollink were heads-up to a Q♠3♠9♥ flop. Hollink check-called his countryman’s 14,000. Both then checked the 9♠ turn, but on the Q♦ river Hollink pushed 44,000 over the line. He looked desperate for a call. No call came. — SY

12.57pm: Folding an ace
Claudio Cecchi opened with a raise to 30,000 from mid position. He had around 175,000 behind. It was folded around to Nicolo Calia in the big blind, who elected to fold his A♠4♣ face up, much to several players’ surprise. — SY

12.55pm: Action from table 2
Jason Lee has become the most active player at table 2 but it’s not working out for him at the moment.

Hand 1: Lee opened under the gun for 27,000 and was shoved on by Filipa Lemos for 152,000. Lee passed and Lemos chipped up to 200,000. — RD

Hand 2: Teddy Sheringham folded his small blind with Lee being the default blinds winner from the big blind.

Hand 3: Sheringham raised the button forcing Lee and Sam Trickett to pass their blinds.

Hand 4: Lee raised from the button and took the blinds.

Hand 5: Lee raised from the cut-off to 24,000 and was called by Sergio Coutinho in the small blind. Coutinho check-raised Lee’s 29,000 bet to 64,000 on the J♦8♣3♥ flop and Lee called. Coutinho led the 10♣ turn for 110,000 and Lee passed. — RD

12.50pm: Kevin O’Dear
Kevin O’Donnell is our 22nd place finisher after succumbing to Marco Leonzio. Marton Czuczor opened to 26,000 and was called by Leonzio before O’Donnell moved all-in for another 137,000 from the BB. Czuczor folded but Leonzio made the call for a showdown:

O’Donnell: A♠J♣
Leonzio: 10♠10♥

The board ran 6♥7♥10♦4♥Q♦. O’Donnell was drawing dead by the turn and Leonzio celebrated this by pumping his fists. O’Donnell wished everyone the best and went off to collect his €11,174.

12.45pm: Vesterinen up
Dmitry Gromov opened for 28,000 from under the gun and Konsta Vesterinen raised to 63,000. It was folded back to Marco Leonzio in the big blind who called Gromov’s bet and not the raise. Removing his headphones to hear the explanation, he paid up the extra, as did Gromov, for a flop of A♥9♥6♦.

The action was checked to Vesterinen who bet another 76,000. After checking amounts Leonzio announced he was all-in and Vesterinen snap-called as soon as Gromov had passed. He had good reason to, turning over A♦A♠. Leonzio couldn’t believe his bad luck, turning over 6♠6♥ for bottom set.

The turn Q♥ and river Q♠ could not help him and he slips down to 570,000. Vesterinen on the other hand moves up to 700,000. — SB

12.35pm: Jensen finds a golden Trickett
Frederick Jensen is up to 680,000 after doubling through Sam Trickett. Both players saw a 7♥10♥6♣ flop before both players were all-in. Jensen was so keen to get his chips in that Trickett asked “Have you got a set?”

Jensen shook his head and tabled A♣A♠ which was good versus the Brit’s K♥K♣. The turn came A♥ to improve Jensen’s hand to a set but it opened up a flush draw for Trickett but it failed to come on the 9♠ river. Trickett down to 300,000 now. – MC

12.30pm: Eliran Argelazi is second to fall
Eliran Argelazi got it in against Marton Czuczor in a straight foot race with A♠Q♣ against 6♥6♦. If you were to say it wasn’t the best of flops for Argelazi – 7♠9♠8♥ – then you certainly say it wasn’t the best of turns either as the 10♠ gave Czuczor the low end of the straight. Argelazi needed a jack or a spade to give him a larger staright but instead he got the K♣ and €11,174 for his 23rd place finish. — RD

12.15pm: First out: Carolyn Gray
It was a no-brainer for PokerStars qualifier Carloyn Gray from the UK when she looked down at A♠Q♣ with 101,000 in her stack. She moved all-in from the cut-off and found action in the small blind from Sergio Coutinho. Unfortunately for her Coutinho turned over K♣K♥ and the board ran out without a bullet, 6♦4♥8♥9♥2♦ to be precise. Gray takes home €11,174 for her strong 24th place finish, not a shabby return for a $20 rebuy qualifier. — RD

11.50pm: Table draw
For today’s line up, and where they’ll be sitting, check out the table draw here.

11.45am: Back for day four
Welcome back to live coverage of EPT Vilamoura in an overcast but muggily warm Algarve. As you will have worked out from the text below, just 24 players remain in the main event, 24 that will become eight by the close of play today, ahead of the final table tomorrow.

So, as unbearable dance tunes turn the tournament floor into a giant headache, courtesy of a dealer team who reached the music button first this morning, we await the arrival of the players who right now are outside ready to be led in. I might go wait outside with them. — SB


Chip leader Martin Jacobson

6am: Sun up….

8.30pm: Sun down….

8.05pm: Play over
With that, players are bagging and tagging. Martin Jacobson is our chip leader. Full chip counts and a wrap of the day’s play will be with you shortly. — SY

8pm: Janos Toth last one out
That’s it. Play is over for the day after Hungary’s Janos Toth was busted by chip monster Martin Jacobson, leaving us with the required 24 players. Toth raised to 2,400, Jacobson re-raised to 61,000, Toth moved all in for around 250,000 and got an instant call. Toth found he was in a world of pain:

Toth: A♠Q♦
Jacobson: A♦A♥

There was brief hope on the Q♥5♥J♠ flop, but the 3♥ turn and 6♦ river kept Jacobson in front. — SY

7.50pm: Thorson out
William Thorson is out of EPT Vilamoura. Despite a long period of short stack play the Swede was finally eliminated by Guillermo Garcia. Thorson opened for 25,000 before Garcia moved all-in. Thorson called showing Q♥Q♦ while Garcia turned over Q♠A♦.
Thorson needed to dodge an ace but the flop stuck a finger up at his needs, coming as it did 5♦6♠A♣A♥7♣. Thorson was out in 26th place. Garcia up to 570,000. — SB

ept vilamoura_day 3_william thorson 2.jpg

William Thorson lost two key pots against Guillermo Garcia

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 6,000-12,000, ANTE 1,000

7.45pm: Players return
Play resumes in level 20.

7.28pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level and time for another 15-minute break and chip count.

7.26pm: Lewis shoves it up Ascari
On the last hand before the break Toby Lewis opened the action to 23,000 and was three-bet on the button to 47,000 by Fabrizio Ascari. The action folded back to Lewis who moved all-in for around 300,000. Ascari took to his feet (again) for the usual Hollywooding before passing to Lewis. It’s a vital pot for the Brit who is still belwo the 443,000 chip average. — RD

7.18pm: Argelazi doubles through Ascari
It was action straight from the front of a telephone book when Fabrizio Ascari opened the action to 25,000 from early position and Eliran Argelazi moved all-in from the button for 80,000 more. Ascari stood up and started his usual shall-I-call-shall-I-fold histrionics before finally putting his chips in. Ascari’s pocket fours instantly fell behind Argelazi’s Q♦J♥ and the Israeli is back up to 220,000. — RD

7.13pm: Berg sunk
Johan Berg is eliminated in 27th place. He moved in for 180,000 with pocket deuces only to be called by Erik van den Berg with pocket tens. There was no sign of a deuce on the 7♣A♥5♠9♦9♥ board, leaving just 26 players remaining. — SB

7.10pm: Flush to the rescue for Cezarescu
Another double up, this time for Robert Cezarescu who moved in with pocket kings against the pocket nines of Eliran Argelazi. The board ran J♣8♠7♣Q♣5♣ giving Cezarescu a king-high flush and leaving Argelazi with just 95,000. — SB

7.05pm: Calia likes top pair
Nicolo Calia took some time to mull a raise on the turn of a 5♦J♦5♥9♦ board. Calia had led the flop for 20,000 and the turn for 25,000 when Marton Czuczor raised it up to 85,000. Calia sat tinkering with his chips for a good minute before raising it up another 66,000. Czuczor passed and Calia flipped J♣Q♣ on its back. — RD

7pm: JP Kelly eliminated
British Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly is out, busted by Martin Jacobson in a monster 800,000 pot. Jacobson had opened with a raise to 23,000, Kelly made it 45,000 more, Jacobson replied with a bet of 95,000, Kelly moved all in and the Swede insta-called.

Jacobson: A♥K♠
Kelly: A♣Q♦

Kelly was aghast, but he perked up when the flop came 3♦5♦Q♠. The turn was a safe J♠ but the river was K♥, giving Jacobson the pot. Kelly watched his stack being pushed across the table and left.

Jacobson, meanwhile, now moves to 1.2million chips. — SY

6.52pm: Thorson misses monster draw
Guillermo Garcia opened to 21,000 and was called in the small blind by William Thorson who then led the 9♥3♣6♥ flop for 27,000. Garcia raised it up to 84,000 and Thorson moved all-in. Garcia quickly made the call.

Thorson: 4♥5♥
Garcia: A♣9♣

Top pair, top kicker versus a monster draw. Turn: K♣. River: A♠. Thorson drops to just below 200,000 as Garcia doubles to 540,000. — RD

6.45pm: Kelly tumbled
Tom Johansen has doubled up through JP Kelly. He moved all-in with 10♥10♠ against Kelly’s A♥Q♣. The board ran 7♦6♠8♠7♣9♠. He’s up to 400,000 while Kelly slips to 460,000. — SB

6.34pm: Willis a gonner
Robert Willis is the latest to make the short walk to the cash desk. Grzegorz Cichocki had opened with a raise and Willis pushed for 100,000 with A-K, called by Cichocki with pocket jacks. No messing around on this one – a jack fell on the flop to give Cichocki a set and Willis never got a sniff. We’re down to 29 — SY

6.29pm: Ojala out
Toni Ojala has just bust in 30th position after getting it in with jacks. Sam Trickett had opened the pot to 20,000 and been three-bet by Gromov to 60,000. Ojala moved all-in from the small blind for only a little bit more and Trickett wisely stepped to one side.

Ojala: J♦J♠
Gromov: K♣K♠

Ojala failed to catch a jack and that was him done for. — RD

6.25pm: News on the golf
As you may know, there’s a special golf/poker tournament here in Vilamoura this week called the Fairways and Felts Challenge. Pay a one-off €1,100 fee and you get to play a round of golf, and how well you do on the course reflects on how many extra chips you get at the start of the poker tournament half of the event.

Organisers have just announced that you do not have to play the golf – you can enter just the poker tournament if you wish. Thing is, you will start with 10,000 chips, while those who played the golf will likely start with more. Anyway, if you fancy playing just the poker, the cost for that is €700 + €70 and it kicks off on Thursday at noon. — SY

6.20pm: Werzer hounded out
PokerStars qualifier Wolfgang Wurzer is out. His first attempt to leave was thwarted by an ace-queen vs ace-queen split pot against Marco Leonzio. This time though he lumped in his last 59,000 with K♦6♣, called by JP Kelly with A♥3♥.

The board ran 2♥Q♠9♠10♦2♠ sending Wurzer out in 32nd place and JP Kelly to close to 600,000 chips. — SB

6.10pm: Play has now…
…got under way after the break. Blinds are now 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante.


JP Kelly

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Vilamoura (in order of favourite hand): Marc Convey (the winning hand), Rick Dacey (aces), Simon Young (ten-jack of diamonds) and Stephen Bartley (anything that doesn’t make him look like an idiot when eliminated). Photos (c) Neil Stoddart.


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