EPT Vilamoura: Day 3, level 17 updates

November 20, 2009


Updates from level 17 of EPT Vilamoura, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the payout structure page.

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Blinds: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)

5.45pm: Action flop you think?
The flop was already out reading K♠J♥Q♥ and in a flurry of action Matt Johns and Nicolo Calia had all their chips in the middle with the former just covering the latter. It was a cooler flop too as Calia held K♣K♦ for top set to John’s 9♥10♥ for a straight with a re-draw to a straight flush. The turn came 4♠ and river 2♣ to bust Calia and give Johns a finishing stack of 374,000.

This exit means we’re down to 24 players which is the magic number that ends today’s play. A full chip count and a wrap of today’s play will be on the way soon.

5.30pm: Sousa takes chunk from Johns
A sickener for Matt Johns. He has just doubled up Ricardo Sousa with A♣K♥ versus Sousa’s K♠K♦. Sousa raised pre-flop to 14,000 from the hijack; Johns made it 30,000 from the button, Sousa made it 74,000 and Johns shoved. Sousa called for his entire 316,000 stack and the board came 6♦4♥2♥3♣Q♥. Sousa doubles to 650,000 approx, while Johns is down to around 180,000.

In better times, just before the bubble, Johns and his fellow American PokerStars qualifier Jim Collopy talked to the video blog team. Here’s what they had to say:

Watch EPT Vilamoura Day 3 PokerStars Qualifiers on the bubble on PokerStars.tv

5.25pm: Snap call
Dutch Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Visser opened with a raise to 14,000 from the button. Alexey Yuzikov was sat in the big blind and seemed to have a difficult decision but after a while decided an all-in push for around 120,000 was the right choice. Visser snap called him and quickly saw his A♦9♥ was in good shape against the Russian’s A♥4♥ and it stayed that way through the 10♠8♥2♥3♣2♦ board. Visser up to 760,000 now.

5.15pm: Heitmann out in battle of the Jans


It’s time for Unhappy Jan, unfortunately, as Jan Heitmann has been eliminated by Jan Skampa. They got it all in pre-flop:

Heitmann: J♠Q♠
Skampa: 9♣9♥

“That’s better than I could have hoped for,” said Heitmann, who was covered by Skampa. But the board ran 10♦4♦K♠K♣K♥ and that was enough to bust him and shoot Skampa up to around 390,000.

“It’s been a pleasure playing with and against you,” said the German Team PokerStars Pro as he headed for the cash desk.

5.10pm: Back in the right direction
Jeff Sarwer has stopped the bleeding of his stack and is up to 620,000. Mohamed Razab started proceedings with a raise to 15,000 from early position, Luis Rodriguez then juiced it up a bit with a three-bet to 44,000 but it got even more interesting when Sarwer four-bet to 111,000. Razab moved out of the way but Rodriguez moved all-in for another 85,000 with A♦Q♣. Sarwer called with A♥K♥ and he was very happy to see it hold up through the 9♣K♦3♣8♥Q♥ board.

5.05pm: Pirbazari floored
Amir Pirbazari is out. Tome Moreira bet 15,500, and Pirbazari moved all in for around 160,000. Insta call from Moreira, and here’s why:

Moreira: A♦A♠
Pirbazari: A♥K♥

The board ran 9♥5♦4♣7♦6♠ and we’re a man down. Moreira is up to 360,000.

5pm: The Heitmann emoticon
As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, but bears repeating, photography is prohibited in Casino Vilamoura, which means our photographer Neil Stoddart has had to grab players during their breaks to take portrait-style snaps. It unfortunately means we can’t really get the flavour of the action in pictures, and we get no action shots. Undeterred, the Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann has just helped us out by posing for three pictures: happy, sad and cool, allowing us to make sure we’ve got a picture for all occasions.

At the moment, he’s still in the tournament, but keep an eye out for the changing Heitmann emoticon through the day to determine his current state.


Sad Heitmann


Happy Heitmann


Fonz Heitmann

Or, the smaller versions:


Happy Heitmann


Sad Heitmann


Fonz Heitmann

4.55pm: The short term
Tobias Reikenmeier’s level 17 didn’t last long. He got his 130,000 stack in pre-flop against Antonio Matias, but the German’s A♦K♥ was in trouble against the Portuguese’s K♣K♦. He was left calling for a seven on the river when the board came 5♠8♣4♣6♦, but the 8♦ was not it. Reikenmeier is out and Matias is close to half a million.


Tobias Reikenmeier

4.50pm: Patriotic people
“Yes yes yes,” came the cries from some of my colleagues. I already knew an Italian had won a pot before I reached the table to see for myself. Marco Della Tommasina 49,000 stack was over the line sitting along side his holding of 10♦10♥ and the hand stood up against Amir Pirbazari’s K♣J♣ on a 9♣5♠4♦Q♦6♦ board. Pirbazari stacked knocked a little to 195,000.

4.45pm: Franklin minted
Ryan Franklin opened for 15,000 on the button. Jeff Sarwer was waiting in the small blind and raised to 42,000. Franklin looked miserable, ummed and ahh’d before moving all in for another 120,000 or so. Sarwer called but didn’t count on Franklin showing A♠A♣. Sarwer had turned over A♦10♦.

“Oh really?” he said as Franklin showed his hand. “I didn’t think you had aces.”

The board ran out: 4♣6♥10♣2♦J♥

“Nice hand,” said Sarwer. “Good time to get aces on the button. Oh well…”

Sarwer’s earlier surge seems to have faded. He’s down now to 460,000. Franklin on the other hand is back up to 340,000.

4.40pm: Rino Mathis takes down side event
New Team PokerStars Pro member Rino Mathis has taken down the €1k Pot Limit Omaha side event at EPT Vilamoura for a first prize of €15,932, writes Mad Harper.

Only an hour after busting out of the Vilamoura Main Event on Day 2, Rino – who joined Team PokerStars Pro just before EPT Barcelona – took his place for the two-day PLO event.

There were 45 entries in all and eight players made the money, including Dutch pro Marc Naalden and American Jonathan Aguiar. Rino, 37, a former chess and backgammon player, hails from Uster in Switzerland. His biggest result so far was third place at the 2002 Master Classics of Poker for €96,000.


Rino Mathis


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