EPT Vilamoura: Day 3, level 15 updates

November 20, 2009


Updates from level 15 of EPT Vilamoura, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the payout structure page.

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Blinds: 2,000-4,000 (400 ante)

3.05pm: Into the break
On a board of Q♣10♥3♠5♣ Alexey Yuzikov made it 50,000 which the Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Visser called. After the 6♠ fell on the river Yuzikov checked to Visser who slowly assembled a bet of 102,500. Even slow than that was Yuzikov’s response. With the break well underway he asked Visser how much he had behind. 170,000 was the answer. Yuzikov took a tower of yellows form his stack and called. Visser immediately said “two pairs,” showing Q♥3♥, and in a flash Yuzikov folded. 549,000 now for Visser.

Five minutes remain on the break.

3pm: Sarwer lets a big one go
Jeff Sarwer, who continues to impress with his aggressive style, has shown he can also let a hand go when it matters.

Marco Paulo Orlandi made it 9,000 under the gun, Gino Gabriel made it 24,000 in the next seat, and it’s folded around to Sarwer in the big blind who makes it 62,000. Orlandi gets out of the way, but Gabriel then re-raises by another 100,000.

That’s a big bet, and it send Sarwer into the tank for five minutes, long enough for the rest of the room to empty as everyone else goes on a break. “I’m right on the line here,” said Sarwer, shaking his head. “OK, I fold. I fold eights.” Orlandi does not declare his hand, but says only: “That’s a very good fold.”

2.55pm: What could he have?
It was folded around to Aurelien Guiglini who raised pre flop, bet the flop, bet the turn and then moved all in for his last 96,000 on the river. His opponent in the hand was Ismail Erkenov who called him all the way including the river even though he had only 16,000 more chips. The board ended up as 5♣5♦10♦J♦9♥ and Guiglini opened A♣10♣ and was getting out of his seat as he thought he was beat for sure. But no, to the surprise of everyone the Russian folded. King-ten or mid pocket pair? We’ll never know.

2.45pm: A few facts
Some notable observations now we’re in the cash:

  • The PokerStars qualifier Matt Johns has made the money on his first visit to the EPT. He has more than 250,000 and is going great guns.
  • Joao Barbosa is back in the cash. He was reaching the money at will on season five of the EPT and although he hasn’t been playing tournaments much this season – apparently he’s discovered ring game poker – he couldn’t resist playing at his home event. And surprise, surprise, he’s made the cash.
  • Everyone busting out now will not only get a visit to the cash cage, they’ll also find their name added to the prizewinners page of PokerStars blog.
  • Portuguese players constituted about 20% of the starting field. Eight players made the money (48 paid), approximately 17%.
  • Four Team PokerStars Pros made the money: Ruben Visser, Jude Ainsworth (in his first EPT on the Team), Johannes Strassmann and Jan Heitmann.
  • Other notables: Jeff Sarwer, Antony Lellouche, Martin Wendt, Pierre Neuville, Johan van Til and Ross Boatman.
  • Sarwer, Tome Moreira, Lellouche, Alexey Yuzikov and Michel Abecassis have cashed in the two most recent EPT events having all made the money in Warsaw last month.

    2.35pm: Bubble bursts before it’s inflated
    Two off the bubble Sergey Lebedev opened for 9,000 and was called by Jeff Sarwer next to him, Santiago Terrazas in the small blind and Andrei Vlasenko in the big. The flop came 9♥9♠Q♦ which was checked to Sarwer who made it 26,000. Everyone folded except for Lebedev who moved all in for 57,000. Sarwer didn’t like it, and talked to himself for a bit, reluctantly calling and showing K♠10♠ to Lebedev’s A♠Q♥. The turn came a 2♠ helping no one but the river card J♦ gave Sarwer the straight and more importantly made Lebedev today’s bubble boy.

    Just seconds before another elimination had taken place on the adjacent table and Thomas Kremser announced that the next hand would be dealt hand-for hand. No need. We just had the shortest bubble play you can get.

    2.30pm: Non-existent bubble
    We got to the bubble and we burst it without even knowing we were there. Four players were all in on four different tables and although two survived (one of whom was Ross Boatman) two did not, bursting the bubble between them. Full details of the bubble hand are on their way.

    2.25pm: That damn river
    Santiago Terrazas opened for 11,000 from mid position. Jan Heitmann was on the button and re-raised to 26,500. The action was folded back to Terrazas who called for a flop of K♦4♠8♥. Terrazas checked but Heitmann made it 32,000. Terrazas gathered his chips and held them ready to move all in. Eventually he did, Heitmann insta-calling and with good reason, showing A♠A♦ to Terrazas 7♥7♣. The turn 3♣ the river 7♠. Cue sharp inhalations, noisy exhalations and Heitmann took it with minimum wince. Unlucky though. Down to 230,000.

    2.25pm: Visser
    Anxious times as the bubble approaches with the short stacks hoping it’s not going to be them bathed in bubble goo. At the same time, the big stacks can get involved and Ruben Visser and Jim Collopy just got about 22,000 in pre-flop before it came down 10♠J♠3♣. Visser checked, Collopy bet 16,400 and Visser called. Then they checked the turn 5♥ and the river 6♥ and Visser’s A♣Q♠ was the best hand.

    2.20pm: Bad timing
    Luis Rodrigues is our 51st place finisher. Desperately short he pushed all in from the button with J♦9♦. How bad was this for timing though? Marco Della Tommasina, who didn’t have that much more, woke up with A♥A♠ and called. The board ran 7♦3♣10♥10♣3♥ to confirm his exit.

    We’re just two of the money now.

    2.15pm: Heitmann v Sarwer… twice
    Jan Heitmann and Jeff Sarwer are getting busy with each other. First hand Sarwer makes it 9,000 from early position and Heitmann calls from the big blind. On the 2♦8♣5♥ flop Heitmann checked, Sarwer made it 12,500 and Heitmann re-raised to 32,500. Fold.

    Next hand Sarwer makes it 9,000 from under the gun, it’s folded around to Heitmann in the small blind and he calls again.

    “I see something of a theme developing here,” said the German.
    “Another check-raise on the flop?” asks Sarwer.
    “I don’t know yet,” Heitmann said.

    The flop came 3♥4♣9♦ and both checked. But on the 5♦ turn Heitmann bet 13,500 and Sarwer folded.

    “I think I like this theme,” said Heitmann.

    2.10pm: Man down
    PokerStars qualifier Dominykas Karmazinas is out. We did not catch how the hand played out, but Johan Van Til was raking in the pot showing A♥10♥ on a 9♦6♣4♥9♥K♥ board. The nut flush does tend to win these things.

    2.05pm: Luck of the Irish?
    Whoever penned the term “Luck of the Irish” might have to withdraw the term forever after events of the past few days. Patrick O’Connor would certainly agree with the sentiments. We reported how he doubled up a short stack just a short while ago (see 1.45pm update) while being ahead, well now he got the last of his chips as a favorite only to lose again and be eliminated.

    The action folded around to Guillaume Da Silva in the small blind and he put O’Connor all in. O’Connor looked down at his cards and called quickly with K♦Q♠. Da Silva tabled J♥7♠ and duly made a full house on a 3♣7♦6♦6♣6♥ board.  

    2.02pm: You lose some, you win some
    Michel Abecassis just moved up to 250,000 in chips. He opened for 10,500 in late position and was called by Ricardo Sousa in the small blind. On the flop of K♣6♥5♠ Sousa checked before Abecassis made it 14,500, enough to end the hand there.

    On the next hand Sousa got his chips in, raising all in behind a bet of 102,000 from Johan van Til. It was 13,000 more for the Dutchman to call, which he did, showing 9♦J♠ to Sousa’s A♣A♠. An ace on the flop was enough. Sousa back up to 230,000 while Van Til slumps to 106,000.

    2pm: Cheese
    He’s known as Mr_BigQueso online, abbreviated to plain Queso among his friends. Queso means “cheese”. I wonder where the name came from:


    Jim Collopy

    1.55pm: Full chip counts
    The full counts from the end of the last level have just reached us and are now on the chip counts page.


    1.52pm: Hit for Heitmann
    Jeff Sarwer has kept up his habit of relentless raising, knocking Jan Heitmann from a hand and taking his own stack further towards the stratosphere. On a board of A♥4♣J♦3♥7♣ Heitmann had made it 22,500 to Sarwer from the button, who had checked from the big blind. Sarwer simply raised it up to 53,000, forcing Heitmann to fold.

    1.50pm: Double up
    Anton Bertilsson was staring at a cruel exit just ahead of the bubble when he moved all in with K♠5♠ and was called by Manuel Cadilhe with K♣J♦. That was before the flop and turn came 4♠6♣2♦3♦ to fill the straight to the five and give Bertilsson a double up to around 90,000.

    1.45pm: Hanging by a thread
    Being so near to the money we are seeing a lot of players willing to let their stacks dwindle to life threatening levels in an attempt to sneak a payday. Jamel Maistriaux
    had just 36,000 left and when Patrick O’Connor raised to 10,000 from the button Maistriaux put them all in and was called. Maistriaux was live with K♠2♥ against O’Connor’s A♦10♦. The first card out was K♠ providing much the very much needed double up for Maistriaux.

    1.30pm: Back
    Players have returned to their seats after the first break of the day. There are 54 left, which means five more will depart without any dough and 30 need to depart before day is done. The bubble is likely to float into sight in this level.

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