EPT Vilamoura: Day 2, level 10 updates

November 19, 2009


Updates from level 10 of EPT Vilamoura, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Selected approximate chip counts, updated throughout the day, are available on the chip counts page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. The full payout structure is on the payout structure page.

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Level 10: 600-1,200 (100 ante)

2.59pm: Tight? Kravchenko? Nope
Alex Kravchenko just took a small pot from Manuel Jimenez Cecilia, although it’s not done much good for Kravchenko’s image as a tight player. From early position, Kravchenko raised to 2,800 and Cecilia was the only caller from the cut off. The flop came K♣2♥8♣ and they both checked. The turn was 10♣ and they both checked. The river was 9♦ and now Kravchenko bet 5,000, which Cecilia called. Kravchenko showed K♠5♠ and won. But how about that raise from early position, huh?

2.57pm: Running like God
PokerStars qualifier Matthew Nieberg’s stack is up to a massive 360,000 now. The latest pot he won came courtesy of Julian Thew after he bet 39,200 on the river of a 5♠Q♠7♦4♠J♥ board. Thew called but mucked upon seeing Nieberg’s 6♣8♣ for a straight. The call crippled Thew and he busted soon after.

This was a nice pot for Neiberg for sure but to say he’s been running like God is probably an understatement. Something had to explain his current chip mountain status and cracking aces with sets and hitting a royal flush when an opponent had a full house might just do that.

2.55pm: Baekke back
A board of 5♦4♣8♠3♣J♥ and a bet of 7,000 from Olga Kramarruko. Allan Baekke was still in the pot with her and re-raised to 50,000, making any call an all-in one. She thought about the call, but not this time. Baekke up to 160,000.

2.52pm: Would Calia call?
Nicolo Calia made it 3,400 from under the gun. Alexia Portal went into deep thought, eventually pushing her chips in worth 32,700. The action was folded back to 309. Would he? Wouldn’t he? He wouldn’t. Portal up to around 40,000.

2.50pm: Good Grace
Richard Grace found a nice double up, and now sits on 68,000 thanks to spiking a set of fours on a A♠5♣4♥ flop. His 8,000 bet on the Q♦ was called by Pontus Kers, then Grace went all in for his last 24,000 on the A♣ river. After a little dwell, Kers called, but was met with the bad news of Grace’s 4♠4♦.

2.45pm: New video
How do you know it’s close to the end of the day’s second level? Because there’s a video blog welcoming us to day two.

Watch EPT6 Vilamoura Day 2 Intro on PokerStars.tv

2.40pm: New force
When the full official chip counts were updated at the end of the last level Matthew Nieberg had 90,000 chips. Now he’s sitting with closer to 300,000, which puts him close to the chip lead.

Details of how that happened are forthcoming, but at the moment he’s actually licking his wounds after a hand against Jesus Sanchez. There was already a decent amount in the pot when Nieberg bet 7,600 on a flop of 9♠6♠Q♠. Sanchez called on the button. The turn was 8♥ and Nieberg now bet 18,200 and Sanchez called. The river was 10♥ and this time Nieberg check. Sanchez splashed 44,000 into the pot and that sent Nieberg so deep into the tank that he ended up calling the clock on himself. “Why didn’t I bet the river?” he asked, before saying: “I’m never going to make up my mind.” Eventually he folded and Sanchez took it.

Nieberg still has at least 220,000.

2.36pm: Van Der Burg sunk
Eric Van Der Burg is out. He moved in with the last of his stack showing 10♥3♣ to his caller Nicolas Duffort who turned over A♦A♣. The board ran: 5♦Q♠2♣6♥J♦.

2.35pm: Arch rival Gabriel
On a flop of J♦A♣6♦ Gino Gabriel checked in the small blind before Jeff Sarwer made it 5,100. Rico Schultz called but then Gabriel re-raised to 18,000, enough to take down the pot, showing A♠Q♣.

“Nice hand, yeah,” said Sarwer.
“Ace-ten?” asked Gabriel.
“A lower kicker…” he replied.
“More like ace-three!” added Shaun Deeb.

2.30pm: Visser makes a move
Dutch Team PokerStars Pro Ruben Visser opened with a raise to 3,000 from the cut off only to face a three-bet to the value of 8,000 from Guillaume Da Silva in the next seat. Visser looked at how much his opponent had behind (about 40,000) and moved all in and received a quick call. “I think your ahead” announced Visser as he tabled J♦2♦ and funnily enough he was right as Da Silva showed A♦K♠.

The board ran Q♥10♥K♦3♣J♥ to offer a sweat for the players but the best hand held. Visser on a 135,000 as a result.

2.25pm: Whatever shall we do with Maria?
Maria Maceiras, sister of Team PokerStars Pro Juan, is out, pushing for her last 20,000 on a J♠J♣5♠ flop with 9♦9♥, only to walk in to Ryan Franklin’s A♠A♦. The 5♥ turn and 2♥ river failed to bring the required third nine, and Maria was off. Franklin is up to 70,000.

2.20pm: Kravchenko on the up
Having spent all of yesterday losing just 1,000 chips, Team PokerStars Pro Alex Kravchenko is on, for him, something of a tear. He’s now up to 65,000, and a nice chunk of that came from the following hand.

He made it 2,900 and was called by PokerStars qualifier Dominykas Karmazinas. Both checked the Q♣10♠Q♠ flop, and Kravchenko called Karmazinas’ 4,500 bet on the 9♣ turn. When the K♥ hit the river, Karmazinas made it 8,500. That was also called by Kravchenko, who showed K♣J♦ for the winning straight.

2.17pm: Quads tend to win
Fernando Brito made it 2,400 under the gun, and Claudio Coelho re-raised from two seats further along. “All-in,” said Brito. “Call,” said Coelho.

Coelho: A♦A♣
Brito: Q♦Q♥

Brito needed help, but the flop came A♠7♥3♦. If that wasn’t bad enough, the A♥ turn certainly was. The 6♦ river was an irrelevance.

2.15pm: Chop
When Christophe Benzimra bet 21,300 on a board of K♦K♠7♥9♣A♣, it was only about half the pot that had brewed between the EPT Warsaw champion and Jason Mercier, the player then facing a decision. Eventually Mercier made the call and Benzimra showed A♦9♦. Mercier showed A♠9♠. Chop it up.

2.10pm: Wendt in charge
Martin Wendt has been table captain today, despite sharing the felt with Jude Ainsworth and Julian Thew, among others. On a flop of J♦5♣3♥, Wendt bet 4,700 which Ainsworth, the only other remaining player, called. The turn was 10♦ and Wendt now fired 15,000. Ainsworth folded.

At this point, Matt Nieberg, sitting in the seven seat, had a request for Rafael Morillo, directly opposite him at the other end of the table. “When you muck your cards, could you muck them flat?” Nieberg asked, explaining that he was getting a glimpse of Morillo’s hand every time he folded them. That’s a decent spot of sportsmanship from Nieberg as knowledge is power, and even the knowledge of a mucked hand can give a slight edge. The request was translated to Morillo, who thanked Nieberg, but Thew quipped: “Can you see Martin’s hands too? You’d keep that quiet, right.”

2.05pm: By the power of Grace-skull
As I approached the table Richard Grace was moving all in for his last 14,200 on a 10♥A♦4♣ flop and was being looked up by Claudio Coelho. Grace tabled A♥7♣ and was ahead of the young Portuguese’s A♣3♥ and the kicker still played after the K♣[turn and 2♥ river came along. He’s up to 58,000 as a result.

1.55pm: Bouncing Black
With a board reading 7♦6♥K♦A♦ and 26,000 in the pot Alexia Portal checked in the small blind. Andy Black was in the big and made it 12,000 to play. Portal, poised and still in contrast to the leg tapping juggernaut that is Black, thought for some time before calling for an 8♣ river card. Again she checked before Black plonked 21,500 into the middle. Portal passed this time.

“Show the bluff, it’s good for the game,” said Ruben Visser .
“Not that one, no…” replied Black in all seriousness, before adding “It was too funky.”

Black now up to 90,000.

1.50pm: AK40
Fernando Brito made it 2,500 pre-flop which Alex Kravchenko raised to 8,000. Brito called for a flop of 2♦2♥8♠. Brito checked before Kravchenko made it 10,000. Brito passed this time helping the Team PokerStars Pro move up to 40,000.

1.45pm: Franklin mint
On a flop of 9♦K♣Q♣ Ryan Franklin bet 5,000 which Andy Black raised to 11,000. Franklin called for a 5♠ turn, checked by both. A 7♦ on the river and two more checks. Franklin showed K♠10♠. “Good,” said Black, down to 40,000.

1.40pm: Level 10
Players have returned from their first break of the day and on we go. The tournament board shows 142 players remaining. A full chip count is currently under way, which will appear on the chip count page in about 10 minutes.



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