EPT Vienna: Final table, level 30, 31 & 32 updates (150,000-300,000)

October 31, 2010


10.30pm: Off to the ball
That’s the end of EPT Vienna. We’ve had 587 players contest the title here and details of all the juicy, important stuff will be available shortly in the end of day wrap — RD

10.23pm: Michael Eiler wins EPT Vienna (€700,000)
Yet again Michael Eiler open-shoved the button and after a bit of a think Martin Hruby called all-in for his last 3,900,000.

Eiler: A♦10♦
Hruby: 2♣2♥

Flop: 8♦J♦K♦

Eiler flopped the nuts. Hruby needed running deuces, eights, jacks or kings to stay alive.

Turn: 3♠

Hruby was drawing dead, but could Eiler river a royal flush?

River: 4♦

No royal flush, (odds of one in 649,740), but the 20-year-old Eiler is the winner of EPT Vienna. A large trophy and €700,000 is also his.

Hruby takes home €470,000 for his second place finish. — NW

10.20pm: Eiler victorious in Vienna
Michael Eiler wins EPT Vienna.

10.12pm: Eiler sticking it to Hruby
Two of the last three hands have featured Michael Eiler moving all-in and wining the pot. In the first he shoved over Martin Hruby’s 650,000 pre-flop opener. In the second he moved all-in after Hruby had limped from the button. — NW

10.07pm: Four hands no action
The first four hands featured no action; with two walks and two button raise-and-takes. Both players have won two pots each. — NW

10.02pm: Heads-up play resumes
We’re in to the 32nd level of EPT Vienna. Will this be the last level of the tournament? — MC

9.55pm: Update from the sidelines
As well as the Main Event this week, there were 18 side events taking place, including a €330 Ladies Event, won by Italian student Alessandra Cravero; a €10,000 no-limit tournament, won by EPT London finalist Fernando Brito, and a €1,000 H.O.R.S.E. event won by Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske.

9.47pm: End of level
The heads-up combatants are going on a15 minute break.

9.45pm: Eiler opens up two-to-one lead
Michael Eiler is up to 11.9 million after disguising the strength of his hand to get two streets of value out of Martin Hruby. He raised to 425,000 from the button and Hruby called. Critically, Eiler checked behind on the Q♦4♦6♥ flop.

Eiler bet 525,000 on the 2♠ turn and Hruby called. Eiler then bet a cool 1,225,000 on the 4♣ river after Hruby checked to him. The Team PokerStars Pro tanked for two minutes before making the call.

Eiler tabled queen-ten for the pot as Hruby mucked. — MC

9.40pm: Next two to Hruby
The players are trading chips back and forth. Play has certainly tightened up a bit since the chip stacks got closer together. Hruby called Eiler’s pre-flop raise of 425,000 before both players checked the Q♥7♦10♥ flop. Hruby’s 700,000 bet on the 3♠ turn was enough to make Eiler fold. — NW

9.35pm: Three-in-a-row
PokerStars qualifier Michael Eiler has won all three hands since his double-up. Both times he was on the button his raises were enough to take the hand. Hruby was kind enough to give him a walk in the other. — MC

9.31pm: Michael Eiler doubles-up
Martin Hruby had moved in over the top of Michael Eiler’s button raises with some frequency, but this time he got caught. Eiler made it 450,000, Hruby moved in for an effective stack of 4,950,000 and Eiler called.

Hruby: A♣3♥
Eiler: A♠J♦

The board ran out 6♠J♣2♣4♥3♦. Although Hruby always had outs Eiler doubled through to seize the chip lead with 9,995,000. Hruby doen to 7,620,000. — NW

ept vienna_day 5_michael eiler.jpg

Tournament fortunes have swung in Michael Eiler’s favour

9.24pm: The magic button
The last three hands have all been won pre-flop with button raises. Two of them went to Eiler and one to Hruby. The magic amount to raise to claim these pots was 450,000. — MC

9.17pm: Eiler four-bets all-in
We’ve had the first pre-flop four bet. Michael Eiler made it 450,000, Martin Hruby then made a small three-bet to 910,000 and very swiftly Eiler moved all-in. Hruby folded. — NW

9.14pm: Hand #154
In the 154th hand the final Michael Eiler raise to 450,000 from the button and Martin Hruby called in the BB. The flop came 5♥K♠2♠ and both players checked through to the K♦ turn. Hruby took over the initiative with a chunky 860,000 bet that forced a reluctant fold from Eiler. — MC

9.10pm: Eiler raises it up
Martin Hruby took two pots in a row then Michael Eiler stopped the rot. He raised to 475,000 pre-flop and Hruby called. On the flop of 4♠3♥2♠ Hruby led out for 310,000 but Eiler ramped it up to 1,050,000, forcing Hruby to fold. — NW

9.04pm: Eiler claws some back
Michael Eiler raised to 450,000 from the button and Martin Hruby called from the big blind. The flop came 8♥5♣3♦. Both players checked before Hruby led for 530,000 on the 8♣ turn. Call.

The river came 8♣ and both players checked again. Eiler tabled A♠6♥, good for the pot and a 5.3 million stack. The man from the Czech Republic is down a little to 12.1 million. — MC

9pm: Full house good for Hruby
Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby has won the first good-sized pot of heads-up play.

Michael Eiler made it 450,000 on the button and Hruby called. On the flop of K♦6♦6♣ both players checked. To the 5♥ turn where Hruby check-called a bet of 425,000. On the 6♥ river both players checked and Hruby showed K♣8♥, trapping with a full house. — NW

8.55pm: Nanos out in 3rd for €265,000
The Konstantinos Nanos comeback didn’t last much longer, he’s out. Martin Hruby was the axe-man. The action folded to Hruby in the SB and he set his opponent all-in who called off his 1.6 million stack in an attemptto get another crucial double up.

Hruby: K♥9♥
Nanos: Q♠9♠

The board ran K♣6♣A♠10♥2♥ and that means we’re now heads-up. Nanos didn’t seem too upset and rushed off to embrace his family and friends including his three-year old son. — MC

ept vienna_day 5_nanos.jpg

Konstantinos Nanos: third place has bagged him €265,000

8.51pm: How do you find kings there?
Nanos moved all-in for 755,000 (three big blinds) and gets auto-called by Hruby.

Hruby: Q♦9♥
Nanos: K♠K♥

The board blanked for Hruby and Nanos is up to 1.63 million. Hruby still in the lead with 10.7 million. — RD

8.47pm: Family pot
Hruby limped the button. Nanos called and Eiler checked behind. Hruby bet the J♥10♠8♥ flop and took it down unopposed. — RD

8.48pm: Three in a row for Eiler
As the title suggests he’s taken the last three pots. He shoved after Konstantinos Nanos limped from the small blind, and then open shoved from the small blind into Martin Hruby. On the third he made it 425,000 to go and everyone folded. — NW

8.45pm: Not nice for Nanos
Power poker was shown in it’s prime form when Konstantinos Nanos raised from the button to face an all-in shove from Martin Hruby in the big blind. Cue an instant fold from the man from Greece.

The next time Nanos raised from the button Hruby just flat called to see a A♥K♠K♥ flop where he check-called a 650,000 bet. The turn came Q♦ and both players checked. The river came Q♣ and Hruby led for a teasing 750,000 bet. Nanos thought for a while and made the call, but mucked upon seeing Hruby’s Q♥8♥ for a full house.

He’s down to 1.4 million whereas Hruby extends his lead, up to 11.3 million. — MC

8.38pm: Eiler up, Hruby down
Hruby is stretching his lead and Nanos is dropping behind. Hruby was on the button and raised to 575,000 and took the blinds. In the next hand Hruby was given a walk on his big blind. Eiler then opened to 475,000 from the button and took the blinds. The next hand Hruby raised to 435,000 and Eiler moved all-in. Fold from Hruby. That’s good work from Eiler. — RD

8.35pm: Eiler wins a small one
Michael Eiler has taken the first pot of note since the level started. He raised from the button to 475,000 and Konstantinos Nanos, who has shown a propensity to defend his big blind, did so again.

On the 2♥J♦K♣ flop Nanos checked and a 535,000 bet from Eiler won him the pot. — NW

8.30pm: Play starts
We’re under way.

8.26pm: Waiting
Still no sign of the restart, although Michael Eiler has returned to the table.

Martin Hruby – 9,440,000
Konstantinos Nanos – 4,100,000
Michael Eiler – 4,030,000

8.10pm: Down to a winner
Despite the nagging feeling that the extra large slice of Sachertorte may have been a cake too far, we’re back, ready to see this one through to the end.

Four players remain, and while Daniel Negreanu may no longer be the headline there’s still the chance of a Team Pro win, the first Greek winner and, let’s see, the first Eiler to win. — SB

7.06pm: Dinner break
That’s the end of the level. Players are now on a 75 minute dinner break. Play resumes at 8.15pm.

7.05pm: Negreanu falls in fourth place (€175,000)
Daniel Negreanu’s dream of winning an EPT, not to mention a Triple crown, have been dashed.

He moved all-in again for 1,205,000 from the button and was looked up by fellow Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby in the SB. Showdown:


Daniel Negreanu departs

Negreanu: Q♠8♠
Hruby: A♣4♥

The board ran 2♣6♣J♣A♥6♥. It was all over by the turn and a gracious Negreanu shook hands with the three remaining players and left to generous applause. — MC

6.59pm: Eiler feels the fours
Eiler moved all-in from the button and was called by Hruby in the big blind.

Eiler: [4]4♣
Hruby: A♦10♦

The 6♠K♠6♣ flop isn’t great for the fours and the Q♦ gave even more outs. A blank 5♣ on the river saw Eiler bump up to 4 million. Negreanu is still super short. — RD

6.58pm: Good, bad, ugly
The next time Daniel Negreanu was in the big blind Konstantinos Nanos raised to 250,000 from the button to face an all-in shove for 1,225,000 million from Negreanu. Nanos was dwelling over his decision and had Negreanu in his ear trying to talk him into a call, which he ended up doing. Showdown:

Negreanu: A♠10♦
Nanos: A♥4♦

Negreaanu was in great shape to double-up but it ended in a chop on a 5♠8♦8♠Q♦A♦ board. — MC

6.50pm: Dodgy gut
Negranu made it 240,000 from the button, Nanos called called from the big blind and Negreanu fired 300,000 into the 6♣6♦7♣ flop. Nanos held on for at least one more street. Both players checked the 4♦ turn then Nanos shot 680,000 into the 10♠ river.

“This thing in my gut is telling me to call you,” said Negreanu as he tried to work out what Nanos held. “You bet 680,000 with nine-ten? It’s a good bet if it is. I’m going to need a minute.”

Negreanu was really putting himself through the ringer on this one . Negreanu called and Nanos showed 8♠9♣ for a rivered straight. Negreanu is down to just over a million. — RD

6.42pm: Nanos using position
The action folded around to our new chip leader Hruby in the small blind who raised to 260,000 and was called by Konstantinos Nanos in the big blind.

The flop came down 3♠6♠9♠ and Hruby allowed his Greek opponent to take over the initiative, check-calling a 350,000 bet to see the 5♦ turn. Hruby checked once more and then folded to a 500,000 bet from Nanos. — MC

6.35pm: Incredible scenes, really
This hand was extraordinary. Luca Cainelli opened to 290,000 from the hijack and was called by Negreanu in the cut-off. Martin Hruby came along for the ride on the button.

The 8♥5♥K♠ flop was good enough for Cainelli to c-bet a large 725,000. Negreanu made the call and remarkably so did Hruby. This had already grown into a huge pot but the 9♠ turn would transform everything; the hand, the tournament and the fortunes of all three players.

Cainelli now moved all-in for 1,575,000 and Negreanu quickly moved all-in behind him. Hruby looked a little shocked but called all-in himself behind them.

Cainelli: A♠A♦ for an over pair
Negreanu: K♦9♦ for top two pair
Hruby: 6♦7♣ for the straight


Martin Hruby chipped up

Only a nine would have seen all three players get all their money there and then. With the whole room watching, either by the stage or on the screen in the press room, the 5♣ fell on the river. It gave Cainelli a bigger two-pair, but Hruby’s straight held to pump him up to 10,795,000 – a collosal chip lead. Cainelli is out. Negreanu is now down to 2,600,000. — RD

6.22pm: A taste of things to come?
Thanks to the blinds the players are a lot shallower than before and this will likely mean that a lot more of the hands will be played out pre-flop. We’ve seen a lot of re-raises all-in but not too many open shoves until just now when Michael Eiler did just that.

The action folded to him on the button and he moved all-in for 1.9 million. If you’re 20 big blinds or less it’s not a bad play as it can prove hard to exploit. –MC

6.18pm: Four-bet shove
Martin Hruby opened from the button for 255,000 and Nanos three-bet from the small blind to 640,000. This is not the first time that Nanos has attacked Hruby and that may well be why the Team PokerStars Pro almost instantly poured the pressure back on Nanos by announcing all-in.


Martin Hruby

The Czech’s stack was 3,095,000 deep and he asked the big question. Nanos tank folded flashing an ace yet again. As soon as he did Hruby, normally a sphinx at the table, allowed himself a fierce fist pump. Safe to say that he didn’t want a call. — RD

6.15pm: Eiler who?
Still wondering where you’ve seen Luca Cainelli before? And who’s that Nanos chap? Read their player profiles to find out.

6.12pm: Nanos passes an ace
Eiler moved all-in under-the-gun and the action passed to Nanos in the big blind who folded A♠3♠ face-up. I’m really not sure if Eiler looked happy about that pass or not. — RD

6.10pm: Blind battle
The action folded to Luca Cainelli in the SB and his completion worked this time, getting to see a cheap flop when Daniel Negreanu checked his option from the BB.

The flop came K♦6♠J♦ and both players checked to see the A♥ turn. The Italian led for 225,000 and the Canadian called to go to the 5♥ river. Back to checking and Cainelli could only show 8♦9♠ for nine-high. Negreanu missed his flush draw but hit a five with his 4♦5♦. — MC

6.05pm: Negreanu keeps on raising
Negreanu keeps firing and keeps showing hands. He opened to 250,000 and flashed A♣10♦ after scooping the blinds. He raised again on the next hand from the cut-off and Hruby three-bet from the button to 595,000.

Negreanu quickly passed and Hruby flashed some paint. — RD

6pm: Heater
This pot was opened up by Daniel Negreanu with an under-the-gun raise to 260,000 into the BB of Luca Cainelli, who folded.

On the next hand the action folded to Cainelli in the SB and he completed, only to face a raise from Negreanu in the BB. It was a 250,000 raise but it was too much for the Italian to call.

Negreanu flashed pocket jacks and said he had ace-king the hand before. And here were we thinking he was just picking on the tightest player. On the next hand he picked up the blinds, showing a pair of nines. — MC

5.55pm: Post-break hand blast
We’re back from the break and there has been a little bit of action:

  • Negreanu raised to 260,000 from small blind and took Hruby’s big blind.

  • Negreanu raised to 260,000 from the button and took Nanos’ big blind.

  • Hruby opened to 255,000 from the button and was three-bet to 750,000 from the small blind by Nanos. Hruby looked at his chips, looked at the 750,000 bet, looked at Nanos and then let everyone else look at the A♦ he flashed to the table while passing. — RD

    5.50pm: We play on
    And we’re back for a new level. Five players remain and you can find their chip counts on the chip count page.


    Daniel Negreanu with Amanda Leatherman

    PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of morale):Stephen Bartley (Unflappable), Nick Wright (Indomitable), Marc Convey (Invincible) and Rick Dacey (Thirsty).

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