EPT Vienna: Day 4, level 25 & 26 updates (25,000-50,000, 5,000 ante)

October 30, 2010


10.55pm: Final table chips and seat draw

Here’s how the final eight players stack up for the final table which starts at 12pm tomorrow. Do remember to take into account daylight saving, the clock’s going back an hour. Don’t get your noons and one o’clocks mixed up…

The final table
1. Luca Cainelli, Italy – 1,935,000
2. Daniel Negreanu, Canada, Team PokerStars Pro – 5,070,000
3. Matthias Lotze, Germany, PokerStars qualifier – 1,210,000
4. Andreas Wiese, Germany – 730,000
5. Martin Hruby, Czech Republic, Team PokerStars Pro – 975,000
6. Konstantinos Nanos, Greece, PokerStars qualifier – 3,635,000
7. Michael Eiler, Germany, PokerStars qualifier – 2,160,000
8. Bruno Launais, France – 1,785,000

Join us here on the blog for full coverage. — NW

10.47pm: Play ends for the day
Full wrap and chip counts to come. Play will restart tomorrow at 12 noon. — RD

10.45pm: 8-ball sinks Kirill Zapletin in 9th (€44,000)
PokerStars online qualifier Kirill Zapletin is the unfortunate soul to bubble the EPT Vienna final table. The action folded around to Bruno Launais in the small blind and he raised the Russian all-in. Zapletin looked down at his holding and snap called.

Zapletin: A♦K♦
Launais: A♠8♣

It was a great spot for Zapletin to double-up but he couldn’t dodge the eight with the board running out 4♣3♠Q♥4♠8♠.

That cruel turn card will sting the Russian as he tries to sleep tonight, but hopefully the €44,000 he gets to take home will go some way to ease the pain. — MC

ept vienna_day 4_kirill zapletin.jpg

Kirill Zapletin has turned an online package into €44,000

10.44pm: News from the side events
Six hours into the €330 Ladies Event and we are still on the money bubble after Brigitta Hauer, from Austria, busted in fifth place. Still in are Alessandra Cravero, from Italy, Russian player Natalya Nikitina, as well as Austrians Christa Blieberger and Dagmar Gebauer.

Christa, 45, first came to notice at EPT Vilamoura where she came third in the €300 No-Limit Turbo event. She also qualified on PokerStars for last summer’s World Series Main Event. First place in Vienna pays €4,650, €2,790 for second and €1,860 for third.

Meanwhile in the €10,000 event, just four players remain. Chip leader is EPT1 Grand Final winner Rob Hollink, with 120,000, followed by EPT London finalist Fernando Brito with 103,700. EPT Grand Final High Roller winner Tobias Reinkemeier is currently third with 77,100 and EPT Vilamoura runner-up Martin Jacobson is fourth with 49,800.

A total of 13 players entered the event, which has one re-buy and two places will be paid: €90,000 for first and €50,000 for second. – Mad Harper.

10.42pm: Martin Hruby doubles up
Down to just eight-and-a-half-big blinds, pocket eights were more than enough for Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby to move his last 430,000 into the middle from the cut-off. He was called by Konstantinos Nanos on the button with A♥J♠. Everyone else folded. The board ran out 9♦3♦2♥8♦Q♣ and Hruby more than doubled up to more than 900,000. — NW

10.38pm: Apply the pressure; feel the pressure
Konstantinos Nanos has been on both sides of some pre-flop pressure here with the final nine. He just put Andreas Wiese under the hammer when the young German raised into his big blind shoving all-in to get him to fold with his tournament life at risk. In the very next hand Nanos completed from the small blind but passed when Michael Eiler raised to 155,000 from the big. — MC

10.30pm: Italian takes it down with three-bet
Luca Cainelli just took some more chips from Michael Eiler, three-betting Eiler’s 125,000 opener to 380,000. The commentators on the EPT live feed speculated that Cainelli hadn’t done a whole lot of three betting, Eiler seemed to agree and decided to give it up on this one. — NW

10.25pm: Eiler loses more
Michael Eiler has just lost another pot, topping one million, to slip back into third place. Konstantinos Nanos raised and was called by Eiler in position. When the flop dropped 6♥8♥6♦ Nanos opted for a check-raising line, pushing Eiler’s 155,000 bet up to 325,000. Eiler called quickly as folded almost as quickly when Nanos led for 480,000 on the 2♥ turn.

It’s been a bad turn (literally) of events for Eiler since play went nine-handed. — MC

ept vienna_day 4_michael eiler.jpg

Things aren’t going as planned for Eiler…

10.20pm: Cling on or go for it?
There are three players in the danger zone right now and they’ve got a choice; cling on for at least a €16,000 pay jump, or go for a double up and a shot at the big money.

Andreas Wiese, Kirill Zapletin and Martin Hruby are the three in trouble, and at the moment they all seem to be going for the ‘cling’ option. The last four hands have been raise-and-takes or walks, Daniel Negreanu claiming two pots and one apiece for Konstantinos Nanos and Michael Eiler. — NW

10.10pm: Neagreanu turns a monster and bags a huge pot
For the second hand in a row Daniel Negreanu has turned a third seven to help him win a big pot. Rather than busting someone out he merely regained the chip lead.

Negreanu raised pre-flop and was called by Michael Eiler in the big blind to go to an 8♦2♦8♣ flop. Eiler led out and was flatted by Negreanu before the German went into check-call mode on the 7♣ turn and 9♠ river, on which Negeanu bet a chunky 905,000 into the 1.2 million pot.

Eiler called and was shown 7♠7♥ for a turned full-house. Negreanu’s now up to 4.5 million while Eiler drops to around 3 million. — MC

ept vienna_day 4_daniel negreanu 2.jpg

Negrenau has taken a big lead into the final nine

9.57pm: Which player? Which seat?
Here they are. The final nine of Vienna. One player will be swatted down before we reach the real final table.

1. Kirill Zapletin, Russia, 572,000
2. Luca Cainelli, Italy, 1,850,000
3. Daniel Negreanu, Canada, 3,515,000
4. Matthias Lotze, Germany, 1,425,000
5. Andreas Wiese, Germany, 750,000
6. Martin Hruby, Czech Republic, 650,000
7. Konstantinos Nanos, Greece, 3,250,000
8. Michael Eiler, Germany, 3,955,000
9. Bruno Launais, France, 1,515,000

And word is reaching me of a big pot brewing between Negreanu and Eiler. Could be very important… — RD

9.50pm: Back from Break time
The players are at the (pre) final table with just one player left to bust before play ends for the day. — RD

9.30pm: Break time
The end of the level and another 15 minute break as there’s a redraw. The final nine players will move to the feature table until one more player is eliminated. — SB

9.29pm: Negreanu sticks it to pokergirl1
Morten ‘pokergirl1’ Erlandsen was moved to the feature table and was eliminated on the first hand he played, and with pocket aces nonetheless.

The action folded around to Daniel Negreanu in the SB who raised and then called when Erlandsen moved all-in for 646,000 from the BB.

Negreanu: 7♣7♥
Erlandsen: A♦A♣

The board ran 9♠J♣6♠7♦3♣. Negreanu spiked a seven on the turn to cruelly knock out the Dane, just two short of an EPT final table. — MC

ept vienna_day 4_morten erlandsen.jpg

Morten Erlandsen had his aces cracked to bust in tenth

9.27pm: Bruno the bruiser
It’s fair to say that the player with the highest three-betting frequency at the outer table is Bruno Launais. He’s been doing it liberally and just did it two hands in a row to Matthias Lotze, both times making it 205,000 after Lotze had opened to 85,000. — NW

9.26pm: Severino severed from EPT Vienna
Jose Severino has been eliminated by Michael ‘on a rush’ Eiler. The action folded around to the man from Panama in the SB who open shoved for 655,000. Eiler put his hands into his head as he tried to figure out his decision. He came out of the tank calling to create a showdown worth 1.37 million.

Severino: 5♠5♦
Eiler: A♦8♣

The board ran 9♠J♠3♥6♣A♣. “Yes,” said Eiler as the ace appeared on the river.

We’re down to ten players now and into the next pay bracket (€44,000) but Severino still got a tasty €32,000 for his efforts. — MC

ept vienna_day 4_jose severino.jpg

Jose Severino: out in 10th for €32,000

9.20pm: One Nan(os) show
He’s the chip leader and he’s making sure everyone knows it. Konstantinos Nanos is involved in almost every hand.

In the past five hands he’s played four of them. In the first he limped from the small blind then bet the 4♣5♣Q♥ flop to win the hand. In the second he made it 85,000 from the button but folded to Bruno Launais three-bet, showing the A♠ as he did. The very next hand he again made it 85,000 and folded when Matthias Lotze moved all-in for 710,000.

He took the fourth hand off but in the fifth he was right back into the action making it 85,000 to go. Both Andreas Wiese (button) and Morten Erlandsen made the call. On the flop of 5♥8♣5♦ it checked to Wiese who bet 150,000 and won the pot. — NW

9.19pm: Erlandsen gets it in… again
Martin Hruby opened to 86,000 from under-the-gun and Morten Erlandsen shoved all-in for 449,000. Hruby decided to let this one go and Erlandsen is up to 607,000. Hruby is down to 700,000. — RD

9.15pm: Big guns and river games
Michael Eiler is back into the chip lead on the feature table after getting the better of Daniel Negreanu on the river. Luca Cainelli opened the pot with a raise to 120,000 from first position which was called by Negreanu on the button, and Eiler in the big blind.

All three checked the 3♣A♠7♠ flop before the German led out for 220,000 on the J♥ turn. Negreanu called after Cainelli folded to go to the Q♥ river. Eiler stacked up some chips and bet 547,000, which sent Negreanu into a verbal think tank.

He talked through the range of hands his opponent could value bet with. “People don’t usually bluff me as I’m such a calling station,” said Negreanu. “How much is it?”.

He eventually called, only to hear the words “Nuts” and see the hand K♠10♠. Negreanu said he had ace-ten and handed over the required chips. — MC

ept vienna_day 4_michael eiler.jpg

Michael Eiller putting in a big old bet

9.12pm: Lotze of diamonds
Matthias Lotze opened under-the-gun for 85,000 and monster stack Konstantinos Nanos called in the big blind. The action was checked down to the 2♦3♥5♣4♦Q♦ river which Nanos bet for 100,000. Lotze played with his chips for a little while and then raised to 230,000. Nanos made the call and was shown J♦10♦ for a winning flush. — RD

9.04pm: Wiese: not Lotze’s favourite person
Andreas Wiese shouldn’t expect to get any Christmas cards from Matthias Lotze this December. Any time Lotze tries to get his poker machine running Wiese is there to throw a spanner into the works. Wiese just bet 100,000 into a J♥3♦K♦ flop and Lotze folded, and isn’t looking too thrilled about it. — RD

8.55pm: Trick or treat?
It being Halloween tomorrow a few players in Vienna have been talking about a few tricks and treats they’ve had at the table recently. See for yourself how good, and how bad the pros sometimes have it.

8.50pm: ‘In the Groove’…
…. is one of the terms the EPT Live commentators are saying about Daniel Negreanu right now. He most certainly is and is taking many pots uncontested with pre-flop raises.

No one seems to want to play back at him right now and the Canadian is very much aware of this and has adjusted accordingly. He’s hoovering up so many chips right now and looks so focused in what is his theatre. — MC

8.39pm: Nanos and Hruby tangle
What’s more dangerous than a player with a lot of chips? A player with a big stack who keeps hitting. We have a prime example of that here in Konstantinos Nanos.


Martin Hruby

Martin Hruby opened from the button for 86,000 and Nanos made the call. Play was checked to the 7♠7♥10♦9♥ turn, which Nanos bet 130,000 into. Hruby made the call and did so again when Nanos pushed out a large 190,000 bet. Nanos is fast approaching 4 million chips. Hruby obliged and Nanos turned over 7♦8♦ for flopped trips. — RD

8.38pm: Erlandsen still scrapping
Morten Erlandsen is now up to 650,000 after raising to 82,000 under-the-gun and getting called by Konstantinos Nanos. Erlandsen led out 120,000 into the 9♠5♦2♣ flop and Nanos passed. He looked like he might make a move for a short while, eyeing up Erlandsen’s remaining stack but thought better of it. — RD

8.35pm: Lotze almost snaps
Matthias Lotze was shoved on by Andreas Wiesse and not for the first time. Wiesse has moved all-in over the top of Lotze’s button raise a few times now and something in Lotze’s head almost snapped there.

As he was angling his cards to muck he stopped for a moment before thinking better of it and tossing them into the middle. Next time it happens Lotze is calling.* — RD

* Probably.

ept vienna_day 4_matthias lotze.jpg

Michael Lotze: feeling the frustration

8.25pm: Max pressure again from Eiler
Michael Eiler has just put on the maximum pressure again to scoop a pot, moving up to 3,508,000.

He raised from under-the-gun and was called by Daniel Negreanu and Kirill Zapletin in the blinds. All three checked the K♠7♦Q♣ flop before the Russian led out for 240,000 on the 6♥ turn. Eiler then moved all-in to prompt a fold from Negreanu and a tank
from Zapletin.

After about two minutes Zapletin folded and said “Good bluff,” to Eiler.

“It wasn’t a bluff,” responded Eiler. “You will see on TV.” — MC

8.22pm: Launais lands one
Earlier today Bruno Launais made a great call with ace-high for his tournament life and he just made another one against Martin Hruby. The Team PokerStars Pro had made it 96,000 to go from middle position and Launais called from the big blind.

On the flop of K♣J♥J♣ Launais check-called a bet of 65,000. To the 9♠ turn where they both checked, the river was the 4♠ and Launais checked it to Hruby who bet 116,000.

Launais tanked for a couple of minutes before sliding in the call. Hruby mucked his cards, meaning Launais won the pot and didn’t have to show. — NW

8.17pm: Negreanu does the math
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is back into the chip lead after eliminating Umberto Vitagliano in 12th place,

Negreanu raised to 93,000 before the Italian moved all-in for 462,000. The action folded back around to Negreanu who took his time to make the call. He figured out that he was getting the right price to call but wanted a bit if tank-time to be sure.


Daniel Negreanu and Umberto Vitagliano

“Touch down,” said Negreanu after he called and saw what he was up against.

Negreanu: Q♥J♥
Vitagliano: A♦K♣

The board ran 5♠Q♦10♥Q♠K♥. Trip queens good for the million chip pot. Vitagliano takes home €32,000 for his fine effort. — MC

8.12pm: Cards in the air
Okay, now we’ve started.

8.00pm: Play restarts?
No, not yet. That’s still 15 minutes away. We’re just keen.

So what’s the current situation? There are 12 players left but only enough seats for eight of them at the final table tomorrow. We’ll be playing on tonight until four more players are eliminated.


Konstantinos Nanos

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Vienna (In order of lethargy):Nick Wright (full of beans), Marc Convey (full of fried cheese), Rick Dacey (full of fries) and Stephen Bartley (full of it).


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