EPT Vienna: Day 4, level 23 & 24 updates (15,000-30,000, 3,000)

October 30, 2010


6.51pm: Break time
Players are now on a 75 minute dinner break at the end of level 24. For the latest chip counts go to the chip count page.

6.50pm: Botond bombs out
Balazs Botond just made a great call for his tournament life but got unlucky to be eliminated.

He opened before Kirill Zapletin three-bet and Michael Eiler cold four-bet all-in. Botond called very quickly for his remaining 849,000 and this was enough to force the Russian out. Showdown:

Botond: 8♠8♦
Eiler: 10♠7♠

The board ran 10♥K♠A♦6♠3♦ to send the Hungarian to the rail. Dinner will not taste nice for him tonight. — MC

6.49pm: Action right up until the last
As the last few seconds of the level counted down Matthias Lotze opened the pot to 70,000 from the button and the was shipped in on for around 340,000 by Andreas Wiese in the big blind. Lotze considered the call for some length of time before passing. It’s an important pick-up for Lotze. — RD

6.48pm: A pre-dinner appetizer
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu just took a chunk out of Balazs Botond’s stack as we approach dinner break.

The action folded around to the Hungarian in the SB who raised to 80,000. Negreanu defended from the BB to see 7♠8♠8♦ flop, where both players checked. The turn came 9♣ and Botond check-called an 110,000 bet before check-calling 245,000 on the K♥ river


Daniel Negreanu

Negreanu tabled K♦5♥ for a rivered two-pair. Botond looked disgusted and mucked his hand. Negreanu took a stab on the turn and got there on the river to move up to 2.8 million where Botond drops to 850,000. — MC

6.45pm: Konstant pressure
Chip leader Konstantinos Nanos has his foot pressed firmly to the metal. He’s won the last three pots uncontested. As he was collecting the third pot he showed the table A♥K♠ to show that he wasn’t ‘at it’. — NW

6.35pm: Nanos three-barrels
Konstantinos Nanos just fired three big barrels at Matthias Lotze. The young German managed to hold on for two but the third blew him off what may have been the best hand.

Nanos had raised to 75,000 from the small blind and Lotze had made the call. Nanos proceeded to start firing; 95,000 on the K♣9♥5♦ flop, 140,000 on the 10♠ turn and 300,000 on the 3♣ river.

Lotze really looked like he wanted to call but obviously thought that his holding just wasn’t up to it. He passed and Nanos is up to 3.3m.

On the next hand Lotze won some back by three-betting Jose Severino’s 80,000 under-the-gun raise to 200,000. — RD

6.25pm: A couple of flops
Action continues to be cagey on the outer table there were only two flops in the last orbit. Here’s what happened in them:

Hand One: Morten Erlandsen made it 70,000 from under-the-gun and was flat called by both Bruno Launais and Martin Hruby. The flop of 9♥J♠Q♥ prompted checks from all three players. On the 2♦ turn a bet of 120,000 from Erlandsen won him
the pot.

Hand Two: Matthias Lotze raised to 66,000 from under-the-gun and Martin Hruby called from the button. On the 8♣Q♦A♥ flop Lotze c-bet 72,000 but folded when Hruby made it 170,000 to play. — NW

6.25pm: Cainelli-ing it
Luca Cainelli just took a half million pot against Daniel Negreanu, showing A♥9♥ to Negreanu’s 7♣7♠ on a board of 5♣J♦9♦4♣J♠. NEgreanu had bet on the turn to force out Umberto Vitagliano, but couldn’t beat Cainelli. — SB

6.20pm: Pantazidis eliminated in 14th
It’s been the longest period of the day without an elimination but Anestis Pantazidis just brought that period to an end.

He got his 512,000 stack in with A♠J♠ but ran into Balazs Botond’s Q♦Q♣. The board ran 5♥8♠3♦9♦3♠ to send the Greek home with €26,000. — MC

6.11pm: Severino takes another one down
The two most active players at the table (in this level) have just tangled, with Jose Severino coming out on top against Morten Erlandsen. Severino had raised to 80,000 under-the-gun, setting his own opening raise rather than following everyone else’s, and was called by Erlandsen in the hijack.


Jose Severino

Both players had checked through an interesting 3♦Q♠6♠K♥3♠ board until the river, which Severino had led for 85,000. Erlandsen waited some length of time before releasing his hand even though he looked on the verge of calling a couple of times. — RD

6.15pm: Italian cookie jar?
Kirill Zapletin didn’t have much luck in raising Daniel Negreanu before but he just faired much better versus Umberto Vitagliano.

The Italian opened to 70,000 and then made it 330,000 to go (40 per cent of his remaining stack) when Zapletin three-bet to 160,000 from the SB. The Russian was having none of it though and moved all-in for 983,000 to force a tank-fold from Vitagliano. — MC

6.05pm: Back in D.N-zone
Things had not been going well for Daniel Negreanu this level but he is now officially back in the zone.

He called a raise from Kirill Zapletin while in the BB to see an 8♦7♣7♥ flop, where he check-called a c-bet. The turn came 4♦ and both players checked to see the 3♠ river. Negreanu picked up the betting reigns to the tune of 135,000 only to face to 285,000 riase from his Russian opponent. He looked confused but called anyway with pocket twos and it was good as Zapletin could only muster ace-queen. — MC

6.03pm: Video killed the blog star
Michael Eiler on his tournament so far and Rick Dacey from the PokerStars Blog on the tournament so far.

6pm: The outer table
Action continues to be in short supply on the outer table. Konstantinos Nanos is continuing to pick up pots while at the other end of the scale Morten Erlandsen and Andreas Wiese could do with a double-up. — NW


Konstantinos Nanos

5.57pm: Severino taking some shots
Jose Severino has just won the last couple of hands. He’s making it 80,000 to go and it seems to be doing the trick at the moment. There is still some laughter and banter at the tables, but significantly less so than in the days gone by. €700,000 is in tasting distance now. — RD

5.55pm: Eiler have those too
Michael Eiler has got the better of Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu once more to move ahead of him in the chip counts. Negreanu raised to 60,000 from early position then called when Eiler three-bet to 182,000 from the small blind.

The flop came 9♣2♦K♦ and Eiler led for 242,000 to force a quick fold from Negreanu. Eiler up to 2.2 million and Negreanu is down to 1.9 million. — MC

5.50pm: Viking blood
You’ve got to give it Morten Erlandsen, he’s not afraid to get his chips in. While some players are concerned about climbing the ladder the Dane isn’t one of them.

He just check-shoved all-in on a 10♥3♠8♣ flop over the top of a 74,000 bet from Bruno Launais. Erlandsen had been the pre-flop raiser and is now up to 580,000. That’s still pretty short but he’s giving himself every chance to get back into this comp. — RD

5.48: Double for the Greek
Anestis Pantazidis has doubled-up to just under 700k after finding a good spot to stick his chips in. The pot starting with a raise to 60,000 from Daniel Negreanu on the button and a flat call from Umberto Vitagliano in the SB. Pantazidis had 295,000 and in they went from the BB. Negreanu folded but Vitagliano called quickly.

Vitagliano: 4♣4♦
Pantazidis: 7♣7♥


Umberto Vitagliano

The board ran 5♥J♦9♦2♦8♠. The sevens held to send the Italian down to around 900k. — MC

5.40pm: Lotze small pots
There hasn’t been a lot of action of the outer table, but Matthias Lotze just took down the only pot that has made it to the flop since they returned from the break.

He raised to 66,000 from the cut-off and was flat called by Bruno Launais from the button. The flop fell 5♣6♦4♠ and a c-bet of 70,000 was enough to send the chips in Lotze’s direction. — NW

5.30pm: We’re back
Play restarts at the Kursalon.

5.12pm: Break time
Players are taking a 15 minute break. When they return for level 24 blinds will increase to 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 ante. It will also be the last level before the dinner break. — SB

5.10pm: Lotze stacking up
Matthias Lotze has just been moved to the outer table between Konstantinos Nanos and Bruno Launais. It was the latter that he tangled with on his first hand at the table. Lotze raised under-the-gun to 55,000 and was called by Launais. No-one else decided to join the party.


Matthias Lotze

Lotze c-bet 66,000 into the Q♠8♣5♠ flop and Launais raised to 152,000. Lotze riffled his chips, never really looking like folding, and re-raised to somewhere in the region of 300,000. Whatever it was it created a quick fold from Severino. — RD

5.08pm: Germany versus Germany
Andreas Wiese just eliminated fellow German Tonio Röder. Both players were short on chips and Röder moved all-in from the button for 202,000 and Wiese then moved all-in over the top for his last 400,000, Jose Severino folded from the big blind and it was showdown time:

Wiese: A♥5♥
Röder: K♥9♣

The board of 7♣4♥7♥4♠Q♥ made Wiese the nut flush and sent Röder towards the payout desk to collect €20,000. — NW

5.06pm: Negreanu zapped
Kirill Zapletin just took Daniel Negreanu off a hand. The Canadian pro raised from mid-position and Zapletin defended from the big blind (a thing he likes to do a lot).

The flop came 8♠5♠8♦ and Zapletin check-called a 75,000 Negreanu c-bet. Both checked the K♦ turn before Negreanu quickly folded to a Zapletin 96,000 bet on the J♠ river. — MC

5pm: Eiler take this one
Michael Eiler is a player to watch out for as Team PokerStars pro Daniel Negreanu just found out. The fearless Eiler raised from the button only to face a Negreanu three-bet from the small blind. His answer? Move all-in for 1,835 million chips.

The move shocked Negreanu and after tanking for a while he decided to preserve the 2.2 million he still had back, and folded. Eiler is up to 2.02 million now. — MC


Michael Eiler

4.55pm: News from the ladies event update
The €330 Ladies Event has kicked off, with a field that includes PokerNews.de writer Manuela Richter, EPT dealer Niloufar Shari Marouf as well as Birgit Lausecker, one of Austria’s top female players. Also playing is Anastasiia Syvak, from Latvia, who won the first Ladies Event of EPT Season seven in Tallinn, Estonia. Anastasiia defeated a 20-strong field to take the €2,563 first prize.

4.52pm: News from the €10k event
Raffaeli Gerbi is out, eliminated by Martin Jacobson, as is Fabian Quoss, sent to the rail by Tobias Reinkemeier.

4.50pm: A flop! And a turn
It’s been a while since a flop’s appeared on the feature table but we’ve finally seen one, and a turn. We’re being spoiled.

Matthias Lotze raised to 50,000 from mid-position and was called by fellow countryman Michael Eiler on the button and Luca Cainelli in the SB. The flop came 10♦6♣7♠ and all three players checked to the K♠ turn, where a Lotze bet was good enough to take the pot down. Okay, so we weren’t spoiled that much. — MC

4.50pm: Video time
Team PokerStars Pro Jose “Nacho” Barbero answers questions from PokerStars Twitter and Facebook followers, including ones about hhis nickname, and his remarkable form this year.

4.45pm: Severino chips away at Nanos
Konstantinos Nanos has a lot of chips. He also has a lot of players around him who want to get their hands on them. Jose Severino is certainly among that number. He opened from the cut-off to 60,000 (or it certainly looked like that much) and was called by Nanos in the big blind. Severino’s 80,000 bet on the 9♥Q♠5♣ flop took the pot down. — RD

4.36pm: Bruno bounces Judet
Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet is the 16th place finisher going out to a bit of a cooler.


Toni Judet – out

Bruno Launais raised under-the-gun to 54,000 and was called by Judet from the big blind. The flop was Q♥J♥4♦ and Judet check-called a bet of 62,000. The turn was the J♣ and Judet checked again, Launais betting 108,000. After a long time in the tank Judet check-raised to 220,000. Launais then moved all-in and Judet called.

Judet: A♠J♦
Launais: 4♣4♥

The 8♦ river was no help and Judet was eliminated. — NW

4.31pm: Erlandsen on the ascendancy
Coming back from the break Morten Erlandsen was one of the shortest stacks in the tournament but is now on his way back up the chip ladder.

He just shoved all-in for 360,000 over a 52,000 raise from Toni Judet to chip up to 440,000. The next hand he limped into Konstantinos Nanos’ big blind winning the pot with a 38,000 bet on the turn of the J♦Q♥5♦K♥ board. Erlandsen is on around half-a-million now. — RD

4.30pm: Captain Cainelli
Luca Cainelli is the feature table captain right now, even with the shortest stack. Anestis Pantazidis opened to 54,000 and was called by Kirill Zapletin before the Italian three-bet all-in for 356,000. Both players folded (Zapletin showed an ace) to send the Italian’s stack further north to 516,000. — MC

4.25pm: JP Kelly on his life as a Pro
In the second part of his interview with the video bloggers, Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly talks about his progression as a player and those two World Series bracelets.

4.22pm: Italian moves up a gear
Luca Cainelli has gone into shove mode. He just moved all-in on back-to-back hands, firstly from second position and then from under-the-gun. Just by taking the blinds and antes he’s moved up to 400,000 from around 330,000. — MC

4.18pm: Slow going
There’s a lull in the action at the moment on the outer table. The last three hands have been straight forward raise and takes. Chip leader Konstantinos Nanos won two in a row, the third going to Morten Erlandsen. — NW

4.08pm: Feature table
The feature table looks like this:

1. Balazs Botond, 1,056,000
2. Daniel Negreanu, 2,211,000
3. Umberto Vitagliano, 1,336,000
4. Matthias Lotze, 828,000
5. Anestis Pantazidis, 778,000
6. Kirill Zapletin, 1,003,000
7. Michael Eiler, 1,100,000
8. Luca Cainelli, 332,000


The feature table

4pm: The outer table
We’re now down 16 players and that means just two tables remain. The players new to the feature table are getting miked up so we can’t give you that plan yet (but we will).

The outer table looks like this:

1. Andreas Wiese, 450,000
2. Jose Severino, 800,000
3. Martin Hruby, 1,569,000
4. Morten Erlandsen, 380,000
5. Konstantinos Nanos, 2,800,000
6. Toni Judet, 700,000
7. Bruno Launais, 1,100,000
8. Tonio Röder, 408,000

We’ll post up the feature table draw as well (or you can just watch it here). — RD

3.50pm: Antonio Buonanno eliminated in 17th place
He pushed in for his last 100,000 from mid position and was looked up by chip leader Konstantinos Nanos.

Nanos: A♥3♠
Buonanno: A♣2♠

The board ran out A♠8♦J♠K♥3♦ and the river eliminated Buonanno. We’re down to the final two tables. — NW

3.45pm: We’re back
A sausage and a bottle of water to the good and play resumes in level 23.


Daniel Negreanu

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Vienna (in order of break time snack): Marc Convey (Schnitzel sandwich), Nick Wright (Wurst with horseradish), Rick Dacey (sausage in a bun) and Stephen Bartley (Beechams cold and flu remedy).


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