EPT Vienna: Day 4, level 20, 21 & 22 updates (10,000-20,000, 2,000 ante)

October 30, 2010


3.30pm: Level ends
It’s break time again. Play resumes in 15 minutes. — SB

3.32pm: A stab would have done
Tonio Röder opened for 45,000 and was called by Matthias Lotze. That, however, was all the betting that took place on the 2♥K♦K♣Q♥Q♦ board. Röder must have felt a little frustrated that he’d lost showdown value when the second queen counterfeited his 6♣6♥, but it may actually have saved him a small chunk of chips as Lotze’s larger J♣J♠ also checked behind. — RD

3.29pm: Forget it
What started as a thriller soon petered out as players head into the break. Michael Eiler opened for 47,000 which Daniel Negreanu raised to 117,000 on the button. THat was before Anestis Pantazidis raised to 250,000 from the big blind.


Michael Eiler

Eiler went for his chips and looked likely to call. But then shook his head and folded. Negreanu did the same. — SB

3.27pm: Chop it up
A short stacked Antonio Buonanno moved all-in and found a customer in big stack Konstantinos Nanos. The Italian had a nice lead in the hand with A♣K♦ over A♥7♠ but an all heart J♥K♥8♥ flop gave Buonanno cause for concern. No more hearts arrived but a queen and ten did. Chop! — RD

3.26pm: Erlandsen earns double up
Toni Judet made it 43,000 from under-the-gun and it folded to Morten Erlandsen in the big blind. The Dane was down to 166,000, but decided to smooth call. The flop was 3♦4♣2♣ and Erlandsen moved all-in and Judet made a quick call.

Erlandsen: K♣8♣
Judet: J♣9♣

The Dane was in good shape and stayed ahead on the 8♦5♥ turn and river. After that hand Judet is down to around 730,000. — NW

3.25pm: Eiler lied, Eiler Eiler Eiler lied*
Umberto Vitagliano was concealing fury after a hand against Michael Eiler, although not concealing it very well. It had started with a button bet from Eiler which Vitagliano called from the big blind for 3♣6♠A♣. Both checked for a A♥ turn which Eiler bet at, 97,000 in total. Vitagliano called for a 6♦ river. Vitagliano checked, Eiler bet 227,000 and Vitagliano called, livid when Eiler turned over ace-five to take it down.

“So sick,” said Vitagliano, then again. “So sick.” Vitagliano is though to have folded pocket threes. – SB

* Eiler did not lie.

3.20pm: ‘I’m sorry’…
…were the words offered by Konstantinos Nanos after he scooped a pot off Antonio Buonanno. The river was out to leave a K♦6♠6♥3♦Q♠ board and Nanos led for 145,000 from the big blind. Buonanno called but mucked upon seeing Nanos’ K♦6♣ to move down to 133,000. — MC

3.14pm: No Surinder
Surinder Sunar’s remarkable run has come to an end. Having doubled up numerous time he was on course to do so again when he got his chips in with A♦J♣ against Kirill Zapletin’s A♥10♥. But the flop, A♣K♥10♣, while giving Sunar outs, would send him out. The turn 3♣[ and river 7♥ no help at all. Sunar out in 18th place. — SB


Surinder Sunar

3.10pm: Bad timing
No, someone hasn’t just three-bet light into kings. The timing in question regards how long some decisions are taking, according to Ramin Hajiyev. To be fair to him he’s got a point, and he’s getting pretty short stacked. So the creep of the blinds is an issue.

He called time on Luca Cainelli after the Italian went deep into the tank from the big blind when deciding whether to call Tonio Röder’s 273,000 shove. Even Konstantinos Nanos pointed out to Cainelli that he folded (they have the dealer between them), thinking perhaps that the Italian hadn’t realised the action was on him. He knew though, and passed after having time called on him. — RD

3.05pm: Judet jostling
Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet and Kirill Zapletin have clashed in a number of pots today, mostly it’s been Zapletin who’s been having the better of it. But he just conceded one to Judet.

Pre-flop Zapletin raised from first position to 51,000 and Judet, from the small blind, was the only caller. The flop of J♠10♦8♠ was checked through and the two players saw the 3♦ fall on the turn. Judet checked and then called Zapletin’s 80,000 bet. The K♦ on the river certainly made things interesting and Judet chose to lead for 111,000. After a brief dwell up Zapletin mucked his hand. — NW 

3pm: Maisto misses
Giacomo Maisto is out, eliminated ruthlessly by Daniel Nagreanu. Maisto opened for 44,000 which Negreanu raised to 80,000 on the button. Maisto called for a flop of A♦6♠K♦ which Maisto checked. Negreanu made it 42,000 (“especially designed for him,” Negreanu would later say) which Maisto called for a 4♥ turn.


Daniel Negreanu

Now Maisto pushed all in with 5♠3♠ and Negreanu called in a flash with A♠Q♠. The river came Q♣ to end Maisto’s day. Negreanu up to 2,200,000. — SB

2.55pm: Just calling off with ace-high
Bruno Launais just snap called all-in for his tournament life on the river against Andreas Wiese and was right to, doubling up to around 1.3 million.

Luanais raised to 46,000 from the button and called when Wiese three-bet to 112,000 from the BB. The flop came 9♦2♥9♠ and Wiese led for 95,000. Call. Both players checked the K♥ turn before Wiese shoved on the on the 3♣ river. Luanais called very quickly for his remaining 390,000 with A♥10♣ and was proved right as his German opponent could only reveal J♠4♠ for jack-high.

He drops to 570,000 and a result of the bluff gone wrong. — MC

2.43pm: Trappy Zapletin
Was Kirill Zapletin trapping or was he worried about a larger flush? We don’t know but Martin Hruby managed to avoid bluffing off more chips than he needed to to Zapletin.


Kirill Zapletin

Hruby had opened from late position and was called by Zapletin in the big blind. Both players checked the 4♥3♣7♥ flop but Zapletin chose to lead 50,000 into the Q♣ turn.

Hruby took off 50,000 from a stack of 200,000 and then slid the larger chunk (150,000) across the line. Zapletin quickly made the call. The river completed the flush with the J♥ and Zapletin checked to Hruby.

Hruby thought about the hand for a little bit, as he is wont, and then checked to show A♥K♣. Zapletin tabled 3♥5♥ for the flush and a hand that had hit the flop hugely. — RD

2.40pm: Zaicik out
Jacques Zaicik is out in 21st place. He opened for 45,000 from the button which Daniel Negreanu called from the small blind, as did Umberto Vitagliano in the big. The flop came J♣4♠2♦, which the blinds checked, before Zaicik moved all-in. Negreanu passed by Vitagliano called, turning over 2♥2♠ to Zaicik’s A♥5♣.

The turn came 6♦ and the river 10♠. Zaicik out. – SB

2.35pm: Kirill Toni
Toni Judet is looking a little frustrated at the moment. He’s been bet off a few pots post-flop today and it happened again in a hand against Kirill Zapletin. The Russian had raised to 52,000 from under-the-gun, Judet then three-bet to 126,000 from the small blind and Zapletin tank called.

The flop was 5♦K♣7♥ and Judet check-folded to a bet of 126,000 from Zapletin. Check out the chip counts page to see how everyone is fairing. — NW

2:34pm: Lotze of chips
Matthias Lotze has fortunately doubled-up to around 900,000 through Balazs Botond. It was actually Tonio Röder who opened the pot with a raise to 45,000 from early position before Lotze moved all-in for 416k. The larger stacked Botbond did the same from the SB. Röder folded to leave it heads-up.

Röder: A♥Q♠
Botond: K♦K♣

The board ran A♦A♠5♣4♥2♣ to double up the German and plummeting the Hungarian down to 780k. — MC

2.32pm: One for the Germans
Morten Erlandsen opened from under-the-gun for 45,000 and was called by Andreas Wiese on the button.

Martin Hruby seemed to be weighing up whether a call or perhaps something more was in order from his big blind, but opted to pass instead. Erlandsen fired a 70,000 shot of chips into the 6♣2♣A♦ flop and Wiese called. The K♣ fell on the turn and it wasn’t a card Erlandsen seemed to like as he checked over to Wiese, who then stabbed 70,000 into the pot. Erlandsen didn’t watse any time in tossing his cards in. — RD

2.30pm: Maisto involved
On a flop of J♦5♠3♠ Anestis Pantazidis bet 66,000 which Giacomo Maisto called for a 7♦ turn. Pantazidis bet another 90,000 sending Maisto into the tank. He had a third of his stack already in the middle but fold. — SB


Giacomo Maisto

2.25pm: More from the rail
Event #7, the €2,150 No-Limit Hold’em event, attracted 190 players and was won by Britain’s John Eames for €123,500. Benny Spindler was 8th; Dragan Galic 9th, Jan Skampa 14th The total prize pool was €380,000 and 16 players were paid. — Mad Harper

2.24pm: Hruby lets one go
Martin Hruby opened from middle position to 42,000 and was three-bet by Kirill Zapletin to what appeared to be 160,000. The large bet was enough to win the pot there and then. — RD

2.22pm: No surrender
It’s not all doom and gloom for Surindar, who has been doubling up at will today. He just moved all-in for 74,000 with A♥4♦ and was called by Michael Eiler with A♦7♦. The flop of 5♣Q♣3♦ left Eiler ahead but the turn card 2♥ saved Surinder. No surrender. – SB

2.20pm: Crisis point for Sunar
Surinder Sunar misses out on a third double up and is instead left crippled after calling the all in of Anestis Pantazidis. The Greek showed A♥10♣ to Sunar’s A♠Q♦. But the domination didn’t last for long with a board of 10♦5♥10♠6♣4♠. A big smile for Pantazidis, who doubles up. — SB

2.15pm: It’s not all about the main event
Event #11, the €1,100 8-Game, kicked off with 38 players and is now down to 24, including EPT Players’ Choice Award winner Kevin MacPhee, former EPT Vienna champion Pascal Perrault, Peter Gelencser and Alex Dovzhenko. The total prize pool is €38,000, paying four places, with €17,00 for first place.

Event #9, the €3,200 No-Limit Heads-Up event, began yesterday with 30 players and is now down to just four. Albert Iverson is playing Santeri Valikoski and Ernst Schmejkal is playing Mark Radoja. First place pays €40,000.

Event #8, the €1,100 Pot-Limit Omaha event, with a re-buy and an add-on, attracted 76 players, creating a total prize pool of €126,000. The winner, collecting €46,500, was Austrian Philip Junghuber. Irishman John O’Shea came second for €27,700 while Team PokerStars Pro Marcel Luske was eighth, earning €3,800.

Event #6 – The No-Limit Hold’em €300 Turbo Bounty was won by Liviu-Catalin Toderita from Romania; PokerStars Team Online member Andre Coimbra from Portugal was third.

Event #10, the €1,100 No-Limit Hold’em event, which started yesterday, is down to 37 players.

Today there are more events planned with the €1,100 No-Limit Hold’em event has attracted 80 players so far, while the €10,000 No-Limit Hold’em event will also begin today. — Mad Harper

2.10pm: Play restarts
Cards are back in the air.

1.55pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level and we’re down to 21 players here in Vienna. The big money and the final table is inching ever closer. We play down to the final eight today. — RD

1.54pm: Two in a row for Hruby
Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby has been aggressive in the opening level and he just took two pots in a row from fellow Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet. In the first Judet made it 34,000 from under-the-gun plus one but folded when Hruby made it 96,000 from the big blind.


Martin Hruby

In the second hand Judet was first to act and again made it 34,000, this time Hruby just smooth called from the small blind. The flop was 5♦6♠7♣ and Hruby check-called a bet of 40,000. The two of them then checked it down on the 4♣10♣ turn and river with Hruby showing A♥K♣ which was ahead of Judet’s A♦9♥. — NW

1.52pm: Fizzling out
The level ends on table three with Konstantinos Nanos taking a small pot from Balazs Botond, showing Q♣J♦ on a board of 6♠10♥K♠A♠2♣. – SB

1.51pm: Erlandsen barges Hruby
Morten Erlandsen is quite a big lad. I’d wager that he could beat the rest of his table single-handed in a tug-of-war, perhaps the rest of the field. He’s just used chip muscle to barge Martin Hruby out of the way to take his stack up to 400,000.

Hruby had raised to 45,000 from the button and Erlandsen moved all-in for 330,000. Hruby gave the Dane a bit of a stare down before passing. — RD

1.47pm: Hajiyev catches a lifeline
Ramin Hajiyev shoved for 237,000 from the small blind and was called by Tonio Röder in the big blind.

Röder: A♥6♥
Hajiyev: K♣9♣

Röder stayed ahead on the 6♠J♣J♥ flop but Hajiyev caught up on the 9♥ turn, which also gave Röder a heart flush for a total of 14 outs. He missed them all with the 10♦ hitting the river. — RD

1.40pm: Sunar the Maisto
Surinder Sunar is up to 580,000 after doubling-up through Giacomo Maisto. The Italian raised to 36,000 from under-the-gun and was called by the Brit in the SB to see a 2♠9♠9♥ flop. Sunar checked to face a 60k c-bet that he treated to a raise, all-in. His Italian opponent thought for a while before calling to put Sunar at risk.

Maisto: 6♥6♠
Sunar: 8♥8♠

The turn came 8♣ to fill Sunar up and hand him the pot. Maisto down to 380,000 after the hand. — MC

1.35pm: Two shoves, two aces, no showdowns
Luca Cainelli and Konstantinos Nanos just butted heads in consecutive pots.

Hand one: It folded to Nanos in the small blind and he moved all-in, Cainelli had around 260,000 total and began to tank. After around three minutes he folded K♦Q♣ face up, Nanos flashed the A♠.

Hand two: Nanos open-raised to 40,000 from the button and Cainelli instantly moved all-in from the small blind for 254,000 total. Nanos ask for a count, asked Cainelli if he wanted a call and then folded showing the A♥ as he did so. — NW

1.30pm: Cagey play on table one
There hasn’t been too much action at table one for the last orbit or so. Bruno Launais has been opening the most amount of pots, not that it’s been working out brilliantly for him. He’s taken one down unopposed (and flashed A♦Q♠ afterwards) but the two other hands have been losers.

He opened one button and failed to hit and has just been three-bet off a small blind raise into Jose Severino. Launais made it 40,000 and Severino pushed it up to 125,000. — RD

1.25pm: Halloween
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu is spicing up the conversation by talking about Halloween with Tournament Director Thomas Kremser, and his table mates. Negreanu suggested Kremser should dress as Phil Hellmuth on Sunday. I don’t know about you but I would pay to see that. — MC


Daniel Negreanu

1,20pm:Manole covered
After tank folding the all-in of Ramin Hajiyev moments earlier, a shove that would pass uncontested, Konstantinos Nanos called the all-in of Mihai Manole, amounting to 256,000.

Nanos had to think about it but was clearly ahead when he turned over A♥Q♣ against Manole’s A♦3♦, more so on a board of 7♣J♦6♠A♠7♠.

Manole out. – SB

1.15pm: Sunar sinks a little
Surinder Sunar is back down to 290,000 after getting raised off a pot. He made it 44,000 to go from the cut-off before folding to a 416,000 three-bet from Michael Eiler in the BB. – MC

1.10pm: Nima Ahary out in 23rd
Nima Ahary has been eliminated in 23rd place. He was down to 102,000 and pushed all-in from the cut-off, and was called by Kirill Zapletin in the big blind.

Ahary: Q♣9♣
Zapletin: A♠J♣

The board of 2♥K♦2♠5♦4♥ sent Ahary to the rail. — NW

1.05pm: Gonzalez out in 24th
Fabrizio Gonzalez is out, Daniel Negreanu the assassin. In a blind on blind battle the Team PokerStars pro had queen-ten and spiked a ten to overtake Gonzalez’s ace-eight. — NW

1pm: Double up three times for Buonanno
Antonio Buonanno was left with less than three big blinds after losing that pot against Balazs Botond. A few hands later he got his last 28,000 in from under-the-gun holding A♦5♣, Luca Cainelli re-raised from the button with A♠J♣ and everyone else folded. The board of K♦5♥7♥5♦10♦ gave him a reprieve.

His life got even better a couple of hands after that as he three-bet shove with A♥9♦ from the SB for 76,000. Konstantinos Nanos was the original raiser and he made the call with A♦5♦ but failed to come from behind through the 7♦3♥4♣8♦Q♥ board.

The very next hand he got his stack in again from the button with A♥K♠ and found custom in the shape of Ramin Hajiyev in the SB with A♥9♥. The board ran K♣5♣K♥Q♦5♥ for a full house. Buonanno up to 380,000 now whereas Hajiyev is down to 120,000. – NW & MC

12.57pm: Sunar tank calls
Surinder Sunar has been a short stack for days now but is still very much in the race. He just opened to 46,000 and was shoved on by Anestis Pantazidis for 363,000. The action passed back to Sunar who eventually made the call for his remaining 133,000 stack with A♥K♠. Pantazidis tabled 10♣10♠ for a race but Sunar instantly hit the K♥4♦J♣A♣2♠ board and is up to 370,000. — RD

12.45pm: Buonanno hit in the Balazs
Not quite an elimination but almost. After a long spell of raise and take on table three Balazs Botond opened for 26,000 which was called by Antonio Buonanno for a flop of K♦Q♥6♥. Botond bet another 27,000 which Buonanno raised to 95,000. Botond called for a 9♣ turn as the gong for the end of the level sounds. Botond checked and Buonanno wasted little time in moving his stack all-in. Likewise, Botond quickly called.


Table three in action

Buonanno seemed to sense danger. “Jack-ten?” he asked. Botond simply nodded and Buonanno stood up. He had Q♦Q♠ for a set against Botond’s J♦10♦. The river came a 4♠ to eliminate Buonanno. Well not quite. After a lengthy count, with some minor protestations over exact numbers, Buonanno was reduced to 38,000. Botond up to around 1.4 million. – SB

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 8,000-16,000, ante 2,000

12.41pm: Zaicik gets it all-in
Jacques Zaicik opened to 27,000 and was called by Umberto Vitagliano on the button and Anestis Pantazidis in the big blind. Zaicik fired 36,000 at the 10♥8♠A♣ flop and was called by Vitagliano. On the 5♣ turn Zaicik moved all-in and flashed ace-king when Vitagliano passed. — RD

12.35pm: Hruby wins the battle
Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby and Andreas Wiese just got involved in a pre-flop raising war, with Hruby ultimately coming out on top.

Wiese, who started the hand with just over a million, raised to 27,000 from the button, Hruby (who covered) made it 67,000 from the big blind, Wiese four-bet to 132,000, Hruby five-bet to 227,000 and Wiese laid it down. — NW

12.30pm: Cagey start
Table three is one of the outer tables and the first five hands have shown the play to be very cagey. Chip leader Konstantinos Nanos is the only player with more than a million (over two actually). But all the other players are a lot shorter and, so far, are wary of getting involved. –MC

12.20pm: Introducing Day 4
If you’re watching EPT Live and fancy a bit of multi-video-ing, here’s the latest offering from the video blog team. Daniel Negreanu updates on his appearance and position going into Day 4, while Madeleine Harper has updates on the state of play at the Kursalon.

12.15pm: Shuffle up and deal
Everyone’s in place, let’s get this party started.

12.05pm: Play is about to start
The last 24 players have been called to their seats. There’s 14 minutes and 14 seconds left of level 20. You can watch the action from the feature table on a live stream by clicking here. Daniel Negreanu’s table is the current feature table. –NW

12pm: Seat draw
Here’s how the remaining three tables shape up…

Table one:

Seat one: Andreas Wiese, 1,047,000
Seat two: Jose Severino, 523,000
Seat three: Martin Hruby, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,403,000
Seat four: Morten Erlandsen, 370,000
Seat five: Nima Ahary, 332,000
Seat six: Toni Judet, Team PokerStars Pro, 958,000
Seat seven: Bruno Launais, 540,000
Seat eight: Kirill Zapletin, PokerStars qualifier, 460,000

Table two:

Seat one: Fabrizio Gonzalez, PokerStars qualifier, 169,000
Seat two: Daniel Negreanu, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,954,000
Seat three: Umberto Vitagliano, 1,558,000
Seat four: Surinder Sunar, 170,000
Seat five: Anestis Pantazidis, PokerStars qualifier, 339,000
Seat six: Giacomo Maisto, 623,000
Seat seven: Michael Eiler, PokerStars qualifier, 1,299,000
Seat eight: Jacques Zaicik, 372,000

Table three:

Seat one: Luca Cainelli, 366,000
Seat two: Mihai Manole, 279,000
Seat three: Balazs Botond, 760,000
Seat four: Antonio Buonanno, 818,000
Seat five: Ramin Hajiyev, 322,000
Seat six: Tonio Röder, PokerStars player, 491,000
Seat seven: Matthias Lotze, PokerStars qualifier, 402,000
Seat eight: Konstantinos Nanos, PokerStars qualifier, 2,007,000

11.15pm: And on to Day 4
If you were with us last night you’ll remember that despite leading since the midway point of Day 2 Daniel Negreanu’s lead was snatched away from him just minutes from the finish. Instead, our chip leader going into Day 4 is Greek PokerStars qualifier Konstantinos Nanos, who leads Negreanu by a little more than five big blinds.

With those two out ahead, with the likes of Martin Hruby in pursuit, and a seat at the final table up for grabs, today should be one of those days you won’t want to miss.


The Parliament building in Vienna

It all starts here at the Kursalon in less than an hour with full coverage right the way through. We start with 24 players and we’ll finish with eight. All the chip count details, as well as the names of those who finished in the money will all be here.

Don’t forget, today is also the start of the live broadcast from EPT Vienna. As well as reading the Blog you can follow all the action on EPT Live. Allow me to point out that like wine and cheese, it’s best watched while reading the Blog, as I’m sure you’ll agree. — SB

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Vienna (in order of interest in today’s sports): Marc Convey (Fantasy Football and Palace at home to Swansea), Nick Wright (Fantasy Football and Exeter home to Brentford), Rick Dacey (Fantasy Gymnastics) and Stephen Bartley (Fantasy ironing).

Photography (c) Neil Stoddart.


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