EPT Vienna: Day 3, level 20 updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

October 29, 2010


7.30pm: Hats off to Victorino Torres
Our 25th place finisher, Victorino Torres, was a plucky PokerStars qualifier from the Northern Mariana Islands. The what islands? The Northern Mariana’s – a tiny group of islands located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

Torres has the honour of being the player who has travelled furthest and for the longest to get to Vienna. His 19,000 km journey involved three stop-overs; first from his island home to Tokyo, Japan; then to Portland in Oregon, USA and from there to Amsterdam where he finally shuttled through to Vienna.

It must have proved a daunting trip. When we researched Victorino’s route, Google Maps suggested that Torres should have kayaked the 6,243 km Tokyo-to-Hawaii leg, rather than fly it. Instead Torres, here with his girlfriend Brenda, endured a 48-hour journey to Europe, a trip that proved good for a cash finish worth €13,500.

The 34-year-old part-time lawyer now spends most of his time playing poker and that’s been going pretty well. He qualified for APPT Macau last May and won the main event to bank HK$3,246,200 ($418,000). He qualified for his seat here in Vienna through a $22 re-buy on PokerStars.

For Torres this was not only his first EPT, it’s also his first trip to Europe. According to travel websites, the beautiful Northern Mariana Islands are blessed by “year-round gentle tropical winds.” He’ll certainly be missing those. It’s currently nine degrees in Vienna. – Mad Harper

Daniel Negreanu details the end of Day 3, as does Vittorino Torres, with a little more about his 19,000km journey to reach Vienna…

7.22pm: Torres out and play ends for the day
Victorino Torres has been knocked out in 25th after a roller coaster day. The PokerStars online qualifier had been up and down all day and takes €13,500 home, not a bad score. He lost a chunky pot to Luca Cainelli’s kings (putting the Italian up to 310,000) which left him with just five big blinds. Shortly after he tossed it in only to run into Kirill Zapletin’s ace-queen. An ace on the flop sealed his fate and also brought Day 3 to a close. Bagging and tagging is taking place but if Daniel Negreanu isn’t top of the chip tree then, well, I’ll be very surprised.*

Full wrap and chip counts to come. — RD

* It turns out that I am surprised. Konstantinos Nanos is the chip leader.

ept vienna_day 3_victorino torres.jpg

Victorino Torres’ exit brought the day to a close

7.15pm: Popetschnig’s dream balloon popped
Franz Markus Popetschnig is our 26th place finisher taking home €13,500 for his troubles. PokerStars qualifier Michael Eiler opened to 26,000 and then called when Popetschnig moved all-in for 241,000 from the button. It wasn’t an instant call but it was the right call as his J♣J♠ was dominating his opponent’s 6♥6♦.

The board came K♥2♦8♠7♠3♣ to confirm his exit. We’re just one player away from finishing for the night now. — MC

7.10pm: Ville vanquished
Konstantinos Nanos just eliminated Ville Mattila winning a pot that has sent his chip stack soaring to 1,800,000. Umberto Vitagliano was the spark that caused the fire as first to act he raised to 27,500. Mattila then popped it to 75,000 from the button, before Konstantinos Nanos made it 210,000 from the button. Vitagliano, who had about 1,600,000 back tanked for a couple of minutes before folding. Mattila, who had 600,000 behind, stared at Nanos (who had 900,000 back) before moving all-in, Nanos insta-called.

Mattila: Q♣Q♦
Nanos: A♠K♦

The board of 7♥A♣4♥K♣J♦ saw Nanos erupt in celebration. — NW

7.02pm: Bye-bye Beyer
Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby is up to nearly 1.5 million chips after eliminating Wolfgang Beyer, from Austria. There was a raise to 28,000 that Hruby called before Beyer moved all-in for 330,00 from the button after tanking for three minutes. The original raiser folded but Hruby called after thinking for a few moments.


Byer: 8♣8♦
Hruby: J♠J♦

The board ran 10♣A♦3♠5♠10♥ and the tournament says goodbye to Beyer. — MC

6.50pm: Nice river
I picked up the action on a flop of 8♠7♠2♠ and Giacomo Maisto checked to
Victorino Torres who bet 50,000 and Maisto called. The turn was the 9♣, both players checked to the K♣ river. Maisto checked once more and Torres bet 120,000 after about 10 seconds Maisto shrugged and made the call, which was the vast majority of his remaining stack. Torres showed 8♣7♥ but Maisto had rivered a better two pair with K♦7♦. — NW

6.43pm: All-in, all-in, all-in
Where the calls heard from players on the button, small blind and big blind after an initial raise from the cut-off (who folded). There were calls of “Wow” when Balazs Botond announced he was “All-in” too from the BB to create a three-way showdown. Jurgen Reicht was all-in first for 180,000 from the button and Umberto Vitagliano was all-in for his half-million stack before Botond made his stance known.

Reicht: A♥9♦
Vitagliano: Q♠Q♦
Botond: A♠K♣

The board ran 4♠5♣3♦9♠5♠ meaning scooped up the 1.25 million pot. Botond drops to 700k and Reicht is out in 31st for € 13,500. — MC

6.35pm: Negreanu wins a monster pot
Daniel Negreanu has just taken this tournament by the scruff of its neck, told it it’s a very naughty boy and that if it’s not careful it’s going to be sent to bed early. The Canadian Team PokerStars Pro opened the action with a raise to 26,000 from the hijack and was three-bet by Riekus Wijermars to 67,000. Negreanu then counted out two large double columns of blue 10,000 chips and four-bet to 120,000. Wijermars immediately announced all-in, which seemed to stun Negreanu. He asked for a count, it was some 400,000 more to call. “Call.”

Negreanu: Q♥Q♠
Wijermars: J♠J♥

It was a huge 1.1m pot and Negreanu’s over pair held on the 9♣6♠7♠5♠A♦ board. Amazing scenes. — RD

ept vienna_day 3_.riekus wijermarsjpg

Riekus Wijemars: solid performance from the young Dutchman

6.30pm: Berda the lastest to bust
After getting his pocket kings cracked by pocket fives Berda was left with very few chips and got his last 32,000 in with K♠J♣ against Charlie Combes’ pocket queens. The board of 8♠5♥A♠6♦4♣ proved no help. With 32 left there are now four tables left. — NW

6.20pm: Make 34 look like 33
Sergey Rybchenko obliged by busting in 34th to the hands of Balazs Botond. The action folded to Botond on the button who raised to 30,000 before calling when the Russian shoved for 140,000 from the BB. Showdown:

Rybchenko: 5♥2♥
Botond: K♠Q♠

The board ran 9♣8♠2♣9♠Q♦. Rybchenko almost power housed his way to victory when he paired his two on the flop but the Hungarian picked up a lot of outs on the turn before pairing his queen on the river to boost his stack to 1.2 million. — MC

6.15pm: How long?
Only 34 players remain in the Main Event. Play will stop when ten more players are eliminated. — SB

6.10pm: Play restarts
Players are back. Just how long will this go on? Right now it’s hard to say as we enter the fifth level of the day. Here goes.


A “living” Mozart, in Vienna today. Tom Hulce will be turning in his grave

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order specific vitamin deficiency): Rick Dacey (A), Marc Convey (A, C) Stephen Bartley (A, C, E) and Nick Wright (A, C, E, B12, B6).

Photography (c) Neil Stoddart.


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