EPT Vienna: Day 3, level 16 & 17 updates (3,000-6,000, 500 ante)

October 29, 2010


2.55pm: Break time folks
With the end of the second level of the day comes the beginning of the second 15 minute break of the day.

2.55pm: Wheeler hits the skids
Balazs Botond stack has rocketed over the 500,000 mark after he eliminated Jason Wheeler.

First into the pot was Claudiu Secara who made it 12,000 from the cut-off, next to act Botond made it 29,000 before Wheeler four-bet to 66,000 from the big blind. Secara got out the way and then Botond moved all-in.

Wheeler checked his chips, looked at Botond for a while and then called all-in. Botond flipped up Q♣Q♦ and Wheeler grimaced before showing 8♥8♠. The board of 5♦3♠6♠10♠A♦ gave Wheeler a sweat but he was ultimately eliminated. — NW

2.52pm: Pro on Pro battle
Team PokerStars Pros Daniel Negreanu and Angel Guillen played out a hand with the former getting the better of the latter. Negreanu raised (third hand in-a-row) to 13,500 from early position and was called by both blinds (Guillen in the small). The flop came 9♠J♠6♠ and Negreanu’s 27,500 c-bet was only called by the Mexican before both checked down the 8♠10♥ turn and river.

“Straight,” said Negreanu and tabled 7♥9♥. It was good, as Guillen mucked. “Phew, I got lucky,” added Negreanu. He’s up to 1,087,000 now, and back in the lead. — MC

2.50pm: Age before beauty. Ding, ding
Daniel Negreanu and Sergii Baranov faced each other down on a flop of 9♣K♥2♥. There was already 100,000 in the middle from the unseen pre-flop action and Baranov had checked to Negreanu.

The two of them were in the middle of a good natured chat, each presumably trying to glean information. Negreanu bet around 60,000. Baranov pointed to it, announced call, and then asked how much it was; paying up for a 6♦ turn.

In scenes reminiscent of Apollo Creed’s friendly rematch with Rocky Balboa at the end of Rocky III, Baranov was laughed while Negreanu grinned, the Ukrainian checking again before Negreanu bet 120,000. Baranov confirmed the amount and then re-checked his cards. The fun was evidently over though and Baranov folded, turning over A♣ on the way.

“I had a big hand,” said Negreanu, who now has more than a million chips. Baranov slips down to 240,000. — SB

2.45pm: Broadway for Gavril
Umberto Vitagliano is not happy, going as far as accusing Peter Gavril of making the worst play ever.

I missed exactly how the chips went in, alerted as I was by the shout of “all-in and call”, but what was undisputable was that Peter Gavril (cut-off) was all-in for 202,500 holding A♦Q♦ and Vitagliano (button) was his opponent, holding A♣K♦.

The board of 10♥5♥J♠4♣K♣ gave Gavril a broadway straight and a pot of over 400,000. Vitagliano is down to 120,000. — NW

2.43pm: Baranov benefits from loose call
Sergii Baranov has just been paid off by a loose call from Balazs Csermely to chip up to 320,000. Csermely had opened to 13,500 under-the-gun and was called by Baranov in the hijack and Angel Guillen in the big blind. Both Team Pro Guillen and Csermely checked the K♦Q♣3♣ flop to Baranov, who moved all-in for 154,500. Guillen quickly passed and Csermely went into the tank, eventually making the big call.

Csermely: Q♠10♠
Baranov: K♣9♣

The board failed to improve for Csermely as Baranov raked in a large 320,000 pot. Csermely is down to 70,000. — RD

2.35pm: New chip leader
PokerStars Qualifier Michael Eiler is our new chip leader after eliminating Csaba Solyom. The former raised from under-the-gun and the latter called from one seat along. The flop came down 6♣3♠8♣ and when Eiler continued with a bet, Solyom moved all-in. Call.

Solymon tabled a bluffy A♠10♠, behind to Eiler’s Q♦Q♣. It stayed that way too through the 2♦7♣ turn and river. Eiler clear at the top with 920,000 now. — MC

2.25pm: Small double up for Zaicik
Jacques Zaicik is one of a number of players in the danger zone, although he just took the first step to getting out of it. He moved in for his last ten big blinds and was looked up by Tommie Janssen. Zaicik held pocket queens which stayed ahead of Janssen’s A♥9♠. Janssen is down to around 250,000. — NW

2.20pm: Ugly scenes for Ulrich
Tim Ulrich looked sick to his stomach after getting knocked out in this grim spot.

The German player had opened the action for 12,000 and had been three-bet to 41,000 by Ville Mattila. Ulrich replied by four-betting back to 110,000 and Mattila did what any self-respecting Finnish player would do and shipped it in, putting Ulrich to the test for his remaining 160,000.

As tests go it was one that Ulrich not only passed correctly but also incredibly quickly, snap-calling the shove with Q♦Q♥; Mattila’s 9♣10♣ offering the Finn some 20% equity in the hand.

The flop could barely have been better for Ulrich with a dry 4♦4♣7♦. But slowly, and horribly, the backdoor flush appeared with the 5♣ and J♣. Ulrich rose to his feet looking quiet unwell as Negreanu, who appeared to rate the young German’s play, offered some commiserations, words which fell on deaf ears. Unlucky, Herr Ulrich. — RD

2.20pm: More than just a chat
With no action before him Russian player Mikhail Olegovich Ryabkov raised 9,000 in the small blind which Daniel Negreanu called in the big. Ryabkov was quietly joking about something to Negreanu, who was nodding politely, but while Negreanu may have looked back at Ryabkov he seemed more interested in noting Russian’s reaction to the 3♠4♥6♥ flop.

Ryabkov’s reaction was to bet 15,000. Negreanu’s response was to raise to 30,000. At this point Ryabkov announced “all-in”. Negreanu nodded and called, turning over 6♦4♠ to Ryabkov’s K♦6♣. The Q♠ turn and 8♥ river ended Ryabkov’s day. Negreanu up to 930,000. – SB

2.15pm: One raise too many
On more than one occasion we’ve witnessed Georgios Kapalas move all-in over the top of a Andreas Wiese raise when both were in late position. Wiese just raised again (from the button) and Kapalas moved all-in, again, for around 130,000 from the SB.

His timing was off this time though as Wiese called quickly with Q♠Q♥ – in great shape against the Greek’s K♠7♣. He stayed ahead through the 6♥5♠2♠4♣A♥ board and he’s up to 430,000 as a result. — MC

2.05pm: Biro runs out of ink chips
Daniel Biro has been eliminated by Balazs Csermely in a blind on blind battle. Biro held Q♣J♦ to Csermely’s A♣A♥ and despite hitting an open-ended straight draw on the 9♣10♥10♣ flop the 9♦7♣ turn and river were no help. — NW

2.02pm: Williams makes his hand… and busts
Jeff Williams hit a dream river only to wake up screaming into a horrific Hold’em nightmare. Williams had opened the pot from the hijack to 12,500 (the cut-off had yet to return from break though). He picked up a caller in Riekus Wijermars who was located somewhere around the small blind (exactly there).


Jeff Williams

The 7♠6♥9♦ flop brought no bets but the Q♣ was enough for Wijermars to fire 22,000. Williams made the call. The 10♦ was the money card though. Wijermars fired a large 67,000 and Williams moved all-in for 170,000. The snap call from the Dutchman was the immortal nuts with J♦K♦. Williams couldn’t believe his luck.

Our Dutch blogger, who was across the table from me, said he saw jack-eight flashed as Williams lifted his hand to show what he thought was the winning hand. Wijermars is up to 730,000. — RD

1.55pm: Bad Medesan
Alain Medesan has been eliminated by Andreas Wiese. The action folded around to the jovial Romanian in the cut-off. He moved all-in for 92,000 and was quickly called by Wiese in the next seat with A♣K♣.

Wiese tabled the dominated A♥6♥ but insisted that the 6♥ was his lucky card and would win him the pot. Unfortunately this didn’t materialize and he was confirmed out after the 4♥5♥Q♠2♦2♣ board came down. — MC

1.50pm: Baranov bounces back again
Earlier today we reported how Sergei Baranov had got a double up to 240,000 and well he’s at it again. He’d slipped to 52,000 though and moved all-in after Antonio Buonanno had raised to 14,000 and Tomer Berda had re-raised to 40,000. Buonanno re-raised to isolate and Berda got out the way.

Buonanno: A♣Q♣
Baranov: J♠5♠

The board ran 6♦10♠J♥10♣9♠ and Baranov is back up to around 150,000. — NW

1.45pm: Schwartz cooked
Luke Schwartz is out. He was down to the felt after losing a big hand to Pantazidis Anestis (see 1.28pm) and got his last two big blinds in holding K♦5♥, but failed to hit against Andrey Gulyy’s A♠Q♥. — NW


Luke Schwartz

1.40pm: Quiet first level for Negreanu
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu hasn’t played any pots of note yet. During the first break he tweeted: ‘861,500 after first level. Stole two blinds with a button raise and didn’t play any other hands! Best hand QJ.’ — NW


Daniel Negreanu

1.35pm: Are you the guy who tossed that coin in Dortmund?
After a walk around the tournament floor I couldn’t help noticing that Cengiz Ulusu is here.

Ulusu is something of a cult hero on the European Poker Tour having performed perhaps the most memorable set piece ever seen on the EPT; greater than Tim Vance’s “I have the nuts,” show stopper in season four, greater than Richard Toth’s mis-read of Theo Jorgensen’s aces in season two.

I’m talking of course about the coin flip he lost at the final table of the EPT in Dortmund in season five. And when I say coin flip I really mean coin flip.

Facing a decision to call all-in for his stack, Ulusu removed a coin from his pocket, flipped it, looked at it, and based on the outcome called with a dubious king, ultimately losing and finishing in eighth place. Few could believe their eyes (not least fourth place finisher Johann Storakers, who’s memorable expression captured the thoughts of the entire poker world), but Ulusu shrugged it off, and collected a cheque for €83,500.

Well Ulusu is back and has more than 250,000 chips. If he makes the final I’ll personally see to it that he has some loose change. – SB

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ANTE 500

1.31pm: One level down
Level 16 has come to an end. The remaining 66 players are on a 15 minute break. — MC

1.30pm: Moshe mashed
Moshe Vaizman was eliminated in the last hand before break. He raised from under-the-gun then moved all-in with A♣K♦ when Tonio Röder three-bet from two seats along. Röder called with Q♠Q♦ that improved on the Q♣4♠7♦5♠6♠ board. — MC

1.28pm: Schwartz crippled
Luke Schwartz is down to less than 25,000 after doubling-up Pantazidis Anestis in a cold hand. Most of the chips went in on the turn with the board reading K♣K♠5♦J♦. Schwarz tabled K♦10♠ but Anestis tabled 5♠5♥ for a flopped full-house. The river came 2♣ before the Greek stacked up his chips now worth 440,000.

“I should’ve folded” said Schwartz. “Well played. You played the hand extremely well. You owned me” he added in a gracious manner. — MC

1.26pm: Battle of the blinds
At this point in the tournament most updates are dominated by the all-in and calls so consider a refreshing little change; some small pot poker for your delectation.

Emile Jad Yazbeck limped into the small blind and Morten Erlandsen raised it to 15,000. Yazbeck slowly made the call. Yazbeck check-called 12,000 on the 10♠8♥3♦ flop but both players checked the K♥ on the turn. The river paired the ten with the 10♣ and both players checked again. As the last player to make an aggressive action Erlandsen had to show. His K♥4♦ had connected on the turn leaving Yazbeck looking a little fustrated. — RD

1.20pm: Severino down
Jose Severino, one of the chip leaders from yesterday, just took a hit, struck by Giacomo Maisto’s king-six. Severino had called Maisto’s all-in with pocket tens but the board had been cruel, running as it did [k][4][7][k][q]. Severino down to 410,000. – SB

1.15pm: From the department of moving pictures
Team PokerStars new boy Toni Judet gives a brief account of an earlier hand to the video blog team, while Rick Dacey of the PokerStars Blog tells you that everything you might need to know about EPT Vienna is on the PokerStars Blog.

1.12pm: Yazbeck in it
Emile Jad Yazbeck has enjoyed a timely double against Claudiu Secara of Romania. Pierre-Elie De Oliveira started the ball rolling with a raise to 13,000 and Yazbeck put his shoulder behind it with a 90,000 shove. Secara decided to come along for the ride in the small blind.

Yazbeck: A♣K♦
Secara: A♠Q♣

A king on the flop secured the hand for Yazbeck, who is up to 200,000. — RD

1.08pm: Eiler eliminates one
Michael Eiler’s stack is now in the region of 640,000 after he eliminated Ofir Abramovici, taking his last 80,000. Eiler held A♥6♣ to Abramovici’s pocket sixes, but an ace on the river sent Abramovici to the rail in 70th place. — NW

1.05pm: Horwath flushed away
Stefan Horwath has been eliminated by Romanian Mihai Manole. Manole raised from the hijack before calling after Horwath shoved from the SB for 79,000. Showdown:

Horwath: A♠J♠
Manole: 3♥3♠

The board ran Q♦7♥4♦2♥8♥ to make a flush for Manole even though a pair was enough. He’s up to 660,000 now. — MC

1pm: Do as he says
Ramin Hajiyev opened for 12,500 from the cut off, game face clearly visible, which was called by Pierre-Elie de Oliveira on the button. The small blind folded but Morten Erlandsen in the big blind also called for a J♠Q♣4♦ flop.

Erlandsen checked to Hajiyev who bet another 28,000. De Oliveira folded on the button but Erlandsen went for his chips, piling up some yellows that were the basis of a 60,000 raise. In an unnervingly quiet voice Hajiyev announced that he was all-in.


Morten Erlandsen

“What?” asked Erlandsen.

“I’m all-in…”

Erlandsen folded immediately. He’s down to 210,000 while Hajiyev moves up to around 230,000. – SB

12.58pm: Poker Gods are smiling on Baranov
Sergii Baranov had been talking about needing a double up, which is no doubt the reason he open shoved 117,000 (almost 22 big blinds) from the cut-off with K♣5♥. Kirill Zapletin made a quick call from the small blind with A♦A♣. Oh dear.

The K♠2♣6♥ flop gave Baranov some hope. The 5♦ on the turn then put him ahead with Zapletin drawing to an ace, deuce or six. He missed those outs and Baranov is up to 240,000. — RD

12.50pm: Strong play from Sergey
Sergey Rybchenko just added over 50 per cent to his stack by making a great play pre-flop.

He’d raised to 12,500 under-the-gun, being flat called by Umberto Vitagliano and Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet. Josef Klinger then made it 67,500 total from the big blind. Rybchenko then moved all-in for 176,000 total. Vitagliano folded saying, ‘You stole my move,’ and Judet and Klinger also mucked their cards. — NW


Toni Judet

12.46pm: Maceiras no more
Maria Maceiras, who was short stacked coming into today, was just eliminated by Toni Berda. The latter’s A♥Q♦ dominating her K♥Q♠, even more so when Berda flopped an ace. — NW

12.45pm: A tale of two K’s
Peter Kamaras has just knocked out Stavros Kalfa. Kamaras had opened to 11,000 and Kalfa shoved for around 55,000. Kamaras grumbled about snap-calling and it only being 12 big blinds before making the call. “You don’t have to call with that,” said Kalfa who looked like he already knew his A♦J♣ was going to lose to Kamaras’ 8♥9♥. The 41% shot suddenly looked a lot better when the flop delivered the Hungarian middle pair on the K♥9♦6♣ flop. Blanks on the turn and river put pay to Kalfa’s hopes of going deep. — RD

12.40pm: Another scalp for Hruby
Team PokerStars Pro Martin Hruby is up to more than 400k after eliminating his second player today. Thomas Pettersson open shoved for 47,500 from second position with 10♠10♣ and Hruby called from the big blind with A♣K♥. The board ran J♥A♥2♠6♠5♣ to pair the Czech’s ace for the pot and Swedish scalp. — MC

12.35pm: Ducks dent Schwartz
Winning his last longer bet is the only thing that has gone Luke Schwartz’s way so far today. Andrey Gulyy moved in for 63,000 from under-the-gun plus one and two seats along Schwartz flat called. Csaba Solyom tanked for a long time before passing what he later claimed was pocket nines, everyone else also folded.

Gulyy: 2♥2♠
Schwartz: K♣K♥

The two players bumped fists and wished each other good luck before the dealer spread a board of Q♥3♦5♠5♦2♣. Schwartz banged the table in frustration and said: ‘That’s twice now,’ he’s down to around 160,000 now. — NW

12.30pm: Hruby eats up a stack of Nacho’s
Team PokerStars Pros Nacho Barbero and Martin Hruby have just battled, the end result being the elimination of the Argentinean. Barbero raised from under-the-gun plus one and called when Hruby three-bet from the button. The flop came Q♠J♥9♠ and Barbero check-raised his opponent’s 22,000 bet up to 55,000 before calling all-in when the Czech pushed. Showdown:

Hruby: K♠K♥
Barbero: Q♣10♣

The turn came A♦ and river 10♥ to make two-pair for Barbero but a straight for Hruby. “Good game. The hand I didn’t want to see; the worst,” were Barbero’s parting words. — MC

12.20pm: Schwarz’s EV leaps up
Luke Schwarz’s tournament EV has had a chunky jump after Harrison Kaczka’s bust out. The pair had a last longer bet so when the American’s pocket fives failed to hold up against Tim Ulrich’s A♦J♥ Schwarz binked a nice little score. — RD

12.20pm: Two all-ins, one call, no exits
The post-bubble carnage has begun with multiple all-ins happening; those who hung on for the money try to get some chips.

One such hand occurred on table two; Andrey Gulyy moved all-in from early position for 89,000 and was called from the small blind by Tonio Röder, who had a stack of over 350,000. Then the big blind Pantazidis Anestis called all-in for his last 57,000.

Gulyy: A♥J♠
Röder: 9♠9♦
Anestis: 10♠10♦

The board of 6♥6♦A♦10♥8♦ meant that Anestis tripled up to over 170,000, Röder slipped to 260,000 and Gulyy was left with 64,000. — NW

12.10pm: Bozo bounced
Bozo Bagaric came to our attention on the bubble yesterday with his failed attempt to knock out Antonio Buonanno. This had left him short and he came back today with 13 big blinds (65k). He is now out, being led to the payout desk as our 80th place finisher, although there are 8,000 reasons that I can think of why that’s better than finishing 81st. — MC

12pm: Out and about
Just a few minutes exploring the neighbourhood around the Kursalon, unveils a few of Vienna’s treasures.

A few minutes’ walk is a piece of traditional Sachertorte with your name on it, served at the Sacher hotel where Archduke Otto, Ferdinand’s younger brother, once appeared naked in the hotel lobby, wearing only his sword and the Order of the Golden Fleece around his neck. Those truly were the days.

Across the road from Otto’s gaff is the Opera, where musical history ensures men will have jobs dressing up as famous composers to sell tickets. And around the Opera stand ornate tributes to the likes of Beethoven, Vivaldi and Mozart, whose familiar genius has since been bludgeoned repeatedly by the world’s call centres hold music.


The Wilfried Ramsaier-Gorbach workshop

Some of those greats may even have stumbled upon the Wilhelm Ramsaier-Gorbach workshop on Canovagasse, a temple for anyone who dabbles in the stringed instrument arts


Established more than 130 years ago (“somewhere between 1872 and 1873, say the staff”), the studio, just yards away from the Konzerthaus, is where violinists and cellists bring their wounded wooden friends after one too many Radetsky Marches, or too much pizzicato. Amid bottles of resin, brushes and table lamps It’s all done with scientific precision and unrequited love.

Of course if your touristic needs are more straightforward, there is a Starbucks and a McDonalds just around the corner.

Back at the Kursalon though it’s Day 3 of EPT Vienna. Daniel Negreanu leads, yes, Negreanu leads an EPT, and could be on his way not only back to the top of the All Time Money List (he trails Phil Ivey by $800,000), but also to a rare Triple Crown.

How far he gets towards that will be detailed on the blog today. Stay with us, play will be starting shortly. — SB

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of potential alternative careers):Rick Dacey (Gun-runner), Nick Wright (Chip-runner), Marc Convey (Micro-stakes grinder) and Stephen Bartley (Customer Services Enforcement Officer).

Pictures copyright of Neil Stoddart


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