EPT Vienna: Day 2, level 14 &15 updates (2,000-4,000, 400 ante)

October 28, 2010


9.25pm: Play is done for the day
With the elimination of Gianni Giaroni play has ended for the day. Clear chip leader amongst the 80 money makers is Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu who has a stack of 893,000. Full chip counts and an end of day wrap is incoming, play will restart at 12pm and the plan is to play down until there are 24 players left. — NW

9.20pm: Bullets bust bubble
Riekus Wijermars may get a few few drinks tonight from some of the other 79 players left in the tournament as it was he who bust the bubble. Wijermars min-raised to 8,000 from under the gun (as he had the previous hand and shown Q♣J♥) only for Gianni Giaroni to raise to 70,000 from the button. Wijermars then moved all-in and Giaroni was obliged to call off his remaining 30,200. There then followed a period of about eight minutes where neither player could show there hand as they waited for other tables to complete their hands. When that was done it was showdown time:

Wijermars: A♠A♦
Giaroni: A♥K♣

Flop: 9♦6♠9♥
Little help for Giaroni there

Turn: 9♠
Giaroni picked up a single out

River: 6♥
Giaroni couldn’t hit his miracle one outer. — NW

9.15pm: Bubble has burst
Gianni Giaroni is the 81st place finisher, everyone else is in the money and guaranteed at least €8,000. Details on his exit coming right up. — NW

8.55pm: Bubble burst?
Before hand-for-hand play started there was still a hand to play out on one table and it resulted in an all-in and a call. Three players were still involved at the turn with the board reading 7♥5♠6♥2♥ and Antonio Buonanno led for 80,000 only to face a min-raise from Bozo Bagaric in the BB after the third party involved folded. After a good deal of thought and in front of a, now, gathered crowd Buonanno moved all-in and received a snap call from the German. The all-in from the Italian was for over 300k but we couldn’t get close enough to find out an exact count.

Buonanno opened K♥7♥ for the second nuts and Bagaric went to muck but was forced to show his Q♣7♣ for top pair – drawing dead. The river came 2♦ and Buonanno scooped in the massive pot. We are now officially in hand-for-hand mode. — MC

8.45pm: Judet gets there
Team PokerStars Pro Toni Judet was the player who did it for Kyriakides Miltiadis in a hand that took over 10 minutes to play. Miltiadis was first into the pot from the hijack making it 8,000 to go. From the button Judet bumped it up to 21,500. This is where we got the first dwell up. Miltiadis asked Judet what he wanted him to do, but upon getting no reaction decided to make the call.

The flop was 7♠10♥Q♥ and Miltiadis check-raised Judet’s continuation bet of 25,600 to 70,000, a bet Judet called after perhaps 30 seconds thinking time.

The turn was the 10♦ and Miltiadis quickly moved all-in for 158,000 total. Judet now tanked for over seven minutes. His stack at this point was around 280,000 so a call represented more than half of what he had back. But he did call, and showed Q♦9♣. Miltiadis though had 7♣7♥ for the full house.

However, the river was the Q♠, giving Judet a bigger boat. Miltiadis was visibly frustrated and pushed the empty chair to his left – one that was fortunately separating Miltiadis from Judet – before wandering away from the table. — NW

8.40pm: We’re on the bubble
Kyriakides Miltiadis has been eliminated in 82nd place, details on that exit coming right up. It’s now hand for hand. One more player will be heading into the cold Vienna night empty handed. — NW

8.33pm: Rub down
Manuel Bevand is our 84th place finisher after being eliminated, despite hitting a set. Two players called his all-in whilst he was holding pocket sevens. The cards were on there backs at the turn (after one player folded to bet) with the board reading A♣2♣8♥J♠. The Frenchman tabled his sevens only to be shown pocket jacks by the BB for a turned set. Bevand was drawing dead, and just to rub it in the river came 7♣ to make Bevand a smaller, useless set. — MC

8.28pm: One street of value
Luke Schwartz is up to 230,000 after taking a chunk out of Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen.

There was an early position raise to 8,500 that Guillen three-bet to 18,500 and Schwartz four-bet to 35,000. Only Guillen called to see the J♦2♠8♥ flop and checked behind after Schwartz checked.

The turn came 6♣ and Schwartz led for 25,000. Call. The river came K♥ and both players checked it down. Schwartz opened Q♠Q♣ and took the pot as the Mexican folded. Guillen down to 180,000. — MC

8.22pm: Here’s One to tilt
Andrei One has just gone from a near certain to cash to out in two hands. He first got all-in with A♦9♣ on a 3♦9♥6♦2♣ flop against Josef Klinger’s pocket jacks; a 250,000 pot. Then two hands later he opened for 10,000, was min-raised by Toni Judet to 16,000 for the pot to go heads-up.

All of One’s remaining 90,000 chips went in on the K♥4♥10♣ flop, with One showing K♦Q♠ to Judet’s set of tens. One must be feeling a little annoyed with one’s self. — RD

8.20pm: Q & A with Daniel Negreanu
The video blog team have been at it again, bombarding Daniel Negreanu with your questions from PokerStars Facebook and Twitter. Here’s what he had to say…

8.15pm: Botond blunts Barbero
Balazs Botond just took a big chunk of Jose Barbero’s stack in an intriguing pot.

The two of them, along with Tommie Janssen, saw a flop of 10♣K♠10♠. First to act, Barbero checked to Botond who bet 6,500; a bet that both Janssen and Barbero called.

The J♣ fell on the turn and Botond again took the lead, betting 21,400. Only Barbero called. On the 9♥ river, Barbero checked again and Botond emptied the clip, betting 64,000 which was around half his remaining stack. Barbero had about 140,000 left and reluctantly folded. — NW

ept vienna_day 2_nacho barbero.jpg

Jose ‘Nacho’ Barbero is heading towards yet another cash here in Vienna

8.05pm: Never a nice way to bust
If you get your chips in pre-flop with aces and you lose it’s harsh, but it’s even worse if you’re only a few places off the money.

Feel for Sigurd Eskeland then as he’s just been eliminated in 87th place (80 get paid , remember?). He got his chips in with A♠A♣ versus Mikhail Olegovich Ryabkov’s 9♣9♥ and the board ran 5♦9♠2♠Q♦6♠. A set of nines for the Russian good enough to crack aces and edge everyone a place closer to getting a monetary reward for all this malarkey. -MC

8pm: Our man Dacey
It’s that man again. Rick Dacey from the PokerStars Blog reports from the last level of the day…

7.52m: Ramming it in
Ramin Hajiyev found a great spot to get his chips in when Martin Hruby opened the action for 9,600, being called by Victorino Torres. Dimitar Danchev then moved all-in for 35,000. Then Hajivev moved all-in over the top for 113,100, forcing both Hruby and Torres out of the pot.

Hajivev: A♥K♣
Danchev: A♦J♣

When the board was spent it was merely ten-high, great news for Hajivev who finds himself on almost 180,000 now. Danchev danced off.* — RD

* He did not dance off. He wandered off looking a little peeved.

7.45pm: Team Pros score double knockout
Team PokerStars Pros Jose ‘Nacho’ Barbero and Toni Judet are at adjacent tables and they just eliminated a player each.

Table Nacho: Barbero made it 8,500 to play and Alessio Di Cesare moved all-in for 77,000. Everyone else folded but Barbero made the call with K♥J♣ and was in a race against Di Cesare’s pocket tens. A jack on the flop took Barbero from worst to first, and he now has a stack of around 220,000.

Table Judet: The Romanian has been quiet today but I finally caught him in a hand. It was worth waiting for.

From the small blind Judet made it 9,500 to go and Atanas Gueorguiev called. The flop was Q♠J♠8♠ and Judet bet 11,500, Gueorguiev moved in for around 70,000 and Judet called. Gueorguiev’s J♣10♥ was in big trouble as Judet held K♥K♠. The board blanked and Judet now has 320,000. — NW

7.30pm:Break time
The last fifteen minute break of the day is upon before we play once last level.

7.27pm: Sad end to the level
The level started with us losing Fatima Moreira de Melo and it it’s just ended with the loss of Alexia Portal. She open shoved with 5♥5♠ for 51,500 and was called by the big stacked Mihai Manole in the BB with A♣Q♠. The board ran 6♠4♠Q♦9♠7♥ to pair the Romanian pro’s queen. — MC

7.25pm: Sunar not looking super
Surinder Sunar has been nursing a short stack for hours and hours he must be looking around to make that no-one from the blog is within spitting distance before shoving. None of us have seem him play a hand today. His 40,000 stack is now tucked between Daniel Negreau and Jeff Williams’ monster stacks which is, quite frankly, pretty ugly for his tournament EV. — RD

7.24pm: Schwarz chipping up (again)
Luke Schwarz just raised under-the-gun to 6,500 and was three-bet by Ville Mattila to 18,000. Schwarz shoved all-in for about 70,000 and said something along the lines of “Why are you raising if you’re not going to call?” Mattila did not call and Schwarz is back up to around 100,000. — RD

7.22pm: Konstant pain
Konstantinos Nanos has got under Jason Wheeler’s skin. The two of them played a pot and Wheeler had a minor eruption at the end of it.

On a flop of 6♣10♥4♥, an in position Wheeler bet 36,000 into a pot of around 50,000 and Nanos called. Both players checked the 5♠ turn to see the 2♥ fall on the river. Nanos bet 57,000 and after a couple of minutes tank time Wheeler made the call.

Nanos showed Q♥J♥. Wheeler threw his cards face down onto the felt in disgust saying to Nanos: ‘I knew it! You never fold, do you? Is there any bet on that flop that you fold to?’

Nanos now has over 300,000, Wheeler is down to 120,000. — NW

7.18pm: Becker busts
The Team PokerStars SportsStar had been grinding a below average stack for most of the day and couldn’t quite hang on for the money, despite a valiant attempt. I didn’t see the exit first hand but Luke Schwartz did and he filled me in.

Apparently Becker three-bet Georgios Kapalas with ace-king and then called Kapalas’ shove, the latter’s pocket fives held up. Schwartz said: ‘Becker got unlucky. It was a terrible shove {by Kapalas}.’ –NW

7.14pm: Boatman flushed away
Barny Boatman has been eliminated by Dominique Papesch. Boatman was second to act and moved all-in for just over 40,000 before the local player moved in for around 50,000 from the button. Both the blinds folded to leave them heads-up and at showdown:

Boatman: K♠Q♦
Papesch: A♣K♦

The flop came out as 2♣7♣J♣ and Boatman said “Oh great. He’s got clubs too!”

His fate was sealed through the 7♦3♣ turn and river. — MC

7.10pm: Hruby flips with Torres
Martin Hruby had been dominating proceedings earlier in the day but things haven’t gone so well of late. He’s just lost a big flip with 4♦4♥ to Victorino Torres’ A♦10♠. — RD

7pm: Negreanu ends Adam’s Jerney
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu now has 806,000 and is the new chip leader after eliminating two players in one hand.


Daniel Negreanu

Adam Jerney raised pre-flop and Negreanu flat called only for Jürgen Wenigwieser to move all-in for around 50,000. Jerney flat called this bet and then Negreanu moved all-in. Jerney, who had around 200,000 at the start of the hand called.

Wenigwieser: 4♥4♦
Negreanu: 10♥10♦
Jerney: K♥K♦

Understandably a large crowd gathered and it got even larger once the board ran 8♥Q♥Q♠J♥10♣. As Negreanu stacked his chips he recounted the hand to fellow Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree who’s currently playing a side event. — NW

7pm: Tangling with Vitagliano
Umberto Vitagliano opened for 7,000 from under-the-gun which Claudiu Secara raised to 21,000 from middle position. Vitagliano then called for a flop of 4♥7♥A♦ which Vitagliano checked before calling quickly when Secara bet a further 25,000.

Now an 8♦ turn. Vitagliano checked again, perhaps not counting on Secara announcing “all-in,” and unstoppable series of bets that had the balance of his stack – 165,000 – over the line.

Vitagliano’s body language included allsorts. He looked ready to call but his face seemed pained and he shook his head from side to side. The longer this went on the more inevitable was what followed next – a Vitagliano fold.

He’s down to 90,000, while Secara moves up to 255,000. – SB

6.54pm: Schwarz bluffed off
Luke Schwarz had raised from early position to 6,700 and had been called by Adrian Simaldoni in the big blind. The Swiss led into the Q♥6♥5♣ flop for 12,000 and Schwarz quickly raised to 26,000. Simaldoni in turn picked up a large stack of yellow chips and pretty much put Schwarz all-in for his last 70,000 chips.


Luke Schwartz

Schwarz passed and Simaldoni tossed K♠9♦ face up onto the table, looking quite chuffed with himself. Maybe Schwarz shouldn’t have let it known that he has a large last longer bet going on… — RD

6.50pm: Charlie boy
Charles Combes was unlucky to run queens in the aces of Alin Petrisor Pandilica but very lucky to crack them. Michael Eiler raised from late position before Combes moved in for 87,100 from the small blind. Pandilica quickly announced he was all-in too from the big blind. That was enough to convince Eiler to leave them to it.

Combes: Q♠Q♣
Pandilica: A♠A♥

The board ran 4♦9♠6♥Q♦7♣. Combes was halfway out of his seat but smiled, sat back down and said “Unlucky” to his Romanian neighbour. — MC

6.45pm: Moshe (in the) pits
I only caught the river action but with the board reading Q♣J♥7♦3♠10♣, and around 35,000 in the pot, Moshe Vaizman made an over-bet of 53,000 on the river. His lone opponent was Peter Kamaras and he went deep into the think tank. So deep in fact that Vaizman called the clock.

A member of tournament staff came over and told Kamaras he had one minute to make his decision. Kamaras used his 60 seconds wisely, first he cut out the call and then he checked what his remaining stack would look like should choose to call and then lose. As the 10 second countdown began Kamaras slid in the call. Vaizman flipped 5♥5♠ but was behind Kamaras’ K♠10♠.

As Kamaras was collecting the pot to move up to 320k a certain Daniel Negreanu was moved to his direct left. – NW

6.40pm: What matters to Mattern…
In the second of two videos featuring Arnaud Mattern the Frenchman talks about his own success as well as that of the European Poker Tour; the new structure for which being partly his work.

6.35pm: Toilet run almost costly for Schwarz
“I’d just run up from the toilet and only just got back in time to see my hand,” said Luke Schwarz happily.

The trip to the gents was almost costly one given that Schwarz managed to get his entire 50,000 stack (a little over ten big blinds now) with pocket queens to Georgios Kapalas’ pocket fours. Schwarz managed to dodge the flop and corresponding backdoor outs to chip up to over 100,000. Things are looking a little brighter for the controversial Brit. — RD

6.25pm: Sad start to the level
It’s a sad re-start as everyone’s favourite, Fatima Moreira de Melo, is now out.

Fatima Moreira de Melo and Liv Boeree earlier today_d2_sb.jpg

Fatima Moreira de Melo and Liv Boeree earlier today

Stjepan Jokic raised to 6,000 before the Team PokerStars SportStar moved in for 36,000 from the cut-off. Jokic called with 10♣10♥ and De Melo tabled A♥J♣ but failed to hit on the 8♣4♥4♦Q♣5♥ board. — MC

6.20pm: Schwartz survives somehow
Despite being down to just 10 big blinds, Luke Schwartz just managed to shove all-in over the top of a raise and a flat call and get no takers. Manuel Bevand had made it 7,200 from under-the-gun and next to act Boris Becker flat called. After getting an exact count of Schwartz’s stack Bevand’s tank-folded as did Becker: ‘I thought you were going to do it,’ said Becker. ‘I thought you were going to do it,’ retorted Bevand. — NW

6.12pm: Chips, chips
News is that we will play six levels or to the money today. The latest chip counts can be found here.

6.05pm: Play resumes
Players are back at their seats for the fifth level of the day. Current chip leader is Jose Severino from Panama, who has 670,000. — SB


A neo-renaissance interpretation of the EPT Vienna season one final table

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of breaking point): Nick Wright (being hurried), Stephen Bartley (unpolished shoes), Rick Dacey (eye-contact) and Marc Convey (11am).

Photography (c) Neil Stoddart.


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