EPT Vienna: Day 2, level 12 & 13 updates (blinds 1,200-2,400, ante 200)

October 28, 2010


6pm: Break time
One more fifteen minute break for one and all.

6pm: Tommie Reicht in the thick of it
Tommie Janssen, who PokerStars Dutch blogger tells us is a good friend of Noah Boeken, took down a nice pot that extended a couple of minutes into the break. His opponent in the hand, Jurgen Reicht raised to 6,300 from under-the-gun+1 and Janssen, from the small blind, was the only caller. The flop was 10♣K♣2♣ Janssen checked to Reicht who bet 11,000. Janssen then check-raised to 27,500, a bet Reicht called.

The turn was the A♦ and both players checked to see the 7♥ hit the river. Janssen fired out a bet of 60,000 and Reicht made a quick call. Janssen showed K♦K♠ and Reicht flashed 2♦2♥ before mucking. — NW

5.58pm: Worth buying out?
Back to the Harrison Kaczka versus Luke Schwartz last longer battle and things are looking bad for the Brit. He just raised to 5,400 from early position but opened folded K♠Q♠ when Team PokerStars SportStar Boris Becker three-bet from the BB. He’s down to 27,000.

As this hand was taking place Kaczka was busy busting Frederic Casalta to move up to 175k. All the chips went in pre-flop with Casalta holding pocket queens (no diamond) to Kaczka’s K♥10♦. Kaczka flopped a queen before the board filled out with diamonds to make him a flush. — MC

5.50pm: Severino sucks out
Jose Severino is up to 640,000 after sucking out on local boy Thomas Tiroch.

The two players got involved in a battle of the blinds – Tiroch defending from the big blind – when Severino found himself drawing fairly thin with A♠K♣ on a 7♥A♥5♦ flop.

Severino had check-raised the flop and when Tiroch had come back over the top for most of his chips Severino said: “All-in, yeah. All-in,” in that tone of voice that also suggested: I-can’t-get-away-from-this-hand-in-a-battle-of-the-blinds.

The pot must have been approaching 300,000 and would have been huge for the Austrian, and he looked good with his A♣5♣ two-pair. But those low pairs are just too easy to counterfeit, and running nines saw Severino fist pump as he rocketed back into the chip lead. — RD

5.40pm: Dream flop ends in chop
When you raise with 7♥10♥ you must be pretty happy to see the flop come down 6♣9♥8♥, for a straight and re-draw to a straight flush. Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen did just that (5,100 raise) from early position and received four callers to the said flop. His c-bet for 10,500 was called in one spot before Jason Wheeler raised to 42,500 from the BB.

The Mexican moved all-in and was called by Wheeler while the other player folded.
Wheeler tabled 8♠10♣ and saw he needed a seven to chop it. The turn came 4♠ and at this point Wheeler said “Seven” before the river came 7♣. “You’ve just got to ask for it,” he said.

Guillen made a few chips to move up to 76,000. — MC

5.30pm: Beck in business
Team PokerStars SportStar Boris Becker just picked up some more chips and he didn’t even have to go through the rigmarole of a show down to do so.

Nathan Tuthill had made it 5,000 to play from under-the-gun and was flat called by Illia Kainov in middle position before Becker moved all-in from the small blind for around 65,000.

As spectators gathered round Becker kept his head low, oblivious to it all. Tuthill tanked for a good two minutes before passing, Kalinov also opted to fold showing pocket sevens as he did so. Becker still has a below average stack but is in the ascendant. — NW

ept vienna_day 2_boris becker.jpg

It’s not game, set and match yet for Boris

5.32pm: Negreanu keeps on climbing
Daniel Negreanu is on a tear at the moment. After winning that monster pot with aces he’s just picked up the bullets again, this time in a heads-up situation. The Canadian Team PokerStars Pro just got it in against Christiaan Rolle’s pocket jacks to win a 145,000 pot, taking him up to 500,000.

Negreanu had led 7,500 into the 4♦7♣4♠ flop and been raised by Rolle to 20,000. Negreanu made the call and checked the 2♣ turn. Rolle insta-shoved after the check and Negreanu called just as quickly with his pocket aces. The K♥ didn’t supply the two-outer the Dutchman was after. Could this be the EPT that Negreanu finally goes deep in? — RD

5.25pm: Sick value bet
Harrison Kaczka, he of the last longer bet with Luke Schwartz, just saw his stack surge after winning a nice pot against Michael Schürpf. It was a blind on blind battle with Schurpf making it 5,000 from the small blind and Kaczka making the call.

From there on out it was Kaczka who took the lead, betting 4,600 (flop), 8,600 (turn) and 17,600 (river) on a 3♣7♣10♥10♠8♦ board.

Schürpf took a long time to call on the river saying: ‘I just can’t help myself but I know you’re going to show me tens full.’ Kaczka though showed 8♥5♠. Schurpf said: ‘Nice, sick value bet.’ — NW

5.20pm: Best, and classiest dealers in the world
An action-filled few minutes at the Boris Becker table, a spell of highs, very clear lows, and some carefree aggression from the former tennis star.

Becker opened a series of pots, making it 5,500 from the button which Carlos Egea called in the small blind. The flop came 6♦J♠5♥. Egea checked to Becker who fired in 6,000. This time though Egea raised to 15,000, enough to stop Becker in his tracks and he inched his cards away with his fingertips.

The PokerStars SportStar was not done there. Left with 43,000 he bumped that up a little on the next hand, moving all-in to take the blinds and antes. There would be more from him, but first this hand.

Illia Kainov opened the next pot for 7,500 from under-the-gun which was called by Valeri Ilikyan in the seat next to him. It was just the two of them to a flop of 5♥8♦4♠. Kainov bet 18,000 which Ilikyan wasted no time in calling.

The turn came J♣. Kainov now checked, leaving Ilikyan to bet 20,000. Kainov then raised, throwing out 50,000 in total which drew a smile from Ilikyan, who began saying something in Russian. Kainov didn’t reply, or even acknowledge him, and instead stared directly forward. With about 80,000 left behind Ilikyan thought about things for a while and then folded. But oddly neither player gave up their cards.

The dealer carried on regardless, gathering the chips that now belonged to Kainov. The two players exchanged a few words and then seemed to agree to show. Kainov flipped over J♦J♥.

I’ve heard of players throwing cards at a dealer, then hurling abuse at something beyond their control, but I’d never seen it. Somehow it doesn’t seem to fit the EPT. That was until today.

Ilikyan picked up the two jacks and tossed them at the dealer (who gathered them up and added them to the pile). He then got up from his chair to rattle off abuse, looking straight at the dealer as if this had all been part of their elaborate plot, one that would involve her understanding the exact combination of cards on each shuffle or a 30 minute spell of dealing.

The others at the table kept quiet, one or two of them grinning sheepishly. Luke Schwartz piped up though, pointing out that this wasn’t the dealers fault, words that had no bearing on the mood of Ilikyan who was too busy digging a hole towards hell to notice.

“Sir, in English please,” said the dealer, who may well have secretly delighted in telling a man spewing abuse at her to at least have the courtesy to do it in English, so that everyone could understand.

But Ilikyan and Kainov kept on discussing things, ignoring further requests for English only, talking while Janar Kiivramess moved all-in uncontested, and through the next hand, another featuring Boris Becker.

Becker opened for 5,600 which was called by Ilikyan for a flop of 9♠2♠K♠. Becker fired out 12,500, another jab in the ribs, and Ilikyan folded. Becker added more to his stack in the next hand, opening for 6,200 which Kiivramees called for a flop of A♠Q♥10♠. Becker then moved all-in to take what was in the middle.

Becker up to 62,000 and a new dealer arrives at the table. — SB

Postscript: Valeri Ilikyan is now out.

5.14pm: Vital shove for Zavorotnijs
Vitalijis Zavorotnijs is pretty short stacked at his table and is sandwiched between big stacks Martin Hruby and Jose Severino. It’s not the best situation in the world but he did just manage to pick up a small pot by four-bet shoving from the button for 55,000 all-in over Hruby’s big blind three-bet. The Latvian is up to 70,000. — RD

5.10pm: Negreanu rockets up leader board
Team Poker Stars Pro Daniel Negreanu now has a top three stack after more than doubling-up with pocket aces. There was a raise and flat call before Szymon Pieszczoch three-bet to 14,300 and a player on the button four-bet to 32,000. Negreanu then five-bet to 60,000 from the SB and called all-in when Pieszczoch pushed. The other three players involved backed away to leave it as a heads-up showdown.

Pieszczoch: K♣K♠
Negreanu: A♦A♥

The board ran a safe (in Negreanu’s eyes) 5♥2♥Q♦7♣5♣ to send the Canadian up to 422,000 and now has a great chance of back-to-back EPT cashes. — MC

ept vienna_day 2_daniel and fatima.jpg

A tale of two stacks: Negreanu’s up, Moreira de Melo’s down

5.05pm: Severino super stack
Jose Severino is now the chip leader with 565,000, nudging ahead of the likes of Daniel Negreanu, Mihai Manole and Jeff Williams, all of whom are on around 400,000. — RD

5pm: Horwath houses up
Poker’s a cruel game sometimes and right now that’s probably what Kirill Zapletin is thinking. He’d three-bet to 17,100 after Stefan Horwath had made it 5,500 and Gustavo Zito had flat called. Horwath then moved all-in for 48,900 total, Zito folded but Zapletin insta-called.

Horwath: A♦10♣
Zapletin: K♣K♦

Flop: Q♦A♣A♠

Zapletin threw his arms up in disgust at the turn of events

Turn: 5♥

River: 10♥

Horwath rubbed it in a little bit by rivering a full house. — NW

4.52pm: Kaiser not going to be chief
Ronny Kaiser has just been knocked out by Jose Severino after a fairly nasty turn of events. There were 20,000 chips in the pot when the 9♠7♦3♥9♥ board was checked. Kaiser led 16,000 into the 6♣ river. Kaiser had just 25,000 behind when Severino picked up a stack of yellow 5,000 chips and dumped them on the table.

Kaiser was left looking surprised, then confused, then deflated as he made the call. Severino showed 6♣6♦ for a rivered full house and Kaiser dejectedly flashed 9♦10♦. Kaiser’s out as Severino chips up to 400,000. — RD

4.45pm: The show is back on the road
This is level 13 and it will surely be unlucky for some. — MC

4.30pm: End of the level
It’s break time at the Kursalon, after the third level of play today. Play restarts in 15 minutes with blinds of 1,200-2,400, with a 200 ante.

4.29pm: Dutch courage
Riekus Wijermars stack has rocketed in the past level and he now has around 320,000 after winning two chunky pots in a row against Day 1A chip leader Sergii Baranov.

Hand One: There was 50,000 in the pot and a flop of 2♠4♥4♦ on the felt. Baranov checked to Wijermars who bet 28,000, Baranov folded and Wijermars showed A♦A♠.

Hand Two: In the next hand Wijermars made it 4,000 to go and Baranov called from the button saying, ‘You made it too cheap,’ Baranov continued to like the price Wijermars was setting as he called three barrels (8,000, 20,000 and 38,700 respectively) on a 9♣K♦A♦5♥8♥ board, Wijermars showed A♣5♣ and Baranov let out an expletive before mucking.

After that hand Wijermars is up to around 320,000, Baranov has 170,000. — NW

4.27pm: Three-way all-in
Jeffrey Hakim has tripled up to 130k with pocket aces. Zhou Yongjian, Ronnie Gustafsson and Hakim all had similar size stacks and all had big pairs and they and all got their chips in pre-flop. Hakim’s aces held versus Yongjian’s nines and Gustaffsson’s kings. Yongjian was eliminated and Gustaffsson was left crippled. – MC

4.26pm: Torres scores one-outer
Victorino D. Torres just hit a one-outer to move up to around 200k. He was all-in with pocket aces on a king-deuce-rag board versus Dmytro Samoilenko (set of twos) and Thomas Tiroch (set of kings). Torres whooped when the turn came an ace to make him a bigger set. Ronny Kaiser was also involved but folded his holding of ace-queen, making Torres luckier than he thought. — MC

4.25pm: Nacho, Nacho Barbero
More chips for Nacho Barbero who opened a pot for 4,800 before Balazs Botond raised to 11,000. Not done with that Alessio Di Cesare raised to 27,700. There followed a pause as Barbero and Botond allowed the circumstances to sink in. Once they had Barbero raised again.

Botond went through some formalities, like the documents you sign when your house is repossessed. He looked first at Di Cesare, asked for a count (100,000) and then turned to look at Barbero. One last glimpse at his cards and he folded, just like Di Cesare did a few seconds later.

Barbero up to 155,000. – SB

4.18pm: Chip counts
On every break the dealers are doing official chip counts check them out on the appropriately named chip count page. — NW

4.15pm: Gulyy brave with knaves
A bit of Russian on Russian violence ended with a peace offering. Pantazidis Anestis had opened to 5,700 from the cut-off before Andrey Saenko made it 14,500 from the small blind. Andrey Gulyy then made a swift four-bet to 31,400 total.

Anestis released his hand and then Saenko, who had around 155,000 behind, asked how much Gulyy had left (115,000) before folding A♠Q♥ face up. Gulyy was gracious enough to show J♣J♥ as he stacked the chips. — NW

4.12pm: Williams joins the big boys
Jeff Williams – yes he of EPT Grand Final winner’s fame – has chipped up nicely, quite possibly into the chip lead, with a heaving 410,000 stack. Erik Friberg was the player to chip him up after making a 40,000 bet on a Q♥J♥6♠2♥ board which Williams called.

Friberg check-called 74,400 on the J♠ river with K♥6♥ for the second nut flush, but Williams’ A♥10♥ nut flush trumped that. Friberg was left with 30,000 and looked more than a little irritated. Williams stack should now propel him deep into the latter stages. — RD

4.10pm: Counter strike
Harrison Kaczka has struck back (in the battle of his last longer with Luke Schwartz) with a double-up. He was at in the BB and called all-in for his last 25,800 when Michael Schürpf pushed from the SB. Schürpf had just sat down and the action folded to him in the SB, Q♥9♣ was good enough to push.

Kaczka looked down and called when he saw A♥K♠ which held up through the 7♠7♦5♣8♦J♣ board. — MC

4.05pm: Negreanu no hero
Szymon Pieszczoch made it 4,400 from the hijack only for Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu to make it 13,200 from the small blind. Pieszczoch mulled it over for a while before electing to make the call.


Daniel Negreanu

The flop of 9♥J♥A♣ elicited a check from Negreanu, who then fixed his eyes on Pieszczoch, who also elected to check. The turn was the 6♠. No one took a bite so they took a free river card which was the 4♥.

Negreanu checked for the third and final time but Pieszczoch did not follow suit, instead he overbet the pot making a bet of around 50,000. Negreanu smiled and said, ‘Alright,’ releasing his hand. ‘Hoping I was going to make a hero call or something?’ he added. Negreanu now has around 140,000.– NW

3.53pm: Only once
Morten Erlandsen promised that “Only once I show this,” as he flipped ace-king onto its back after shoving all-in on a 8♣A♥4♥ flop. His opponent, Giacomo Maisto, had tossed his pocket sixes away face up after leading the flop for 11,000. Erlandsen is up to 125,000. — RD

3.45pm: Who will last longer?
Harrison Kaczka and Luke Schwartz both have short stacks and also have a rather large last longer bet with each other which explains why they keep dashing over to each other’s table.


Luke Schwartz

Schwartz just four-bet all-in for his last 29,000 and immediately ran over to Kaczka’s table to tell him he was all-in, whilst Max Greenwood pondered calling. Schwartz was soon back, trying to talk Greenwood into folding. “Just fold. I’ve got a monster and I’m in a last longer bet so don’t want to take any chances even though I’ve got you crushed,” he said.

The hand started with the short-stacked (8k) Marcel Bjerkmann min-raising to 4,000 before Greenwood three-bet to 10,000. Schwartz then moved all-in. Bjerkmann committed the other half of his stack and Greenwood eventually folded (ace-jack he later said) to take it to the heads-up showdown.

Bjerkmann: Q♣10♥
Schwartz: K♦K♣

The board ran 4♦K♠4♣A♥6♦ to hand the pot to the Brit with a full-house. Kaczka meanwhile is on around 30,000. — MC

3.35pm: Dwan gone
Earlier we reported that Tom Dwan’s stack had dwindled. It now stands at zero. He’s been eliminated from the tournament. — NW

3.32pm: Hruby’s stack severed
Martin Hruby’s table broke a short while ago and he joined one deep in chips.

When I arrived at his table I was just in time to see Panamanian Jose Severino make what looked like a six-bet raise to 122,500 into Hruby. Severino was in middle position with 32,500 in front of him (before his raise), Hruby on the button had 78,600 sprayed on his part of the felt.

Severino’s raise left him with 114,000 behind and Hruby went deep into the tank with a tough decision that looked like it could create a 450,000 chip leader.

Hruby reluctantly passed and Severino quickly flicked A♣3♣ onto its back. The Czech Team Pro rapped the table to acknowledge the hand. No doubt more fireworks will erupt here later. — RD

3.30pm: Tanking with Negreanu
A board of 3♣3♦A♠8♠7♥ and Daniel Negreanu was spending a long time in the tank. The reason was staring back at him.

Negreanu had checked the river and Jack Ellwood had bet 11,300, about half the pot. Negreanu riffled, shifted, looked back at Ellwood occasionally and eventually passed. Ellwood looked very pleased with himself and grinned.

“I wasn’t calling,” said Negreanu. “I was calling then I was going to ship it.”

News reaches from elsewhere that Boris Becker just eliminated a player, his pocket tens better than the other guy’s ace-queen. Becker back up to 70,000. – SB

3.27pm: Akhund axed by kicker problems
Zhou Yongjian had no idea what he was starting when he raised to 4,500 from the cut-off. Next to act, Wasi Akhund flat called before Riekus Wijermars made it 16,000 total. Yongjian got out the way swiftly, but Akhund counted his chips, stacked them, un-stacked them and it looked like he genuninely didn’t know whether to fold, call or move all-in.

Eventually he opted for the latter, moving all-in for around 75,000 total. Wijermars made an instant call showing A♥K♥. Akhund grimaced and showed A♠J♠, the board of Q♥10♦8♦3♥5♣ promised much, but changed nothing.

Wijermars now has around 240,000. — NW

3.25pm: Becker bashed
Boris Becker is down to 40,000 after a hand against Michael Schürpf.

On a flop of 9♣A♠5♠ Schürpf checked to Becker who bet 11,500 with a quick movement of his hands. That was to be the extent of the betting. Schürpf called for a K♥ turn, which was checked, as was the 4♣ river.

Neither player seemed keen to show but eventually Schürpf flipped up A♣3♠. It was good, Becker mucking his cards. Schürpf is up to 150,000. – SB

3.20pm: From hero to zero
Laurence Houghton is out. The overnight chip leader had a shocking day running big pairs (tens and jacks) into aces within the first level before finally busting to Raphael Wurm. Houghton had around 40,000 at the start of the hand and got it all-in pre-flop with ace-jack, but his Austrian opponent had the goods with pocket kings and they held up. — MC

3.15pm: The latest news in moving pictures
Daniel Negreanu explains his tried and tested method of starving his way to victory, while the PokerStars Blog’s Rick Dacey mangles Fatima Moreira de Melo’s name and reports on the latest from the tournament floor.

3.09pm: Play begins
The third 75-minute level of the day has begun.

3.06pm: Negreanu happily chirping
Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has had a very healthy first couple of levels here in Vienna. He started the day on 54,200 and has since trebled that, as shown by his twitter: “Great level at 148,800 avg is 100k blinds will be 1k 2k. Won a good pot against a steamer with 10-10 vs 66 all in preflop. I 4 bet he called.”

Players are returning to the tournament room with two minutes left on the clock before cards are back in the air. — RD

ept vienna_day 2_daniel negreanu.jpg

Cheer up, Canuck, you’re well over average

PokerStars Blog reporting team at EPT Vienna (in order of post-work drink sophistication last night): Stephen Bartley (large neat Laphroaig), Rick Dacey (Jameson on the rocks), Nick Wright (house red) and Marc Convey (beer, innit). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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