EPT Vienna: Day 1B, level 7, 8 & 9 updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)

October 27, 2010


11.45pm: Play has ended
Play has now ended for the day. With just a couple of hands remaining Boris Becker managed to double up to finish the day on 30,400. Full chip counts will be up on the chip counts page soon, chip leader appears to be Laurence Houghton who has 190,600. The end of day wrap is imminent. — NW

ept vienna_day 1b_boris becker 2.jpg

Boris Becker wows the crowds with his miniature piano playing

11.29pm: Four hands left
Thomas Kremser has announced that the clock has been stopped and there are just four hands left to play. We’re off to man the tables and make sure that we can get the info on the biggest stacks and the biggest players before everyone stumbles off. Full wrap and chip counts to come. — RD

11.26pm: Eames gone, Barbero betting
John Eames had been seated to Andy Teng’s right but has either morphed into Nacho Barbero or been knocked out and simply had the Argentine Team PokerStars Pro moved into his seat. The second is more likely, the first would be more fascinating for sure.

Barbero has announced himself to the table in his usual fashion, four-betting some poor soul to 14,000 who didn’t realise what he was getting himself involved in. — RD

11.22pm: Back in the EPT
Luke Schwartz is back up to starting stack and he sort of deserves it as he is royally entertaining his table with his chat and antics. First of all he limped blind from under-the-gun but had to fold as he looked at queen-deuce when a player raised. The next hand he talked the table into giving him a walk as he convinced them he was moving in “light”.

He finally did stick his chips in the very next hand. There was a raise to 2,500 and a call before he moved all-in for 13,500 from the SB. The initial aggressor called but the other player folded before Schwartz saw he was in bad shape with his Q♥10♥. His opponent tabled K♥Q♣ and the board ran 7♥8♥4♣2♣10♠ to pair the Brit’s ten on the river.

“Oh my god. Ahhhhh! I’m back in the EPT,” commented Schwartz as the board came out. All of the table starting laughing and don’t seem bothered at all that this dangerous player (when focused) is hanging around for the end of the day’s play. — MC

11.15pm: Perrault survives with one outer
Frenchman Pascal Perrault has been the holder of the EPT Vienna title for five years and seven months and he was just one card and one out from having to give up the title. Down to around 28,500 he raised to 3,000 pre-flop from middle position only for Ronnie Gustafsson to make it 8,000 from one seat along, Perrault nonchalantly flicked in a yellow 5,000 chip to make the call. The flop was 10♣4♣7♣ and Perrault led out for 5,000. Gustafsson checked his cards and then set Perrault all-in, and the defending champion made a swift call.

Gustafsson: A♣K♠
Perrault: K♣Q♣

Turn: J♣

Perrault stood up and said a pretty strong word.

River: 9♣

Perrault spiked a one outer to make a straight flush and threw his arms in the air in celebration, those around the table made enough commotion for tournament director Thomas Kremser to come and take a look at what was going on. — NW

ept vienna_day 1b_pascal perrault.jpg

Perrault will not give his title up easily

11.05pm: Negreanu’s blocker bluffed down
Daniel Negreanu raised from the cut-off and was called by the button and the big blind. Negreanu made a continuation bet of 4,500 and was called by the wonderfully named Nysret Ahmeti on the button. Both players checked the A♦ turn before Negreanu made what seemed to be a small blocker bet on the 8♥ river. Ahmeti raised to 8,200 and Negreanu passed only to be shown 4♦5♦ with a flourish. Everyone loves to bluff a star of the game. “I only had king-high,” said Negreanu shrugging off the bluff like water off a duck’s back. — RD

ept vienna_day 1b_daniel negreanu.jpg

Daniel Negreanu: has a back like a duck

10.58pm: MacPhee MacGone
Kevin MacPhee has been eliminated by Dieter Albrecht. These two and a third player in the BB saw a 5♥J♣4♣ flop. Albrecht bet 3,600 and called when MacPhee raised to 12,700; with the third player folding. The turn came 3♠ and MacPhee moved all-in for just under 50k when the Swiss checked to him. Albrecht snap-called with 6♣7♣ for a straight; ahead of MacPhee’s K♣10♣ for a higher flush draw that he needed to hit. It failed to do so on the 9♦ river and after a count MacPhee knew he was out. — MC

10.55pm: The State of Play
Rick Dacey of the PokerStars Blog and Richard Toth of Team PokerStars Pro round up the situation with a level to play at the end of Day 1B.

10.50pm: I can’t even bust when I want to go home
So said Luke Schwartz who just doubled up to around 18 big blinds. He’d shoved the previous hand for six big blinds with what he said was ace-king and received no callers. The very next hand he moved all-in again and said: ‘It’s eight big blinds, can I tell the table what I’ve got?’ After no response he continued talking to the table: ‘I’ve got king-queen please call me with ace-two I want to gamble.’ He did pick up one caller – Andrey Danilyuk – and everyone else folded.

Schwartz: K♦Q♥

Danilyuk: A♥J♥

The board of 4♣K♥6♠10♣4♦ doubled up Schwartz. ‘Maybe I’ll make it to the end of the day,’ he said. — NW

10.42pm: Becker gets a second serve as players return from the break
Team PokerStars SportStar Boris Becker just got it in from the cut-off with Q♦10♥ and found himself in a race situation against pocket eights. Two pair was certainly good enough for the ex-tennis ace who doubled up to 13,000. — RD

10.30pm: The Thomas Kremser tour of Vienna
There’s something about Thomas Kremser, with his Austrian accent, talking about sachertorte, fiakers, St Stephen’s Cathedral and the opera, that makes me want to drop everything and waltz down the Karntner Strasse wearing nothing more than a sword and the Order of the Golden Fleece. See if you feel the same with Thomas’s guide to his home town Vienna.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ANTE 100

10.25pm: Break time
Level eight is in the books and the remaining 199 players will come back in 15 minutes for one final level. — NW

10.24pm: To play the king
Darus Suharto just touched the 100k mark in the last hand before the break, taking a pile of chips from Swiss player Ronny Kaiser.

Kaiser opened for 1,600 in early position which Suharto called from the big blind for a flop of 2♥J♥A♠. Both players checked for a Q♣ turn which Suharto bet at, 2,500 in total. Kaiser then raised, making it 8,500 to play. To this Suharto agreed.


Darus Suharto

The river came 4♠. Suharto checked it, leaving it to Kaiser to bet 13,750. This had the effect of making Suharto Shuarto lean forward a bit, then, sitting upright all of a sudden, he looked over at what Kaiser had left. Then he looked confused and pulled a few faces.

Regardless the outcome was a call. Kaiser turned over K♦J♣ but Suharto had him beat with A♦J♦, taking the loot and stacking up 100,000 at the last break of the day. – SB

10.23pm: Over bet works for Durrrr
Tom Dwan is up to 60,000 after over-betting the river of a 9♥3♣7♣7♥7♠ board. Dwan bet the flop for 3,600 before Konstantin Puchkov and himself checked the turn. Dwan then bet 18,200 on the river and the Russian called, but then mucked upon seeing Dwan’s 10♥10♣ for a full house. — MC

10.20pm: Drescher decline continues
Daniel Drescher was chip leader for much of the day but after doubling up Peter Kamaras his stack now stands at just 28,000.

Kamaras opened to 1,800 from under-the-gun plus one and Drescher, next to act, called, while everyone else folded. The flop was J♠5♣8♦ Kamaras led for 2,600 and Drescher made the call. The 10♣ fell on the turn and Kamaras bet 6,100. Again Drescher made the call.

The Q♣ was certainly not a brick and Kamaras took far greater consideration with his river action than on previous streets. Eventually Kamaras settled on a bet of 8,500. Drescher asked Kamaras how much he had left (27,800) and then set the Hungarian all-in, Kamaras’s call was near enough instant and he showed J♣8♣ well ahead of Drescher’s A♣Q♥,

Kamaras is now well stacked with 95,000. — NW

10.18pm: Viva Mexico!
Angel Guillen is biting away at chip leader Adrian Simaldoni after picking off a river raise bluff on a board of A♣8♥7♣A♠8♦. Guillen led 2,700 into the river and was raised to 8,500 by the Swizz player. Guillen snapped it off quicker than a hungry child swiping at pinanta in a rabid search for candy. The Team PokerStars Pro’s A♥10♥ was way ahead of his opponent’s queen-high. Guillen is up to nearly 100,000. Simaldoni takes a small hit. — RD

10.12pm: Zapletin in
Kirill Zapletin just scored a crucial double up. Sitting with just 11,200 he looked down at two black queens and moved all-in behind a bet and a call. Bolivar Palacios Vasquez was one of them.

He’d called on the button and was now the only thing standing between Zapletin and the door. With great reluctance, the type that comes with a voice in the back of your head telling you not to be hasty, he called, admitting he was ready to gamble. When Zapletin showed him his hand Vasquez was ready to call himself a fish.

“I’m a fish,” he said, turning over K♠J♦

The board ran 4♠J♠10♠3♦6♣. Zapletin plays on. – SB

10.07pm: Say it ain’t so Sal
Unfortunately it is. Salvatore Bonavena is out. He three-bet an UTG raise of 1,700 to 5,025 and was called to go to a 8♥9♣5♠ flop, where he c-bet for 7,025. Call. The turn came 3♥ and Bonavena committed the rest of his stack (7,225) with 10♦10♠. His opponent thought and called with 6♥6♦ and hit a six on the river to devastate the Italian. — MC

10.03pm: Mr Big Queso melted
Jim Collopy is out after Giacomo Maisto cracked his aces. Most of the chips went in on the turn with the board reading [5][4][2][8]. As we know Collopy had aces to his opponent’s pocket sixes. The river came a six and a distraught looking Collopy made his exit. Maistro (who min-cashed in EPT7 Vilamoura) is now up to a massive 200k. — MC

10pm: “I fold jacks! I fold jacks! I fold jacks!”
Yes, Pieter de Korver was so excited about folding jacks to fellow Dutchman Marcel Luske’s shove with queens, that he had to be all but restrained from diving headlong into the muck to retrieve them.

Noah Boeken opened the action for 1,700 from middle position and had been called by De Korver in the cut-off before the short stacked Luske had moved all-in for 8,400. Boeken quickly mucked and De Korver went into the tank before passing.

When Luske showed Q♥Q♠ De Korver almost leapt out of his chair with joy loudly saying: “I fold jacks!” three or four times. Boeken looked on, fairly non-plussed, before muttering: “I should have played. I had an ace, that’s all I needed.”

Three very different personalities and styles among those three Dutch Team PokerStars Pros. Game on. — RD

ept vienna_day 1b_noah boeken.jpg

Noah Boeken in passing an ace shocker

9.55pm: New sheriff in town
The current chip leader appears to be Claudio ‘Adrian’ Simaldoni. The Swiss has 181,500 and almost has as many as Day1A chip leader Sergii Baranov, who finished on 183,200. — NW

9.50pm: Reinkemeier doubles
Tobias Reinkemeier has doubled to 27,000 after flopping a very attractive pair and draw. He raised and was called by both blinds to see a 3♠Q♠J♠ flop. He and the BB got it all in and the German tabled A♠Q♣ to the BB’s Q♥10♣. The turn came 9♠ and the EPT6 Grand Final High Roller champion is back in with a fighting chance. – MC

9.40pm: Pagano pegging back
We caught up with Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano who has made a miraculous recovery since dinner break. Down to less than 10k before dinner, the Italian now has over 80k after a few small pots and two double-ups.

He doubled-up with six-four through a player with pocket threes on a [2][3][5] flop and then got it in again with ace-queen and was looked up by an opponent holding ace-jack. — MC

9.30pm: Not gone, just Tom Dwan
As noted below Tom Dwan has arrived. He strolled in after the dinner break, pausing to register the casino and do a quick interview to camera. Dwan is among a select few players who bring with them more than just a hefty bankroll, but an aura of anticipation.

Just like Charlie Chaplin was probably always asked to be funny, and Picasso always asked to quickly scrawl something on a napkin, you get the impression that among the smiling railbirds, gathering round him with cameras, they want him to do something similar, win with seven-deuce perhaps or read someone’s hand with his eyes closed.


Tom Dwan

And why not? He’s done it before, quickly establishing himself as something of a prodigy, with powers greater than anything ever witnessed before. Which is odd because close up Dwan seems quite ordinary. Like the rest of us.

He doesn’t say much, stares at people with his mouth slightly open, and has the shadow of a moustache along his upper lip. He wears the loose clothes of youth but white ankle socks with black leather shoes, which make you look twice.

But like with Nuke Laloush in Bull Durham, mouldy pool shoes are a quirk in the big leagues, and Dwan plays in the biggest of big leagues. So this is fine.

Dwan has quickly got to work, arriving to a stack of less than 20,000.. He immediately took it back to more than 20k, calling the bets of a player prepared to tackle him on each street with ace-jack. In the end Dwan’s ace-deuce, with a deuce on the flop, was enough to win an unlikely hand, against an opponent now eliminated. You can’t help wondering if he should have seen it coming. – SB

9.27pm: LEVEL UP: Blinds 400-800, ante 75

9.25pm: Jack the lad
Bryan Paris is up to 46,000 after seeing pocket jacks hold-up. There was a raise and re-raise in front of him and he flatted from the BB with J♣J♠. The original aggressor called before all three checked down through the 6♦2♥8♥2♣9♣ board. Paris opened up his hand and took the pot as both opponents folded. – MC

9.20pm: Dwan builds
Tom Dwan is up to 21,500 after taking a pot off Manuel Bevand. Around 9,000 chips made it into the middle by the turn with the board reading J♦2♠4♥5♥. Dwan was in second position and bet 3,900 and Bevand folded from the next seat. — MC

9.15pm: That’s a lot of jacks
Chipleader Daniel Drescher and Jason Wheeler just played a big hand that took around eight minutes in total. It folded to Drescher, on the button, and he made it 1,300 to play and then from the small blind Wheeler made it 3,800 total. After a bit of tank time Drescher made the call.

The flop was J♥J♦6♠ and Wheeler led out for 3,800, Drescher was the one taking his time in this hand and after another pause for thought he made the call and the two of them saw the 10♥ fall on the turn. Wheeler fired a second barrel of 6,300 and again Drescher made the call. The river was the 3♥ and Wheeler, after about 10 seconds thought, moved all-in for 24,700 total.

Drescher pulled a face that suggested he didn’t like it but would have to call, and indeed he did. Wheeler showed J♠J♣ for flopped quads, Drescher A♥7♥ for the rivered flush. After that hand Drescher has slipped to 90,000 whilst Wheeler climbs to 78,000. — NW

ept vienna_day 1b_daniel drescher.jpg

Drescher stares down Jason Wheeler (foreground)

9.10pm: Bela bashing
Tóth Béla must be thanking Luca Pagano in his head at the moment. The Team PokerStars Pro opened the pot for 1,650 from the hijack and was called by Cengiz Can Ulusu in the cut-off and Tóth Béla in the big blind. Pagano c-bet the J♠2♣5♦ flop for 2,800 and was called by Ulusu. Béla then check-shoved all-in for 25,000 picking up nearly 11,000 without showdown. — RD

9pm: Nice river man
Laurence ‘rivermanl’ Houghton is up to 70,000 after hitting a runner-runner flush. He explained that he raised with K♦10♦ and then bet the flop, turn and river on a A♦7♠5♥7♦3♦ board. He was called all the way and is now a very happy boy. — MC

8.55pm: Jelassi out
Ramzi Jelassi has been eliminated by Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu. There was a raise to 1,500 and a call before Negreanu made it 5,100 to go from the cut-off. Jelassi then moved all-in from the button for 9,375 and the Canadian called after the other two players folded. Showdown:

Jelassi: A♦6♣
Negreanu: J♠J♣

The board ran 7♠8♥6♥5♠8♣. Negreanu now up to 55,000. — MC

ept vienna_day 1b_ramzi jelassijpg

Ramzi Jelassi is no more (not dead, just out of this tournament)

8.47pm: The Dwan Effect
Tom Dwan has finally arrived in his seat with a little over 21,000 left and although he is yet to play a hand his presence has sent a ripple across the tournament floor. Almost as soon as he arrived he was out of his seat to wander across the tournament floor with many heads and eyes following. Dwan has certainly entered that top tier of players alongside the Negreanus and Iveys of the poker world. Bust or 100,000 by the end of the day. — RD

8.35pm: Darus destroys two
Team PokerStars Pro Darus Suharto just eliminated two players on the same hand. He got it in with pocket tens against Markus Lehmann’s pocket sixes and the pocket twos of Florian Bussmann. Suharto’s hand held on a A♥4♥K♠K♦K♣ board and he is now up to 67,400. — NW

8.25pm: The final stretch
The bellies are full and it’s time for the final stretch. We have three more levels to play before we end for the night. Daniel Drescher from neighbouring Germany still appears to be the leader with over 120k.


Team PokerStars Pro Nacho Barbero still going strong

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order back from break): Marc Convey (prompt and professional), Nick Wright and Rick Dacey (probably enjoying a Roman orgy) and Stephen Bartley (moonlighting for a tour guide).

Photographs (c) Neil Stoddart.


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