EPT Tallinn Day 3: Level 19 & 20 updates (6,000-12,000, 1,000 ante)

August 14, 2010


9.10pm: That’s it, folks
All four tables have now played out their final six hands but it wasn’t an entirely uneventful process. Perica Bukara managed to pick up an additional 300,000 chips to take back the chip lead. Full report of the day’s action coming up. Play will begin again at 12 noon tomorrow where we’ll play down to the final eight. — RD

9pm: Last six hands coming to an end
A short while ago Thomas Kremser announced that we’d play six final hands and we’re coming to the end of that now. One table with tagging and bagging this very second. The other three tables are still at it. — RD

8.55pm: Pagano pummeled
Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano has been eliminated by Steven van Zadelhoff in a battle of the blinds. All the chips went in pre-flop with Pagano holding A♣6♠ to the Dutchman’s K♣10♥. The board ran K♥4♥3♦10♦Q♣ to end the Italian’s dream of claiming a maiden EPT title. Van Zadelhoff back up to 300,000. –MC

8.50pm: Monster cooler boosts Konstantin Bilyaver into chip lead
Set over set over two pair? Really? It’s a huge cooler for Steven van Zadelhoff and Chady Merhej. On a flop of 9♠A♥10♣ van Zadelhoff bet 52,000 after both Konstantin Bilyaver and Merhej had checked. Bilyaver then check-raised to 135,000 and Merhej moved all-in.

Van Zadelhoff then moved all-in over the top and Bilyaver called all-in. It was a huge 1.2m pot giving the winner a golden ticket to the final table (probably).

Van Zadelhoff: A♦9♦ for two-pair
Merhej: 9♣9♥ for bottom set
Bilyaver: 10♦10♠ for middle set

The turn and river blanked out pushing Bilyaver into the chip lead and Merhej out of the tournament. — RD

ept tallinn_day 3_ konstantin_bilyaver.jpg

Our new chip ledaer Konstanin Bilyaver

ept tallinn_day 3_ 3 way all in.jpg

This flop: the definition of a cooler

8.45pm: Heinz Kamutzki eliminated
Sadly for our German blogger Robin, the last remaining German player has been eliminated from the tournament Kamutzki was taken out by Jean-Daniel Pessina. The latter raised to around 80,000 from the small blind and Kamutzki moved all-in for 152,000 from the big blnd. Pessina now tanked for a long time, he had perhaps 180,000 in total so had invested a large porting of his stack. Eventually he called.

Pessina: A♠7♠
Kamutzki: K♦10♥J♠7♦5♠J♦, Kamutzki was drawing dead on the river. –NW

8.30pm: Jorstedt out for Weekes
When Mattias Jorstedt four-bet all-in for 320,000 from the big blind he must have thought he was ahead when three-bettor Jonathan Weekes took so long to call. But as it happens his jacks were one pip behind in the pair stakes to Weekes’ pocket queens. The flop all but killed Jorstedt when the board ran out 8♦Q♥5♦6♥8♥. Weekes is up to 750,000. — RD

8.25pm: Zavorotnijs takes a big pot from Bukara
I missed the pre-flop action but it was two way to a flop of 2♥A♣10♣ between Vitalijs Zavorotnijs and Perica Bukara, the amount in the pot suggested it had been three-bet pre-flop. Bukara led out for 90,000 and was flat called by Zavorotnijs. The turn bought the 4♣ forcing Bukara to slow down and he checked it to Zavorotnijs who bet 110,000 and Bukara gave it up. After that hand Zavorotnijs is up to around 775,000, Bukara has just over 1,000,000. –NW

ept tallinn_day 3_chips.jpg

Lovely, lovely chips

8.20pm: Lucky sevens for Karkkainen
Antti Karkkainen has just tripled-up to his obvious delight. He open shoved for 157,000 from early position and was called by Seppo Parkkinen before Attilio Donato moved all-in for around 400,000. Parkkinen quickly called to create a three-way show down:

Karkkainen: 7♠7♣
Parkkinen: A♥K♥
Donato: A♣K♦

The board ran out J♦5♠9♥8♣7♦. Karkkainen clapped his hands in delight at winning nearly half a million chips. –MC

8.15pm: Coin flip (literally)
Seppo Parkkinen just came incredibly close to getting it in on a 5♥Q♥J♠ flop against Attilio Donato of Italy. Parkkinen in the small blind had called a 62,000 three-bet squeeze from Donato in the big blind. Donato followed up on the flop by slamming in a very large stack of yellow 5,000 chips, effectively asking Parkkinen to play for his entire stack, causing the Finn to delve into his jacket pocket and toss a coin. It obviously landed on the fold side because he quickly mucked his hand. — RD

8.10pm: Two in a row for Demidov
I just saw Ivan Demidov pad his stack nicely without going to showdown. Two hands he a row he three-bet over the top of Matvey Linov’s 28,000 open. Demidov has about 640,000.–NW

8pm: Mixed fortunes with queens
Just before the break Perica Bukara lost a 230,000 pot with pocket queens when he doubled-up Vitalijs Zavorotnijs who held ace-eight. We’re not long back and he’s just won that back and more after eliminating Michal Polchlopek in a pot worth around 380,000.

The flop was out as 5♥10♠J♦ before all the chips went in. Polchlopek tabled A♣J♣ but was in a world of trouble as, yet again, Bukara had Q♥Q♦. The board ran out 9♠3♠ to eliminate the Pole and catapult Bukara back into the chip lead with 1.2 million. –MC

ept tallinn_day 3_perica bukara.jpg

Perica Bukara has seized the chip lead with 1.2m stack

7.50pm: Stat time
We know poker fans like stats, here’s a bit of information on the last 33 players. It’s a cosmopolitan bunch with 20 nationalities represented. Players from as far a field as Venezuela and Lebanon are still alive. Italy leads the way with five players still in the hunt, Finland and Russia have four left apiece. –NW

7.35pm: Break time
That’s the end of level 19, players are on a 15 minute break, 33 of them will come back to blinds of 6000-12000, ante 1000, staff are therefore racing off the purple 500 denomination chips. Play will continue until there are 24 players left or we reach the end of level 20.–NW

7.30pm: Arnaud too strong for Weekes
Just before the break Arnaud Mattern and Jonathan Weekes clashed in a blind on blind battle. Mattern made it 28,00 from the small blind and Weekes made it 60,000 from the big blind. Mattern put in another raise to 142,000 total and Weekes gave it up. The Team PokerStars Pro now has over a million chips, 1,057,000 to be exact, and is likely the chip leader. -NW

7.25pm: Pah to being passive says Pagano
Boy, the Italian has got some game and some stones. Shortly after losing that huge pot he was right back in the action. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern raised pre-flop to 24,000 from the hi-jack and was flat called by Johnathan Weekes from the cut-off, Pagano decided to see a flop from the big blind. They all checked the Q♥10♥5♦ flop. On the 4♣ turn, Pagano moved all-in for 111,500. Mattern quickly folded but Weekes took some time before taking the same course of action. Pagano tabled 2♦3♥, he doesn’t hold the EPT cashes record for nothing. The Italian is back up to 180,000. –NW

7.22pm: Devastation for Pagano
The Italian Team PokerStars Pro isn’t out but he is most certainly down, both in terms of chips (120,000) and temperament. The reason for both is that he just had aces cracked in the grimmest of ways for a 340,000 pot. Pagano raised from late position and was shoved on by Mikko Jaatinen.

Jaatinen: J♥J♠
Pagano: A♠A♣

The flop put Pagano even further ahead with a set on the 7♥Q♥A♠ flop meaning that Mikko Jaatinen would have to hit a runner-runner to avoid elimination. I think you can imagine what’s coming next; the 2♥ on the turn and the 3♥ on the river. Pagano let out an anguished “No” as the final heart fell and removed himself from the action. He stood just a few feet away, leaning against the empty table behind him, jaw visibly clenching in frustation. Although he’s made a record-extending 15th EPT cash he desperately wants to win a title. — RD

ept tallinn_day 3_luca pagano.jpg

Luca Pagano: not a happy bunny

7.20pm: Million chip barrier broken
Perica Bukara is the first player to one million chips after taking a 300,000 pot off Johan Storakers. Storakers raised to 25,000 and then called Bukara’s three-bet of 65,000 to see a K♣K♠8♠ flop. The Swede check-called 85,000 bet to go to the 3♦ turn where he checked to face a 185,000 bet. It was too much for him and he folded leaving himself with 800,000. Bukara flashed the A♣ to give Storakers something else to ponder. –MC

7.15pm: Javed gets some back
The UK pro had been on a bit of a slide of late but just regained some chips at the expense of Oscar Teran. Abrahams made it 20,000 to play pre-flop and Teran called from the big blind. Both players checked the Q♣6♠7♦ flop. On the 4♠ turn Teran bet 30,000 and Abrahams called. This pattern repeated itself on the 2♦ river, with Abrahams showing Q♦3♠ and Teran 4♥8♣. Abrahams now has around 270,000. –NW

7.12pm: Tasbas crashes out
Eddie Tasbas has played some great poker but it just wasn’t to be. Jonathan Weekes raised from middle position and Tasbas shoved from the small blind.

Weekes: A♦10♦
Tasbas: A♣4♥

Tasbas failed to catch his three-outer and Weekes moves up to 540,000. — RD

7.10pm: Quick way to make 150 grand
Steven van Zadelhoff took 150,000 chips off two players with a five-bet jam that got through. He opened to 23,000 before a player in the next seat three-bet to 48,500 and Mattias Jorstedt four-bet to 113,000 from the SB. Van Zadelhoff’s response was to quickly jam for 460,000 for the pot as both players folded, Jorestedt face-up with two red jacks. –MC

7.05pm: Mattern on a roll
Arnaud Mattern is on a ridiculous tear at the moment and has just won another large pot. This time it was against Oleg Makovenko who got it all-in for 200,000 with A♣10♣ against Mattern’s A♦Q♣. The board faded out with 8♦Q♥6♥5♥7♦ and Mattern moves up to 950,000. — RD

7pm: The ace-face, check off
Seppo Parkkinen put in a raise to 23,000 from early position, next to act Attilio Donato put in a three-bet to 59,000, which was a bet Parkkinen decided to call. However that was the end of the betting as both players checked it down on a board of 5♦5♥2♥4♥7♣, Parkkinen took the pot with A♦K♥, just pipping Donato’s A♠Q♠. –NW

6.55pm: EPT winner Arnaud Mattern to do the double?
Will Season 7 be the one that finally sees someone win their second EPT title? Well, it’s still on here because Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern is in and has chips. Mattern won the EPT Prague back in 2007 for €708,400. He just won another small pot three-betting from the big blind and another one c-betting a 2♣K♣8♣ board. The Frenchman is up to 730,000. — RD

ept tallinn_day 3_arnaud mattern 2.jpg

Arnaud Mattern has been going on a chip charge

6.50pm: Double-up king
If you need a double-up just ask Javed Abrahams as he’ll be more than happy to oblige. Dmitry Vitkind is the third player he’s doubled up in the last couple of hours. He called a raise from the Russian to see a [k][t][2] flop and then moved all-in when the action checked to him. Vitkind took two minutes before calling with king-ten and it was good against Abraham’s ace-jack. The board ran out with two sixes before Vitkind scooped the 205,000 pot. Abrahams down to 230,000 now. –MC

6.40pm: Mattern tames Tasbas
Young Swede Eddis Tasbas has been moved to the Pagano/Mattern table and he was straight into the action. Mattern raised from early position to 23,000 and Tasbas three-bet to 80,000 total from the small blind. After about 20 seconds thought Mattern announced he was all-in. Tasbas had about 190,000 back and clearly didn’t like the turn of events and he did indeed elect to fold, Mattern now has around 650,000. –NW

6.35pm: Demidov and Linov go at it
Ivan Demidov and Matvey Linov are both aggressive players and so it comes as no surprise that there is three- and four-betting taking place between them. Linov opened for 23,500 in the cut-off and Demidov three-bet the button to 64,500 returning the pressure. Linov simply four-bet to 143,500 and took the pot down when Demidov eventually passed. — RD

6.30pm: Teran and Tekintamgac tangle
I joined the action on the flop of 3♥K♣2♥ there was 110,000 in the pot and Oscar Teran was deep in thought and for good reason. His neighbour Ali Tekintamgac had set him in for his last 191,500. Teran was really being put through the emotional wringer, but eventually he went for it.

Tekintamgac: A♣J♠
Teran: K♦10♦

Turn: 6♥
River: 6♦

Tekintamgac tapped the table, he’s down to around 150,000, whilst Teran vaults to over 500,000. –NW

6.20pm: Jeff Sarwer: coach and railer
Eddie Tasbas was sat with Jeff Sarwer and Annettte Obrestad on Day 1 and appears to have become friends with Sarwer, who was giving him some coaching/encouragement at the break. He’s now railing the Swede from behind the cordon. — RD

6.15pm: Back they come
Players are returning from the break. Blinds are now 5,000-10,000 with a 1,000 ante. Remember to keep an eye on the chip counts, and also the payout page where you can follow who has made the money so far. — SY

6.10pm: Katja Thater’s award
Team PokerStars Pro Katja Thater was presented with her EPT Award for Mixed Game Player of the Year during one of the breaks earlier today.

She won the EPT Season 6 Mixed Games Player of the Year title after an eight-way tie at the end of the season was played out in an online final on PokerStars. It included EPT Berlin runner-up Ilari Tahkokallio, who came second, and fellow Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem, the 2005 World Champion, who came third.

As well as the trophy, Thater also won her trip here to play the EPT Tallinn Main Event. She bust earlier today, just short of the money. — SY


Katja Thater

PokerStars Blog reporting team: Simon Young, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Nick Wright


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