EPT Tallinn Day 2: Level 12 & 13 updates (1,000-2,000, 300 ante)

August 04, 2011


9.15pm: Bagged, tagged and whistle blown
The chips have been counted and it’s Nikalos Liakos from Sweden who takes the chip lead at the death with 460,000. Full wrap of the day’s action to come. — RD

8.45pm: Three more hands
Three last hands have been declared. Bagging and tagging to commence shortly. — RD

8.40pm: Snippets
Last hands to be drawn shortly.

– Sam El Sayed has doubled through Anders Berg to chip up to 70,000.
– Matthew Frankland has busted out losing an [a][q] to [j][j] flip.
– Lari Sihvo back on top with a 360,000 stack after knocking out Markus Wetzel with 6♣6♥ over Wetzel’s monster 5♣4♣ shove.

Play is coming to an end in just over ten minutes. — RD

8.35pm: Sointula makes run on the chiplead
Jani Sointula has continued his assault on the chip lead by dispatching Marc Casanova Cardona to the rail.

Cardona had limped from under the gun and when the action reached him Sointula raised to 5,200. It’s not the first time the two had clashed, and the others at the table were familiar with the history; Cardona getting luck once or twice to get the better of the Finn.

So when Cardona re-raised to 22,000, leaving himself 13,000 behind, the laughter suggested it was situation normal for Sointula who took the next logical step and put Cardona all in. Cardona called, turning over A♥K♣ to Sointula’s K♥K♠.

The flop came 3♠9♦8♥. Cardona sat weaving his head from side to side, not prepared to concede just yet and perhaps expecting another get out clause. Not this time. The turn card 9♠ and river card 4♦ sent Cardona packing and Sointula up to around 325,000. – SB

8.27pm: Baroni bossing it as the air turns blue
Irene Baroni is fast catching up with the chip leader with some 270,000 after taking a chunk out of John O’Shea. Baroni had three-bet to 11,000 from the button and O’Shea had made the call from the cut-off. The Q♦10♣6♠ flop was checked before Baroni fired 14,000 at the A♦ turn. O’Shea called and quickly called again when Baroni pushed 40,500 into the 9♥ river.

Baroni showed A♣10♥ to claim the pot. O’Shea mucked his hand and was left with around 40,000. He wasn’t happy and when neighbor Aneris Adomkevicius asked him a question, it sounded like he was asking if he’d shown his hand, O’Shea responded sharply. Again, I didn’t hear one hundred percent but it sounded blue and a little aggressive – possibly not surprising given he’d just lost a large pot.

Shortly after the floor was called and confusion temporarily took over. Who had sworn? Who was swearing now? What has actually been said? O’Shea may have got away lightly here but I’m sure he’d rather have a penalty if he meant he could have his chips back. — RD

8.10pm: Team Pro double up
Team PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern has doubled up, pushing all-in from late position for 20,500. The action was folded to Vicenzo Apicella in the big blind who looked long and hard at his cards before asking how much it was to call. Satisfied, he called, only to find it was an ambush as Mattern flipped over A♥A♣.

Apicella could only manage 9♣9♠. The board came 8♠10♦3♥3♦J♠ to send the chips to Mattern, up to around 45,000. “It’s the only hand I play,” said Mattern.- SB

8.06pm: Armanavicius keeps chipping away
Liutauras Armanavicius is sitting on 350,000 and the chip lead at the table which Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly bust from at the end of last level. Armanavicius has got it quietly today, even going as far as stacking his chips in ten rather than twenty stacks. The Lithuanian has won two small pots this orbit proving a ‘chips beget chips’ mantra to be true. Both Lasse Sorensen and Petri Vuolle have leaked a few thousand to Armanavicius when he’s used his chip stack advantage to good effect. — RD

8pm: Chips
The final level of the day is under way, and the players’ chip stacks when they came back from the break can be seen on the chip count page.

BLINDS UP. PLAYING 1,000-2,000, ANTE 300 IN LEVEL 13

7.30pm: Video break
As players go to their final 15-minute break of the day, why not catch up with the Team PokerStars Pro Ville Wahlbeck? It takes less than 15 minutes and he’s talking to Laura Cornelius, which is always nice.

Wahlbeck went out in the first level of the second day, but he’s still happy to chat.

7.25pm: El Sayed kept in line
Sam El Sayed opened to 5,500 from under the gun and Sander Laprik (small blind) joined Lauri Meidla (big blind) in going to a flop. It fell 9♣7♥K♥.

The Estonian pair, Laprik and Meidla, both checked, and then only the latter called El Sayed’s 7,000 bet. That took them to a 3♣ turn. Check, check.

The river was 5♠ and Meidla’s check prompted a 16,000 bet from El Sayed. Meidla didn’t seem especially happy about having to make this decision, but El Sayed didn’t seem especially happy that his opponent seemed to be favouring a call.

Eventually Meidla threw in the call and El Sayed was forced to show 10♣8♣ for a missed draw. Meidla’s 10♦9♦ was good. — HS

7.21pm: Chip movements
There’s been a few scuffles in the last few minutes as well as an embarrassing playlist reveal:

– Irene Baroni three-bet Mick Graydon to 13,000 out of the big blind and led 15,500 into the 10♦A♣3♦ flop to take the pot.

– Martin Jacobson has been knocked out. The Swede made three final tables last season, twice finishing runner up.

– Oscar Lima dropped to 130,000 as Ronny Kaiser climbed to 170,000 following some pre-flop aggression that saw 42,000 go in pre-flop. Kaiser c-bet a wet flop to take it down.

– Embarrassing spot over JP Kelly’s shoulder: he was flicking between floppy band Keane and X-factor starlet Leona Lewis on his iPhone. He opted for Keane, I’m not sure which is worse. — RD

7.10pm: Fighting talk
Roberto Romanello has joined the table of Sam El Sayed, announcing, “I am the new boss,” as he sat down. Already by far the most vocal table in the room, Romanello’s claim meant he need have prevail in the vocal sphere too, a challenge that seemed to suit him just fine.

“Where are you from?” he asked Yulius Sepman, one seat to his right. Sepman remained completely silent. “Does he speak?” Romanello asked anyone who would engage, jabbing a thumb in Sepman’s direction, like a hitch-hiker.

Meanwhile the dealer reminded Romanello to post his big blind, then informed him that it was 1,600 when the Welshman double-checked. The cards were then folded all the way round to Sepman in the small blind, who raised to 3,600.

Romanello didn’t seem to like that, asking Speman where he was from again, then peeking at his cards. “That one’s small, but if the next one is the same then I’ll have a pair,” he said. Sepman remained silent.

Romanello looked at his cards again, prompting a jibe from across the table. “How many times you need to see it?” asked El Sayed. “Is it going to change?”

ept tallinn_day 2_sam el sayed.jpg

Sam El Sayed: a chatterbox, to put it lightly

Romanello called, and the two of them went to a flop of 7♥8♠A♠. Romanello seemed to be counting out a bet, even though it was Sepman next to act. Sepman annouced that he was betting 3,900, which got Romanello chirping again.

“That’s how much I was going to bet,” he said. “He read my mind.” Romanello then folded, but continued his questioning.

“Where are you from?” he said again.
“Russia,” said Sepman, finally, in reply. He possibly should have stayed mute.
“Do they smile in Russia?” said Romanello. “It’s only a game. Cheer up.”

Then Romanello launched into some personal anecdotes. “You know I was a boxer before. I was a champion. Lightweight.”

El Sayed muttered something, and Romanello said: “Bigger than you as well. Just let me know if you want to go outside.”

“I would like that,” said El Sayed.

That’s fighting talk. Romanello had brought about 160,000 chips with him, so there are plenty of weapons too. — HS

7.02pm: Pressing on
Sami Kelopuro is up to 180,000. He just pushed Humberto Min Sung Kim out of a hand which began with Kim raising 3,700 pre-flop and then calling Kelopuro’s re-raise to 9,500.
The flop came 8♦5♠J♠ which Kim checked to Kelopuro, leaving the Finn to bet 11,400, enough to win the hand. – SB

7pm: The quiet before the storm
Viktors Caikins looked at his hand, looked at the board and then looked back at his hand. It wasn’t pretty. The Latvian had got it all-in with 10♣10♦ on a 10♠9♠4♠ flop against Robin Ylitalo’s J♣Q♦ and the turn and river had run out 8♠7♣ to give Ylitalo a six-card straight. There was a moment that it looked like Caikins might stand up, flip the table and rampage across the room. He didn’t. He opted for the traditional – and arguably more civilized – handshake instead. — RD

6.52pm: Desperados under the Eames
John Eames and Sergy Pilugin have both been eliminated in the same hand by PokerStars qualifier Danny Nierop.

Eames’ had found a dream situation. He was in the big blind and saw both his opponents move all-in from the button and small blind before he looked down at two black rockets, and in the chips went.

Pilugin: K♥Q♠
Nierop: J♣J♥
Eames: A♠A♣

The board ran 10♥J♠10♦4♠6♥ to make the Dutchman a full house. And just to rub salt into Eames’ wounds, JP Kelly said he folded a jack. — MC

6.48pm: Tide turns
Two days ago he was the chip leader, now Maksim Kolosov is battling to stay in the tournament. He just got a short reprieve, moving in on the big blind for Kolosov behind an opening bet of 1,600 from Anton Ionel. The shove was for 28,000 which Ionel deemed too much. Kolosov plays on. — SB

6.45pm: Have some
The full chip counts from the last break are now over on the chip-count page. There are some very big stacks emerging, some of which are in the hands of some incredibly dangerous players.

The top five:

Liutauras Armanavicius – 290,000
Nikolas Liakos – 257,000
Lari Sihvo – 250,000
Erlend Melsom – 200,000
Jani Sointula – 197,000
Ronny Kaiser – 195,000

See what I mean.

6.41pm: Big stacks lined up
There are a lot of chips on Lari Sihvo’s table now. To the left of the Finn’s 290,000 stack is Johan van Til (120,000) and Irene Baroni (170,000). More for Sihvo to suck up or more from him to get hurt by? The next two levels will tell. — RD

6.30pm: Berg doubles
Anders Berg has doubled back up to average getting A♦K♠ in against the pocket nines of Yulius Sepman. An ace on the flop settled the hand and Berg is now sitting pretty on 90,000. — RD

6.20pm: Tangle at your peril
Jani Sointula has more than 200,000 chips – and doesn’t he know how to use them. Markus Lehmann and Konstantinos Meliopoulos just contributed to the Sointula tower and will likely think twice about tangling again.

Lehmann opened from early position, making it 3,400 to go. Sointula simply called but then Meliopoulos raised to 11,000 from Sointula’s left. It was folded back to Lehmann, who was going nowhere, and now four bet to 26,000.

Sointula suddenly sprang to life. “How much do you have?” he asked Lehmann. “I started with about 120,000,” Lehmann said.

Sointula said that he was all in, moving about 150,000 into the pot to underline his intentions.

Meliopoulos seemed genuinely interested at that point, but with all that action ahead of him, let it go. Lehmann also yielded without much more of a fight. Sointula’s pre-flop aggression added another bunch. — HS

6.15pm: Recent eliminations
Chris Brammer, Cristiano Blanco and Mudassar Khan have all been sent to the rail. — SB

6.12pm: Play continues
Players are back in their seats with cards in the air.


Angry birds in action at EPT Tallinn

Reporting team in Tallinn: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Rick Dacey and Howard Swains.


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