EPT Tallinn, Day 2: Level 10 & 11 updates (600-1,200, ante 100)

August 04, 2011


5.57pm: Break
Join us in a new post when the break is finished in 15 minutes. — RD

5.55pm: Jacobson not full of praise
If you were just on Martin Jacobson’s table I think it’s safe to say that he didn’t rate your play:

“sigh got moved from the tbl of jokers. this one looks ok too but i got no idea how any1s playing” – @Martin_Jacobson

The EPT Online qualifier of the year is on a little over 50,000. — RD

5.47pm: Sarwer gets it in
Jeff Sarwer is up to 80,000 after a profitable bun fight against emotional Italian Riccardo Mazzitelli. Sarwer opened for 2,600 and Mazzitelli three-bet to 6,200. Sarwer pushed in a four-bet to 21,000 and Mazzitelli made the call.

The 9♣4♥8♥ flop was good enough for Sarwer to move in his remaining 40,000 – now a pot-sized bet. Mazzitelli didn’t like it and passed ace-king or ace-queen.


Jeff Sarwer on EPT Tallinn day two

*Just moments later Sarwer sent Mazzitelli to the rail getting it in with a flopped set against the Italian’s ace-high. He’s now up to 128,000. — RD

5.40pm: No sinking this Berg
Team Online’s Anders Berg has doubled up, keeping him afloat with about 55,000. He moved almost all in with jacks, leaving himself only about 5,000 behind, and picked up one caller in the shape of Lauri Meidla.

Sam El Sayed thought they were all in, so exposed his A♥10♥ as he folded. But the extra information probably didn’t influence action too much.

The flop was 9♦6♠J♥ and they then did indeed get their remaining chips in the pot. “I have the nuts,” said Berg and showed his pocket jacks. Meidla’s pocket kings were cracked. — HS

5.40pm: Armind Armanavicius
Liutauras Armanavicius opened for 2,600 in early position which Sergy Pilugin raised to 6,100 in the seat next to him which Armanavicius went on to call. The flop came 7♠A♥A♠ which both players checked for a 5♥ turn card. Armanavicius then bet 7,000 which Pilugin called after taking another peek at his cards.

The river came K♦ which this time Armanavicius checked, leaving it to Pilugin to bet 11,000. Armanavicius, with 115,000 behind, thought for a moment, then called, promptly Pilugin to muck his cards without showing. Armanavicius up to around 150,000. – SB

5.35pm: Neuville frozen out
It doesn’t get much more chilly than this, but an almighty cooler has accounted for Pierre Neuville, sending the Friend of PokerStars to the rail. Neuville had J♦10♦ on a flop of Q♦A♦9♦ and got it all in against Robert Brofeldt.

Brofeldt had every reason to be happy too. He had K♦10♠ for a host of outs (and a blocker). When the 4♦ turned, Neuville was sent packing. — HS


Pierre Neuville eliminated on day of EPT Tallinn

5.32pm: Doppleganger doubles
Matthew Frankland has just doubled through the Day 1 chip leader to chip up to around 58,000 with A♠Q♠ over pocket nines. I believe it all went in pre-flop before the A♦2♣A♣10♠J♦ board fell kindly for Franklin, who looks like a brother from a different mother to Johan van Til in seat nine. — RD

ept tallinn_day 2_johan van til and matthew frankland.jpg

Johan van Til (left) and Matthew Frankland

5.20pm: Big stacks
All of a sudden, 200,000 is the new black. There are countless players with more than 100,000, but only one or two with double that. I reckon Lari Sihvo, introduced in the update below, is chip leader here as he has now increased his stack even further to at least 230,000. I don’t know how come, but the chips are plainly there in front of him for all to see.

There’s also a completely stacked table in the far corner of the tournament room, where the overnight leader Oscar Lima sits across from a fearsome trio: Jani Sointula, Fernando Brito and Johan Van Til. Each of them has more than 100,000, and Van Til’s story is the best today. He came back today with 5,300 and was seeming set to go busto_soon, as is his online moniker.

But he has at least 20 times that now and is a clear threat. — HS

5.15pm: It’s all about Finland
For a small nation Finland has produced more than its fair share of quality poker players and that’s being illustrated today. Jani Sointula and Lari Sihvo are currently jostling for the number one chip count spot with Sihvo busting Mauri Dorbek with jacks to ace-queen to move up to 210,000.

Sointula is having some trouble from fellow Finn Ville Salmi who check-shoved all-in on him on a 9♠6♥J♠ flop to move up to 60,000. — RD

ept tallinn_day 2_jani sointula.jpg

Jani Sointula: has hair, will swish

5.10pm: Three-way all in
Will Haydon just moved all-in for 16,200. Next to him was Riccardo Mazzitelli who scrunched up his face to think and then impulsively moved all-in as well, for significantly more. Two seats along was Janne Nevalainen who also moved all-in.

At this point Haydon turned over his cards, only to turn them back over when it was pointed out Joe Ebanks had yet to act. Saving a lengthy discussion with the floor, Ebanks admitted to not having seen the cards, and folded anyway.

Haydon: 10♣10♠
Mazzitelli: 6♠6♥
Nevalainen: A♦K♦

The board ran 2♦9♠4♥9♣2♣. Mazzitelli shook both fists in the air. He normally bangs the table, sending chips everywhere, but at least he was alive, down slightly to 75,000. It was bad news also for Nevalainen who drops down to a perilous 8,200 while Haydon lives on, armed now with 45,000. – SB

5pm: Sarwer joins the party
Jeff Sarwer has joined the same table as Joe Ebanks and is already being characteristically active. Both Sarwer (under the gun) and Ebanks (button) put 2,800 in pre-flop, joined by Will Haydon (UTG+1). I’m not certain who had been the aggressor, but it was Sarwer who took the lead on the K♠J♠4♦ flop. He bet 7,000.

Haydon called, Ebanks folded, taking them to a 3♦ turn. Sarwer fired again, this time 15,100, and that was enough. In was in this town that Sarwer made his first splash as a poker player, earning close to €30,000 for third place in a €1,000 buy in tournament in February 2009. This week, Sarwer has about 80,000 in chips. — HS

4.57pm: Moreira de Melo marched out
Team PokerStars SportStar Fatima Moreira de Melo has just busted. Sami Kelopuro was the player to scalp her, catching trips with A♣K♠ against Moreira de Melo’s pocket tens after getting it all-in pre-flop.

Jani Sointula is the current chip leader with 203,000, despite passing his big blind to a 25,000 all-in shove from Matthew Frankland. Click here to see all the chip counts. — RD

ept tallinn_day 2_fatima moreira de melo.jpg

Fatima Moreira de Melo: scalped by Sami Kelopuro

4.55pm: Ebanks on the up
It’s a long way to come to eastern Europe from Ohio, but it might yet be worth the trouble for Joe Ebanks. He is amassing a six-figure stack here this afternoon and has just knocked out Vitaly Grigoryev with kings against queens for another chunk of change.

Ebanks won the $10,000 six-handed hold ’em event at the World Series this year, worth $1,158,481. He won’t get anything like that if he wins here this week (first prize is €275,000), but Ebanks is yet to make an EPT final table and surely fancies addressing that. — HS

4.50pm: He’s got to go
More eliminations as we enter the next level. Kirill Zapletin is out,, despite having started as one of the leaders today. He’s joined on the rail by Georgios Tzimas, Alexei Veselov, Sergey Sharkota and Cinis Harijs. – SB

4.43pm: Play resumes
Cards are back in the air.

BLINDS UP. PLAYING 600-1,200 (100) IN LEVEL 11

4.27pm: Break time
Back in 15 minutes.

4.26pm: Bad for Brammer
Chris Brammer usually sports one of two looks at the poker table, either inscrutable or confused. He swung between both during this hand against Raigo Aasma.

Brammer opened for 2,100 from middle position and was called by the small blind and Aasma in the big blind. A 2,700 c-bet into the A♠A♥7♠ flop was called before both players checked the 5♦ turn. At this point Brammer was sporting the inscrutable look. The 2♥ river was led by Aasma for 8,600 and the Brit switched to his furrowed look of confusion and made the call.

Aasma showed A♣7♣ for a flopped full house to chip up to 115,000. — RD

4.25pm: Toth tumbles out
It smells great over by table 13. This could be because two plays on either side of the aisle are drinking cognac. Free Blomsma is one of them and he now has reason to order another round after doubling up through Richard Toth. It’s Toth’s birthday today and he now has one less reason to celebrate.

Toth called Blomsma’s all in with K♠K♣ only for Blomsma to show 9♣9♠4♦2♦. The turn 7♥ and river 2♠ left Toth with less than 4,000 chips, while sending Blomsma up to around 54,000.

Predictably it was all over for Toth in the next hand. He’d already been packing up his stuff and put his chips in with A♥2♦. Irene Baroni called with 7♦7♣ to put Toth out of his misery.

The board ran 6♣6♠9♠8♥J♥ to send Toth out for some earlier than expected birthday celebrations. Baroni continues to climb, up to 110,000. – SB

4.20pm: Berg clinging on on action table
Anders Berg and Lauri Meidla had contributed approximately half each to the total 15,000 in the pot, with four cards exposed. They were 6♠8♥A♦4♣ and Berg bet another 9,000 at that.

Meidla, on the button, called that and they went to a 3♦ river. Berg bet 15,000 from a stack of 47,500 and about that point, Thomas Quaade bounded over from the three seat on that table to offer his insight from the felt. “There’s been so much action on this table,” Quaade said. “It’s crazy.”

According to Quaade, there were three players on the table at the start of the day who only had about 30,000 each. Now all of them have closer to 100,000, Quaade included, as a procession of players have come to the table and then departed the table, leaving only their chips behind.

As Quaade related this information, Berg opted to fold. Berg, a member of Team PokerStars Online, began the day with 62,675 but now has about half of that. — HS


Anders “Donald” Berg

4.15pm: Double-ups
Janar Kiivramees just doubled up through Grzegorz Cichocki, moving in for 23,800 with A♣Q♠ against Cichocki’s 9♣9♠. The board ran 7♣K♠A♠4♣10♥ and Kiivramees jumped up towards the 50,000 mark.

Elsewhere Timothy English was doing the same against David Sonelin, using A♥Q♥ to double up against Sonelin’s A♦2♦ with a board of Q♦J♥4♦K♠5♥.

4.10pm: Keeping tally of the departed
David Sonelin, Mikhail Shahnovitch, Agris Klaise and Ke Gang have all departed in the past five minutes or so. We know this, by the way, because tournament officials have begun bringing across to us the player identification cards of anyone knocked out. The stack of cards on our desk represents the scale of today’s destruction: only 123 players remain from the 198 who began the day and we’ve only played two levels. — HS


Cards representing the eliminated players from EPT Tallinn

4.08pm: Vitkind versus Ionel
In this battle of nearly men Dmitry Vitkind and Anton Ionel it was the Russian that came out on top. Vitkind came close here last year, finishing fourth for €120,000 while Romanian Ionel ‘s third place finish at the PCA in January scored him a huge €1,350,000 – but still no title for either.

“All-in,” said Vitkind quietly, his 50,000 stack moved across the line.

Ionel tipped his mirrored shades onto the top of his head and stared at Vitkind who for his part did nothing. The bet was for most of Ionel’s stack, the pot between them a similar amount.

“Sorry guys,” said Ionel after some minutes of head rubbing. The table understood his dilemma. It was a big one.

“You show me if I fold?” asked Ionel. Vitkind responed with one word: “Time.”

The clock was set for 60 seconds and Ionel wasted little of it before folding. Vitkind up to 100,000. — RD

4pm: A fork in the road
The two best placed players from the opening flights — Maksim Kolosov, who finished day 1A with 102,750, and Oscar Lima who bagged up 132,000 yesterday — are now within one table of one another in this rapidly shrinking tournament area.

Their fortunes have been vastly differing today – as exemplified by hands that played out simultaneously a moment ago. On Lima’s table, he was able to comfortably call Philip Parsons’ all in shove from the small blind, costing him barely a 10th of his 150,000+ stack. Lima had K♣Q♥ to Parsons’ Q♠10♥ and Lima ended with a straight to send Parsons home.

Kolosov, however, was the player forced to shove on the neighbouring table, re-raising all in, for about 14,000, over a late-position raise. Everyone folded keeping Kolosov in, but he still has only about 20,000.

Both those players have now been overtaken by Aneris Adomkevicius from Lithuania. He is closing in on 200,000. The full counts from the most recent break are on the chip-count page. — HS

3.53pm: Scratch one Team PokerStars Pro
Marcin Horecki is out of the Main Event, becoming the latest to depart in about 128th place.

@MarcinHorecki: “Out JTcc vs AKss. Dunno why my JT didnt hold up ;)”

3.45pm: Ruzicka!
Vojtech Ruzicka just doubled up to 45,000 against Artem Litvinov. Ruzicka opened in early position for 2,200. Litvinov, who looks distinctly like the actor Simon Gregson from British soap opera Coronation Street, thought for a moment, swaying to the rhythm of the massage therapist behind him, then raised to 5,800. Ruzicka then moved all-in for 20,200 which Litvinov called, turning over 6♦6♣ to Ruzicka’s J♣J♥.

The board ran 9♦8♦8♠K♠10♥ to send the chips to Ruzicka who moved up to 45,000. Litvinov drops to 30,000. – SB

3.30pm: The jack-eight hijack
It hasn’t been a good day for former EPT champions, with Kevin Stani, Kent Lundmark and Rupert Elder already hitting the rail and David Vamplew now following them.


David Vamplew knocked out of EPT Tallinn

Vamplew just came third in a three-way pre-flop all in, which also resulted in the elimination of Mattias Lannermark, a PokerStars qualifier from Sweden.

Sam El Sayed was the assassin of both of them, and he got it started with an early position raise to 2,200. Vamplew moved all in behind him for something like 20,000 and then Lannermark shoved for his final 23,700 too.

El Sayed took a long while discussing his options, but then called from his significantly larger stack, even though he only had J♠8♠ in the hole. “I had to,” he said, and mathematicians will probably agree.

Vamplew had 6♦6♠ and Lannermark 8♣8♥ and it was looking like being a triple up for Lannermark when flop and turn came Q♥3♣4♣5♥. However the J♥ binked the river, hitting El Sayed’s overcard and sending the two pocket pairs to the rail.


Sam El Sayed: “I had to.”

Roberto Romanello and Arnaud Mattern are the last former champions still with chips. — HS

3.24pm: Double for Romanello
EPT Prague champ Roberto Romanello has just doubled through Yury Yurchanka after winning a 56,000 flip with A♣Q♠ over J♥J♠. Romanello had opened to 2,300 in the hijack and had been three-bet to 7,500 from the button. The rest went in shortly after pushing the Welshman back towards the 60,428 chip average. — RD


Roberto Romanello

3.20pm: In other news
Last night’s Bounty event was won by Finnish player Matias Knaapinen who, on his way to winning something in the region of €20,000, collected 17 bounties for a further €17,000. — SB

3.15pm: More eliminations
Paul Testud is the latest player to be eliminated from the main event. For followers of Latvian poker Mikhail Morozovs has also gone. — SB

3.10pm: Back from break
A full chip count was carried out at the break and will be imported into our blogging system as soon as we get our dirty mitts on it. They’ll be a comprehensive chip count every level from now until we crown our €275,000 winner.

That chip count will reveal all the big stacks as well as those most at risk, such as Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki. — RD

ept tallinn_day 2_marcin horecki.jpg

Team Pro Marcin Horecki is looking for that key double up

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Tallinn: Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Rick Dacey and Howard Swains. Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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