EPT Snowfest: Day 1B, level 5 & 6 updates (blinds 200-400, 50 ante)

March 21, 2011


10.30pm: End of level
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10.23pm: Big hitters
There are some big stacks emerging here and one of those belongs to Zoltan Szabo who has just over 130,000, which is quite some amount considering there are two levels left to play.

Vladimir Geshkenbein, who knocked out Jan Heitmann a little while ago, is up near 100,000 now. He just took a few thousand from Matthias de Meulder after the Belgian Team PokerStars Pro defended his big blind from a Geshkenbein 1,025 raise.

The Russian bet 1,500 into the 4♠6♦2♦ flop and 4,200 into the Q♥ turn. It was enough to dissuade De Meulder from playing on any further. — RD

10.15pm: Vandersmissen some chips
Kevin Vandersmissen just told me he’s dropped to 75,000 chips. “Set under set, but it’s okay”, he said. (Ed — that’s the spirit) — MC

10.10pm: Sheepish on the river
Dario San Martino opened for 1,000 from the hijack. Waiting in the big blind was a De Meulder, positively identified as Christophe De Meulder, who raised from the small blind, making it 2,200 to play. A hand was brewing and San Martino called to see the flop.

That came 2♦4♣8♠. De Meulder bet 2,800 which San Martino called for a 3♦ turn which both players checked. It was the same story on the 7♥ river card, neither willing to push home any advantage, assumed or otherwise.


Christophe de Meulder

De Meulder sheepishly turned over A♠K♠ which San Martino had beat, showing A♦4♠. De Meulder down to 13,000 while San Martino moves up to more than 70,000. – SB

10.05pm: Lykov stops the rot
Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov has stopped the rot with a timely double-up to 41,000. He saw a 2♣10♦3♣ flop with Manig Loeser before all the chips went in. Lykov tabled pocket tens for top set, besting Loeser’s pocket jacks. The A♥3♣ turn and river changed not a thing. — MC

9.55pm: Don’t mess with Naujoks
That is the lesson that Mr X has just learnt. I forgot to scribble his damned player ID number down and it takes a good minute to walk to the tournament floor (I’ll fill you in later*). Naujoks opened for 800 and was three-bet by X to 2,400. Naujoks made the call.

The German Team PokerStars Pro check-called 2,600 on the K♠Q♣7♦ before check-raising the 7♥ turn from 3,400 up to 9,000. It was enough to push that pesky Mr X off the pot. Naujoks back up to 33,000. — RD

* That player was Philip Meulyzer.

9.48pm: Break shenanigans over
The players have returned to their seats to play out level 6. — RD

9.32pm: Break shenanigans
There’s a 15-minute break for both halves of today’s field after which there will be 45 minutes of Level 6 left to play. Two more levels after that and it’s a wrap for the day. — RD

9.31pm: Tureniec continues to terrorise
Michael Tureniec is up to 107,000 on the last hand before the break courtesy of Eros Nastasi. I arrived at the table as Nastasi was leading 1,100 into the K♦7♥8♦ flop, which Turneiec called. Nastasi bet a further 2,600 into the Q♥ turn. Again, the Swede just called.

As the 4♦ hit on the river Nastasi looked to his right and then his left before checking it over to Tureniec who slowly and deliberating picked up 14,200 and moved it across the line. Nastasi made the call and was shown 6♥5♥ for the nut straight. — RD

9.28pm: Heitmann vanishes
Team PokerStars Pro Jan Heitmann is out. We’re not sure of all the details but it was the Russian Vladimir Geshkenbein who wielded the axe with pocket jacks. Heitmann held 6♠4♠ and the final board was A♦7♠Q♦8♥2♦. Geshkenbein is up to 85,000 now. — MC

9.25pm; Are there any former champions out there?
The first group of Day 1B players to go for dinner are now back at the tables and include 11 EPT champions. They are: Team PokerStars Pros Liv Boeree, Salvatore Bonavena, Sandra Naujoks and Sebastian Ruthenberg plus Michael Tureniec, Kevin MacPhee, Kevin Stani, Anton Wigg, Nicolas Chouity, Michael Eiler and Kent Lundmark. That’s about ten per cent of those playing right now who have already won an EPT. Thanks to Neil Stoddart and Mad Harper for their investigative journalism. — MC

9.15pm: Stani v Pagano: an epic match
Kevin Stani and Luca Pagano have been at it all day and have been taking turns hurling their chips at each other. Pagano is currently looking like the pugilist most likely to still be standing come the end of the day.

On a 6♣A♥7♥3♠ board Stani led for 6,700 and Pagano called from late position. Stani appeared to have given up on the 2♦ river and checked it over to Pagano who moved 10,100 over the line.

Stani then made the most crying of calls. He picked up the chips to call, lifted them high above the table and dropped them over the line. Pagano showed A♦K♦ for top pair, top kicker and Stani groaned. Stani holds 30,000 and Pagano is closer to 40,000. — RD

9.05pm: Giving some back
Michael Tureniec has dropped a little to around 50,000 chips after doubling-up Oleksandr Lysenko. The two were heads-up to a J♣4♠3♣ flop where the Ukrainian moved all-in for 7,650 into the 4,000 pot. Tureniec wasn’t a believer and called with A♠Q♦, behind to Lysenko’s J♥10♦. The 8♣3♠ turn and river changed not a thing.

Two other players giving back are Anton Wigg and Marvin Rettenmaier. The two were as high as 71,000 and 48,000 chips respectively but now sit on 24,000 and 17,000. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200-400, ante 50

8.48pm: Bizarre drawn out exit
PokerStars qualifier Felix Bleiker just exited in a very strange hand. The hand started with a Sandra Naujoks raise to 700 before Eros Nastasi three-bet to 2,000 and Philip Meulyzer four-bet to 4,600. Bleiker was in the small blind and tanked for seven minutes (timed) before five-batting all-in for around 19,000. Naujoks and Nastasi folded but Meulyzer called.

Meulyzer: K♠K♥
Bleiker: J♣8♠

Before the card were revealed Bleiker said, “I need help”. He was wrong but the help wasn’t forthcoming on the A♠4♠4♦10♥K♦ board. There was sort of an eerie silence as he got up and left the room. — MC

8.35pm: Hear the Rouah
Ilan Rouah just secured a vital double up, at the expenses of Vitaly Meshcheriakov. On a flop of 7♠10♣8♣ Rouah moved all-in from the button. Meshcheriakov check-called showing A♦A♠, behind to Rouah’s straight with J♦9♠.

Rouah began celebrating on the 4♦ turn, more so on the Q♦ river. He’s up to nearly 80,000 while Meshcheriakov slips down to just 20,000. – SB

8.29pm: Tureniec gaining momentum
When Michael Tureniec won EPT Copenhagen last month it was towards the end of his Day 1 that he started turning the screw on opponents. He’d make frequent raises pre-flop and post-flop to generally make life uncomfortable for all and sundry. His performance in the second half of the day propelled him towards the top of the chip table. It was a lofty vantage pot that he didn’t relinquish for the rest of the tournament.

He’s won the last two pots that I’ve seen him play taking himself up to 75,000 or so. Once was against Sandra Naujoks and the other against Eros Nastasi. Neither were large pots but the constant drip-feed of a 2,000 and 3,000 pots is what pushed him into prominence in Denmark. Will history repeat itself? — RD

ept snowfest_day 1b_michael tureniec.jpg

Michael Tureniec eyeing up yet another player’s chips

8.20pm: What no Lykov?
No, not a post about Max Lykov, this one is about Philip Meulyzer, who just won a hand against Felix Bleiker.

On a flop of J♣5♣10♠ the action was checked to the 3♦ turn. Meulyzer bet 1,325 which Bleiker called for a 2♦ river card. Meulyzer bet another 3,650 which Bleiker eventually called. But he then mucked upon seeing Meulyzer turn over 10♥3♥.

8.07pm: Switching
The tournament has gone through its buffet switchover. Carefully placed barriers kept the two halves of the field from mixing while large Austrian men with handlebar moustaches battered any that strayed across the divide. Unfortunately this wasn’t part of the process, but had it been we would have had a fantastic view from our elevated position above the lobby. — RD

8pm: Vitagliano makes a move on Lykov
Umberto Vitagliano must have been fed up with Max Lykov’s aggressive ways. He just made a stand against the Russian making a large bluff which he showed with glee.

The Italian had opened for 900 and had been three-bet to 2,300 by Lykov on the button. Vitagliano made the call before check-raising the A♣5♠2♦ flop from 1,850 to 4,075. Lykov made the call but passed on the 6♥ turn when Vitagliano quickly tossed out 10,025. The Italian showed Q♠6♠ looking more than a little pleased with himself. Lykov has around 19,000 left. — RD

ept snowfest_day 1b_max lykov.jpg

Max Lykov is ‘getting involved’

7.45pm: Lykov in more trouble
More woes for Max Lykov. The Russian was flirting with the chip lead not so long ago, now he’s been reduced to a little more than 20,000 after another unfavourable hand, this time against Thorsten Schäfer.

Lykov opened from the hijack for 1,000 which Schäfer raised to 1,850 from the button. Lykov duly called for a 6♠4♥8♣ flop which both players checked. On the 10♥ turn Lykov bet another 2,125 and Schäfer called for a 3♥ river card.

Now Lykov bet 3,575. This might have been a carefully calculated amount, but in actual fact was merely the balance of his non-yellow chips.

Schäfer tanked for a while, his long thin arms resting on the table, his long thin finger resting on his cards. He then raised, to 11,125 total, causing Lykov to sit back in his chair. After some thought Lykov reluctantly called, watching as Schäfer showed 9♥6♥2♣6♣ flop. Secara c-bet for 1,400 and called when Lykov check-raised to 3,700. The turn came A♠ and both players checked as they also did on the 10♣ river. Lykov showed A♥8♦ but lost out to Secara’s Q♠10♦ for two-pair. — MC

7.20pm: Andreas Bauer-ing out
A bet of 800 pre-flop from Denys Drobyna which is raised to 2,050 by Joel Ettedgi in the cut off. Next to him was Andreas Bauer in the button who immediately announced that he was all-in, his stack of 25,000 spilling into the middle of the table. Drobyna announced that he was all in as well. Ettedgi passed, forcing a showdown.

“Kings?” asked Bauer.

“Yeah,” reply Drobyna apologetically, turning over K♥K♦ to Bauer’s A♠J♠.

“I had a big pair as well,” said Ettedgi , now nothing more than a spectator.

“Queens?” asked Drobyna.

“Not that big,” replied Ettedgi.

The board ran 8♥J♣2♥9♠10♣ to eliminate Bauer. Drobyna up to 80,000. – SB

7.12pm: The first six figure player
Kevin Vandersmissen is up to a whopping 119,500 after he eliminated Jeff Sarwer. Matthias de Meulder opened the pot with a raise to 700 that Sarwer called from the next seat before Vandersmissen three-bet to 3,400 from the small blind. De Meulder folded (dropping to 14,000) but Sarwer moved all-in for 20,550. Vandersmissen got a count and made the call.

Vandersmissen: A♣Q♠
Sarwer: J♣7♣

The board ran 3♠8♠5♣Q♦3♣ meaning it was over by the turn. Sarwer shrugged his shoulders and said, “At least I got it in live.” — MC


A very happy Mr. Vandersmissen

7pm: The Level 5 update
With darkness descending over Hinterglemm the floodlights are on over the surrounding slopes, although it’s clear to see that most people have given up for the day. Even the Red Arrow (see previous post), who we imagine to have skied straight into a hot tub, where we expect he’s sipping schnapps while regaling a bevy of attentive girls, all wearing leggings and earmuffs, of his daring-do, having escaped Blofeld once more.

Back in the tournament room it’s Anton Wigg who leads, closely followed by Team PokerStars Pro Max Lykov, two former champions making a good start. In the last level though we lost Dario Minieri, who was the shock elimination of the afternoon session.

We play on. Don’t ask us how they’ll stagger the clock with the dinner break stuff, but we trust it will all come good at some point. — SB

6.55pm: Cards in the air
Play restarts with half the field at dinner and the other half ready for Level 5, with blinds at 150-300 with a 25 ante.


Team PokerStars Pro Liv Boeree

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Snowfest (in order of dinner break): Rick Dacey (first), Marc Convey (second) and Stephen Bartley (third).


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