EPT Snowfest: Day 1A, level 7 & 8 updates (blinds 400-800, 75 ante)

March 20, 2011


Day 1A ends
The last four hands came and went without any blog worthy happening. Martins Adeniya is the overnight chip leader on 182,500 chips. Read about his day and the rest of the day’s action in the upcoming wrap. Official overnight chips counts will appear here soon after that as well.

12.05am: Last four hands
Four more hands to be played before bagging and tagging. — RD

12.02am: Strong Finnish
Riku Koivurinne of Finland has been steadily building his chip stack throughout the day and looks to have more than 120,000. He just forced a fold from Eckhard Siefer in a battle of the blinds to chip-up further. Siefer had led 4,000 from the small blind into the A♥Q♦5♦ flop and Koivurinne raised it up to 10,800. It did the job, Siefer passed. — RD

11.55pm: River of dreams
PokerStars qualifier Janosch Seifert is out after losing a race to Hanh Tran. All the chips went in pre-flop with Seifert holding pocket eights to Tran’s ace-king. The board ran low until a pretty looking ace on the river. Tran celebrated by banging his fist on the table rail.

Table mate Dominik Nitsche made sure that Tran didn’t get too big for his boots by three-betting him off the very next hand. — MC

11.42pm: Adeniya king of the Kastle
Martins Adeniya has continued his assault on the chip lead after winning a pot against Casey Kastle that took him over the 150,000 mark. Adeniya had opened for 2,000 and was called by Kastle on the button and Andrei Revenko in the big blind.

Adeniya bet 3,700 into the 4♣6♣J♣ flop and Kastle called. Both players checked the 5♦ turn and 7♦ river.

“He’s checked, right?” asked Adeniya to the dealer. The dealer nodded in affirmation and Adeniya showed J♠Q♣ for top pair and a busted flush draw. Kastle sat still, not turning his hand over and not mucking either. Adeniya looked a little puzzled, possibly thinking that slow-rolling was taking place. Kastle then mucked his hand and allowed Adeniya to claim the pot. — RD


Casey Kastle helping out the chip leader

11.35pm: Horecki given his Marcin orders
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki has busted to a now happy Giuseppe Pantaleo. The German raised to 1,700 and was called in one spot before Horecki moved all-in for 12,225. Pantaleo re-shoved and that was enough to get it heads-up.

Pantaleo: Q♦Q♥
Horecki: A♦8♣

The board ran 4♦5♠2♣10♦Q♠ to make Pantaleo a set. The two shook hands and off went Horecki. — MC


Horecki will have to try his luck in the Sunday Million instead

11.25pm: James loses his Akenhead
James Akenhead is out. He four-bet shoved with king-four but his opponent, PokerStars qualifier Mario Puccini, had the goods with ace-king and the board ran [k][t][2][9][T].

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ante 75

11.18pm: Ironman Kravchenko soldiers on
Alex Kravchenko has the most stoic poker face on the European circuit. When the Russian Team PokerStars Pro is in a hand it’s as if his face turns to steel, an effect enhanced by the mirrored aviator shades he opts to wear.

Wim Bos, one of our big stacks, called Kravchenko’s late position 1,500 open raise and a further 2,000 on the K♥A♦10♦ flop. Both players checked the 9♠ turn before Kravchenko bet 6,500 into the 9♣ river. Bos wasn’t interested and passed. — RD

11.16pm: Adeniya Bjorn again
Martins Adeniya got off to a great start today before going on to lose losing half his stack, but he’s now recovered to a great position with 127,000 chips. He has Dutchman Bjorn Verbakel to thank for a lot of those chips after a bluff went wildly wrong to bust him.

Adeniya explained that he raised pre-flop and got four callers, including Verbakel in the blind. The flop came [8][5][4] and Adeniya led for 3,500. Verbakel raised to 9,600 after the other three players folded and Adeniya called.

The turn came [6] and Verbakel’s 14,000 bet was called before he shoved the rest on the [2] river. Adeniya snap-called with seven-eight for a straight, beating out the Dutchman’s off-suit king-queen. — MC

11.10pm: Pantaleo devastated
When you win a hand you don’t need to look delighted, but you’d expect a player not to look devastated. Not so in the case of Giuseppe Pantaleo who just won a hand with pocket threes. The German flopped a set and was heads-up, only for his opponent to promptly fold, ending Pantaleo’s hopes of getting more for his money. Frustrated, Pantaleo buried his face in his hands. – SB

11.05pm: Nitsche not happy
Dominic Nitsche didn’t like how this hand went down. He called a raise from Hanh Tran on the button and checked down the 2♠9♣Q♣A♣6♥ board. Tran showed J♣5♣ for a flush and Nitsche pocket eights. There was a discussion after the hand which I couldn’t follow (it was in German) but Nitsche didn’t seem to be impressed by it. He’s still well stacked though with around 75,000. — RD

11pm: Mitchell missing some chips
Actually James Mitchell is missing all his chips. I caught up with him in the corridor and he said he all but busted to Andrey Gulyy. He felt the Russian wasn’t very strong and had played back so much during the day that when he played back once more Mitchell thought his holding of ace-ten was good against his range. It wasn’t on this occasion though; Gulyy held ace-queen. This left the Brit with 300 chips, a position he failed to recover from. — MC

10.50pm: O’Shame
It’s bad news for John O’Shea. The Irishman came ready to play this afternoon, spotted earlier today jogging along the streets of Hinterglemm. In good shape, he was up to around 80,000 but is now down to 28,000 after a hand against Andrey Mitlyansky.

On a flop of 10♠8♥9♣ O’Shea checked to Mitlyansky who bet 2,000. O’Shea, was in the small blind, sitting slumped in his chair like the kid at the back of class learning stuff he already knows, a headphone cable running to one ear, his head resting on his hand which pulled at his face slightly. He then raised, making it 5,100 in total.

Mitlyansky tanked for a second then raised again, 15,000 in total. A long pause followed, during which O’Shea barely moved, except to gently riffle some green chips. Then he moved all-in – you can’t move more than that – which Mitlyansky snap-called, turning over 10♥10♣. O’Shea showed 5♦7♦.


John O’Shea

The turn came K♣, the river 7♠. No help for the Irishman, whose posture didn’t change as he paid off Mitlyansky. He’s down, Mitlyansky up to nearly 80,000. – SB

10.47pm: Bendik bust
EPT final tablist Jan Bendik has been booted out of Snowfest. He had less than 15,000 when he got all of his chips in preflop with J♣J♦. He found a willing customer in the shape of PokerStars qualifier Dragomir Marius and his A♦K♠. The board was looking good for Bendik until a nasty river came despite Bendik calling for a deuce. The final board was 2♣5♥7♣8♠A♥. — MC

10.40pm: Nice spot for Meier
Lothar Meier has just more than doubled up to 22,000 after shoving aces into Andrei Revenko’s pocket queens. Revenko had raised a 600 limp up to 2,400 and Meier cold shoved for just over 10,000. — RD

10.30pm: From the lobby…
Ever wonder what grinding the Sunday majors looked like? Well Gloria Balding has the answers. And a few questions…

10.20pm: The Level 7 update
Right then, six levels gone, 40 or so players gone too. With two more levels to play it’s Peter Sturzel best of the leaders with more than 135,000 chips, closely followed by Wim Bos. It’s not all about the leaders though. Anyone interesting in mildly interesting curiosities will delight in knowing that Dominik Nitsche is now up to 77,000 after hitting a Royal Flush. Imagine.

Two more levels, this is the seventh, with blinds at 300-600 with a 75 ante. — SB

10.15pm: Break’s over
We’re back from the dinner break. There will now be two more levels and then play will stop for the day. — SB


A royally flushed Dominik Nitsche

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Snowfest (in order of appreciation of the buffet schnitzel): Stephen Bartley (7 out of ten), Marc Convey (6.5 out of ten) and Rick Dacey (6 out of ten)


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