EPT Sanremo: Sebastian Gohr wins the button and €21,700

October 11, 2012


Sebastian Ghor tonight won the €990 ‘Win the button’ tournament beating Dmitry Grishin heads-up and avoiding EPT regular Martin Jacobson in third. The German, who lives in Brighton, UK, qualified for the main event online, failed to cash in that but scored a solid result in this new variant. A win’s a win (which also gets you a button in this game).

‘Win the button’ tournaments operate a simple rule: the winner of the last pot has the button. It favours aggressive play and players like that to play the rush. High stakes cash game player Ghor was, tonight at least, the most aggressive.


Sebastian Ghor

Tournament info
Buy-in: €990
Game: NLHE ‘Win the button’
Players: 71
Prize pool: €61,983

1. Sebastian Ghor, Germany, €21,700
2. Dmitry Grishin, Russia, €13,600
3. Martin Jacobson, Sweden, €8,100
4. Izak Muday, Turkey, €5,900
5. Nikolay Tsanev, Bulgaria, €4,350
6. Mats Eriksson, Sweden, €3,100
7. Enver Abduraimov, Ukraine, €2,770
8. Jose Carlos Garcia, Poland, €2,463

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